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Well the price in Australia is a little over $84 strange to have it cheaper in us when our dollar is around $1.05 us. I would say you to go for trial for retail full version and use it for one month till it gets expired on which you can either buy it or shift to Mac app store vesion.
Organizer 11 has lot of good things and it is much more powerful than any other Organizing app existing till now. I have a Photoshop Elements Editor version 9 can I upgrade to the 11 or do I need to do something elce?
Back in July, Adobe entered the Mac App Store for the first time with the release of Adobe Photoshop Elements 9 Editor, a slightly scaled-down version of the company's consumer image editing application. Like the earlier Photoshop Elements release for the Mac App Store, the new releases do not include the Elements Organizer functionality found in their non-Mac App Store counterparts, and do not support case-sensitive HFS+ (HFSX) volumes.
Current users of Photoshop Elements 9 Editor from the Mac App Store should note that the new Version 10 is a separate application and thus not available as a free upgrade.
Why does it seem that half the third party software for OS X doesn't support case sensitive volumes?

I understand that 95% of desktop file systems have case-insensitive file systems, and probably 90%+ of OS X installations are case-insensitive. I guess I can understand the lack of commitment, considering they're having to compete with iPhoto on the low end, and Aperture on the high end. Love how anyone insulting Europeans gets thumbs up, yet you take one hit at Americans and you get a load of thumbs down. So unless you have gone out of your way to create a case sensitive volume on your Mac, I can only guess you are trying to access shared Linux volumes which are case sensitive? Second, assuming it is Used As Designed, it allows a photograph to more accurately capture what the human eye sees when we look out. Right after the release, registered owners of the previous versions would get an email touting the new features and offering a $20 discount off the MSRP for the new version if bought directly from Adobe.
That said, since previous versions were released to the App Store mere 2-3 months ago, Adobe could've just withheld releasing the old version and launch these new versions on the App Store.
It is Editor only and does not include Elements Organizer similar to PSE 10 Editor on Mac App Store.

There are some more useful info which is useful for our Elements users and you can link to some of them as well. But Mac Appstore version does not have Elements Organizer as well so not sure if that would affect you.
People's sarcasm detectors must be brokena€¦ Unless you were serious, in which case mine is broken.
My filesystems are HFS journaled (not case-sensitive) and they perfectly allow for filenames and directories with upper- and lowercase or mixed names.
My criticism is more directed toward Apple than Adobe though, as the App Store does not provide upgrade pricing option for developer.
I can only guess that Apple went with case insensitive volumes for backwards compatibility with earlier Mac OS versions?

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