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Electronic Arts and Massive Inc., a wholly owned subsidiary of Microsoft, today announced an expansion and two-year extension of their agreement to offer dynamic in-game advertising for EA video games. With over three years of experience in dynamically serving advertisements in video games, Massive is the definitive in-game advertising solution for advertisers around the world, including Ford Motor Co.
With the latest agreement, EA will further expand the opportunities available to advertisers by extending the participation of current titles in the Massive network as well as incorporating additional, highly anticipated games over the course of the deal.
Massive will continue to be the exclusive in-game ad network for PC and Xbox 360 platforms of the world’s largest racing franchise, EA’s Need For Speed, including current live titles Need for Speed Carbon and Need for Speed ProStreet. Rouwen Bastian, Coordinator European Media Strategies at Opel, said: “In-game advertising plays an essential role for us in reaching today’s young adult consumers. Richard Dance, Group Account Director at MindShare Interaction UK, said: “The growing channel of in-game advertising provides an exciting and creative medium in which to work. This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial 3.0 Unported License. Advertising inside of video games that can be implemented, updated, or changed in real-time. DIGA has a conveniently flat CPM rate across the entire network of games, and is a great solution for advertisers wanting to deliver a time sensitive promotion.
RapidFire operates the largest dynamic in-game advertising network in the World, specializing in the delivery of advertisements inside of blockbuster video games for Console, PC, and Mobile platforms.
Reloaded Advertising, a leading in-game advertising company, announced today the launch of a YouTube Channel that will provide regular content such as video blogs, campaign clips, and in-game advertising examples. The YouTube channel will be a great resource for potential clients, as well as members of the in-game advertising industry. In-game advertising is unique compared to other forms of advertising, in that it’s widely embraced by gamers and members of the community, due to the fact that it adds realism to the games, and complements the gaming industry’s always improving graphics.
The Youtube channel is just the latest addition to Reloaded’s already robust social media arsenal, which includes Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+, and Flickr.

The service that will benefit most from video content will be dynamic in-game advertising, as these ads take place within fast paced, moving video game environments.
Reloaded is a World leading in-game advertising company, specializing in the delivery of complex advertising campaigns geared towards the highly elusive, yet captive video game playing demographic. Dynamic in-game advertising is a type of in-game advertising that can be delivered within console, mobile, or flash games.
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Jamster, one of the world's leading providers of digital entertainment and innerActive Smart Media, a leading provider of innovative ad-funded entertainment channel, have announced today a trial of a new Mobile In-Game Advertising service in the UK. The world of advertising is tough for companies that want to surface from the huge number of advertisements for services and products. The great advantage of mobile game advertising comes from the excellent targeting precision that it provides. The other up side of the concept is that people will benefit from a great number of free mobile games, which means more fun without any charges. The wide range of EA content that will be available in the Massive network includes the next two iterations of popular EA SPORTS franchises including Madden NFL football, NBA LIVE basketball, NASCAR racing and NHL hockey. Massive is also working with marketers to incorporate dynamic advertising into another popular EA racing title, Burnout Paradise. It popularly takes the form of placements such as billboards, posters, and hoardings situated throughout a 3D video game environment. The avenues of delivery will typically include hit games for Console, Steam, and PC platforms.
It will also be a fantastic tool to help educate both gamers, or anyone else wanting to see video examples of in-game advertising in action.
Reloaded offers dynamic in-game advertising to companies and brands looking to get their ads in video games.

Reloaded offers a variety of in-game advertising services, including dynamic in-game advertising, static in-game advertising, advergames, and most recently console integration.
It’s popularly seen within Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 games, taking the form of predetermined billboards or posters. This should help them stand out with a bold and fresh customer approach and also bring cheaper, or even free mobile games.
Using mobile games for placing unconventional ads is a new strategy that many companies are looking to use. Companies can tell what kind of people will play the game through its social profile and then determine whether they are interested in sending them information concerning their products and services. The only drawback is that they will have to come to peace with the thought of stumbling upon brand logos at almost every step of the action. Massive’s long-standing relationship with EA, publisher of many of the world’s most popular games, provides advertisers with extensive reach through EA’s portfolio of premium content video games. The ads can be geo-targeted and updated in real-time to accommodate time-sensitive advertising campaigns. In a market where most consumers play mobile games on their handset but only a small percentage actually download them "over the air" and pay for them, in game advertising is a good way to address "first time users" of mobile games", considers Lee Fenton, COO of Jamster. The innerActive solution provides advertising matching the game's context for high impact advertising campaigns, such as in-content placements, click to call, mobile coupons and incentives. This agreement represents a critical point of differentiation for Massive as the in-game advertising medium continues its momentum as a more attractive and effective medium compared with traditional forms of established advertising.

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