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Met GameMaker: Studio kun je zelf een spel maken zonder eerst een programmeertaal te leren.
Met de gratis versie van GameMaker: Studio kun je zonder beperkingen games maken voor Windows pc's. De betaalde versie biedt nog extra functies en exporteer mogelijkheden naar andere platforms. Once the design is ready, Dilara our programmer, hooks the art up to code that makes the game do things: food falls and bounces off of pegs, thought balls fall onto the spinning sorting wheel, and tapping on hidden items checks them off your list. All of these events and animations have to be set up beforehand by telling the game what should happen. During our core development Luke, who runs our testing and analytics, often went to schools twice a week. Then we would return to design and think of how we could remove those frustrations and make the game more enjoyable to play. This weekend was my wife's birthday, and the thing she really wanted to do was pursue a big arts and crafts project with our friends.

So I designed the board game, named Lost Island, on Friday night while she was out at a Zero 7 gig, and we made the pieces on Saturday afternoon. If anyone is interested in a write up of this game (in the manner I did previously for Black Sun), do let me know, and also whether you want the designer's notes as well as the components and rules.
Just as an aside: Inventing new games using existing pieces, boards and especially cards can be a great exercise in game design - and in spares you most of the hassle of hand crafting the game set from scratch. As a final step before posting your comment, enter the letters and numbers you see in the image below.
Lot’s of kids (and folks in general) are interested in how games are made so we wanted to offer a little peek behind the curtain to our game making process. When he has a few more developed design ideas he brings them to the team and gets feedback. We have worked with local schools and afterschool programs to get our game in front of kids in our target age range (7-10 years old). We would bring them the latest version of the game and then watch them as they played to see where they got stuck, confused, or frustrated.

She loves making things with people, so this was a golden opportunity to make another board game with Fimo playing pieces, using the cardboard hexes I bought near the start of the year. I think it would be possible to make this game with square tiles instead of hexes, if anyone is foolhardy enough to want to make their own game set. It was created by a team of ~5 over a couple weeks for the CraftStudio booth at Minecon 2012 (and then later improved) and was very well received by the Minecraft community. We center our brainstorming around the experience we want the player to have and how to make that happen.
Once the team is ready to move forward Regis makes some temporary art (sometimes as simple as colored boxes) and hands the design document off to the programmer.
It's been made in the style of a pulp adventure movie, something like the Doug McLure monster island flicks The Land that Time Forgot (1975) and The People that Time Forgot (1977), or Ray Harryhausen's Mysterious Island (1961).

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