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IDATE delivers its future forecasts in the latest edition of its World Video Game Market report. Laurent Michaud, Head of IDATE’s Video Game Business and the report’s Project Manager, says, “growth will be significant up to 2015, after which it will begin to slow as new generation handheld and home consoles reach the end of their life cycle”. This steady growth must not, however, obscure our view of the radical changes taking place in this market. Suppose a stock market simulation game company has a mining lease over an area with some rich ore deposits.
The buying and selling of shares on the world’s stock markets is big business, which is why we hear so much about it in the news.

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Our specialists forecast an average 11% annual growth over the next four years, driving the global gaming market from €54 billion in 2013 to €82 billion in 2017.
A segment nonetheless well below that of 2008, during the deployment phase of the previous generation (78%).
The first function is to provide companies with a way of issuing shares to people who want to invest in the company.
This games act as an excellent platform to check different investing strategies and have a fun learning experience.

This article on Stock market game will provide you with some list of such games and do's and don’ts while playing them. Meant to give kids a realistic view of the market as traders see it, it’s also meant to demystify the stock market and investing – and do it in a way that certainly aligns with the underlying idea of Money Habitudes: make learning about money fun, interesting and personally relevant. The innovative tool is a money personality test and conversation starter that's used like money management games.

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