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There’s a very interesting article in the December 17 issue of Marketing Magazine (Rogers Publishing) about the next generation of video game marketing. The article says that male gamers spend about eight hours per week gaming, and that most of this tends to take place on more traditional platforms like Xbox 360 or PlayStation 3. Teen gamers, which we expect includes male and female gamers alike, spend about ten hours per week in front of a video game of some sort, a number that has actually increased, despite the studies we’ve seen that say the numbers are declining as people use more technology on the go.
These numbers should continue to rise as companies invest more and more into gaming as well as marketing them. In Canadian gaming specifically, our market is expected to grow about 5.3% on an annual basis from 2011 to 2016, showing growth of about a half billion dollars over the next few years. Do yourself a favour and have a read through the good chunks of Alicia Androich’s article. Gears of War: Judgment makes some pretty big changesSurvivor heads to the Caramoan Islands with Fans vs. In terms of Collectable Card Games (CCG), its undeniable that Magic the Gathering is one of the most popular. For the majority of the Magic the Gathering cads these days, the rarity of a card is quite clear to see.
A note should be made about the final categorisation of rarities, Mythic Rares have only been introduced to the rarity system since Shards of Alara set in 2008, and Time shifted cards were only introduced for the single set called Time Spiral in 2006.
The expansion sets released before Exodus (Arabian Nights, Antiquities, Legends, The Dark, Fallen Empires, Homelands, Ice Age, Alliances, Cold Snap, Mirage, Visions, Weatherlight, Tempest, Stronghold) had a set icon on their cards, but Wizards of the Coast had yet to introduce the rarity colour to these cards.
Once you know the rarity of your Magic the Gathering cards, you can then stand to understand and appreciate the value in your Magic the Gathering collection. Are you interested in publishing your Card Games articles online or being our guest author? AppLift’s vision is to give both game publishers and developers an equal chance at success. AppLift is a rapidly growing company and they have raised a number of rounds of funding from venture capital and growth equity firm Prime Ventures: $13 million in June and another $7 million this October.
AppLift offers the advertiser a variety of different methodologies to get the traffic flowing. The second methodology is using sustained acquisition campaigns which leads to an increase in the ROI at the end.
AppLift integrates with a number of analytics and tracking services that enable accountability and transparency. AppLift’s media partners include a number of online services, magazines, mobile apps and games. AppLift offers a number of different ad formats to suit different types of advertisers and different types of campaign. AppLift uses web-to-mobile integrations and a html mobile widget, allowing a game to be exposed to a website’s mobile traffic. AppLift harnesses messaging apps and works with email and SMS providers in order to utilise the power of social messaging for the mobile game. Custom app integrations, across a range of mobile apps, allow for an extended gaming-relevant audience. Numerous social media platforms are utlised by AppLift in the aim of further extending the exposure of the mobile game through enhanced campaigns.
AppLift works with search engines and in-app mobile search, meaning the mobile game is exposed to natural search queries. AppLift offers a range of products for developers to monetise their mobile games – depending on what the developer is looking for. HTML 5-centered technology enables the mobile widget to allow for easy and efficient monetisation of the website’s mobile traffic. A traffic switch mechanism within the widget attracts targeted iPhone, iPad or Android users with free-to-play mobile game offers. Maintenance and integration is taken care of by AppLift’s device-optimised microsites. Available offers are adapted by the eCPM optimisation algorithm – custom adjustments are also an option. A flexible API integrates with AppLift’s server using any custom server side integration.
This format allows the developer to determine where and how they want the ads to be integrated within the app. AppLift specialises in a number of areas for developers – they are good option for those looking for engaged users and a high level of customisation within their app, for example.
Easy Setup: For both the iOS and Android operating systems, the integration of the interstitial SDK is easy.
Interactivity: Users are engaged by the ad units, meaning it does not harm the user experience. AppLift’s CEOs recently sat down with the press to outline their vision with clarity.
The role of a mobile game publisher is a difficult one, specifically when considering the the distribution of the games themselves.
The data focuses on the six global regions and covers these key areas: revenue levels, growth opportunities, monetisation potential and user acquisition costs.
In summary, AppLift offers a range of options for both advertisers and developers and is building one of the major platforms in the mobile games marketing and monetisation space.
You can find more info about AppLift over on their website, on the AppLift profile in our directory and keep up to date via the Applift blog.
Desenvolvedora brasileira Cupcake faz sucesso nos jogos casuais e comemora Meio Milhao de Jogadores!
Principal executivo da Gameloft do Brasil, Felipe Sartori falou conosco sobre os principais desafios da produtora lider no mercado de jogos digitais, responsavel por toda a operacao brasileira da multinacional ha mais de 5 anos, Felipe conta que ainda continua desbravando e descobrindo o mercado mobile no Brasil.
Comprar um celular basico em 2016 pode parecer estranho para muita gente, mas ainda ha mercado para isso no Brasil.
Apenas 40% da populacao brasileira possui smartphone, portanto, o mercado ainda esta em crescimento.
Alem da internet requerida para o download dos jogos, o usuario da Gameloft precisa estar conectado para ter uma experiencia completa em nossos games e a conexao a internet dos brasileiros nao e das melhores. O cartao de credito e uma das principais modalidades de pagamento usadas pelos consumidores em todo o mundo e, no Brasil, a penetracao do cartao de credito ainda e muito baixa (40%), apenas ? da populacao brasileira (50 milhoes) usa cartao de credito como forma de pagamento. M&G: Quais sao as estrategias utilizadas pela Gameloft BR para a aquisicao de novos jogadores? A aquisicao de usuarios e feita de uma maneira 360?: redes sociais, acoes digitais, acoes nas stores divulgando conteudos exclusivos e algumas acoes offline.
A estrategia de aquisicao de novos jogadores varia de acordo com o titulo em questao, por exemplo, para o lancamento de Asphalt Nitro, fizemos uma parceria com um influenciador que adora jogos de corrida, o Damiani. Os estudios de desenvolvimento nos fornecem trailes, teasers, dev diaries super bem produzidos, excelentes para a divulgacao nas nossas redes sociais.
M&G: Quais as expectativas da Gameloft (matriz) em relacao ao mercado brasileiro de Games?
A America Latina como um todo representa 15% do faturamento da empresa e o Brasil tem uma grande representatividade nesta porcentagem.
M&G: Quais sao os formatos de jogos mais utilizados pela Gameloft em relacao a monetizacao? E claro que jogos mais hardcore tem um indice de monetizacao maior por cada jogador e jogos casuais, como tem uma base muito maior de usuarios, acabam tendo um indice menor, mas a audiencia do jogo justifica este cenario.
As marcas estao comecando a entender que atras dos gamers existem consumidores dispostos a gastar, por isso, nos criamos uma agencia de publicidade in-house que objetiva ajudar as marcas a se comunicarem com o publico da Gameloft de maneira eficaz, inserindo os produtos dentro do mundo dos games.
O foco da Gameloft continua sendo a experiencia de jogo do publico, porem e possivel alinhar o grande potencial da nossa audiencia com formatos de midia diferenciados.
Fundador do Marketing & Games, Pos-Graduado em Gestao de Comunicacao e Marketing pela USP, Account Manager na Gamebiz, Coordenador de Marketing da Escola Brasileira de Games e Professor de Processo Criativo no Curso de Jogos Digitais na Faculdade Impacta. Digite seu endereco de email para assinar este blog e receber notificacoes de novas publicacoes por email. When asked about producing games for smartphones and tablets, Fils-Aime reaffirmed that Nintendo games are meant to be played on in-house hardware.

Fils-Aime didn’t specify how Nintendo would utilize the mobile market to drive gamers back to Nintendo hardware, although a fairly obvious example would be how Miiverse is accessible through non-Nintendo devices. Although I hate mobile games, I do think it would be cool to buy some of there soundtracks on a mobile phone, I don’t think classic Nintendo games would work on a Smart phone. I could only imagine going boating with that song playing, I would probably never come back. I hate Xbox too but I don’t want to be the fanboy who is blinded by rage to not see the benefits of an Xbox.
However the difference between a console and a PC is that the console is closed platform, but has a higher install base along with consistent hardware. The difference between an Ouya and a (android) phone is that it is stationary, has a tiny consumer base and offers little alternative experience to a phone (1 game I think it was that was good that is soon to be non-exclusive anyway). The Ouya may have been hyped and funded millions, but it is a product nobody wants, led by a company with no market experience or actual fucking common sense to realise that there happened to already be a much more powerful, much more versatile open platform with a global install base known as the PC.
Also they have been very keen to put in proper online into games like smash bros and mario kart so it’s not like online is entirely off limits for Nintendo. Yeah, Nintendo has slowly been getting better with the online experience and the mature audience.
Yet Nintendo has been doing way more things over the past 2 years to piss us off then they used to.
When the ENTIRE XBOX LINE has produced nothing but a total deficit, it’s clear that something is wrong.
Yeah after the horrible Xbone reveal, I think they are at odds with their own target markets. I love Sony as much as I love Nintendo, but they need to stop chasing the Xbox Myth and go back to their own ideas or they are going to crash and burn.
You could argue they created the best controller, but that it quite literally personal preference. Achievements are not something to be proud of, they have only negatively impacted game development. Cloud Tech is not only unproven, but it will be likely obsolete before Microsoft does anything with it and it will only serve to increase the portion of the game you already bought not being able to be played without paying a fee. Xbox Live: paying to play online, something which should be free (like it is on PC, and was for years before the Xbox). Nintendo has it’s faults as well as room for improvement, but the things that Nintendo does well exceed anything that anyone else can do.
A Hardcore gamer used to be someone who had a passion for gaming and played many different genres of games, FPS, FPA, Platformers, Puzzle, everything basically. Most people are hardcore only to a specific genre, but they are far from being a hardcore gamer.
I see it as Nintendo staying true to who they are meaning not giving into the making games they do not want to make and realizing that family values and human interaction in the more personal sense is important to them.
I think people get confused because Microsoft and Sony also make consoles and make different types of games they feel Nintendo should too. As much as I hate to say it Sony has a very good Marketing team that shows off their game library and what the system is about in a modern action filled commercial. Female gamers spend just over half of that time online at about five hours, but they play mostly through online platforms such as Steam and Nintendo’s Wii console. There is a 7.1% annual increase projected for wireless games as the casual games market gets a boost from investors. That’s pretty huge when you consider that Canada is certainly not the biggest gaming community on the planet.
There is a lot more meat to the piece than we’re letting on to, and it really helps to know that people are paying attention to what is happening in the gaming industry.
Favorites (Update)About The AuthorChristopher Kalanderopoulos Christopher Kalanderopoulos founded Eggplante in 2009 to cover one event in Los Angeles. Magic the Gathering has a very well defined rarity system that runs through the game, and this certainly adds to its collectable nature and popularity. You may be able to identify the rarity of the cards roughly by their number in your collection if you have large enough collection, but this is hardly accurate.
Again, there is little that can be done here to identify the rarity of the card except for visiting the card reference the Wizards of the Coast card reference site called Gatherer to find out. Generally speaking, the rarer the card, the more it is worth, so this guide should help you to appreciate which cards are worth the most in your collection – this can really help you out if you want to sell any of your collection.
This article is one of a number of articles and useful resources explaining how to sell your Magic the Gathering cards, all this information is available at How to Sell your Magic the Gathering (MTG) cards.
They deliver this through sophisticated marketing and adaptable integration formats and tools that bring vital traffic installs to developers as well as monetisation services for the media partners that deliver the traffic.
What this product achieves is a healthy flow of traffic and average CPIs because it boosts the respective game into the top-ranking free games available on the App store. These campaigns are closely monitored by AppLift to ensure that, financially, the best choices are continually being made. The best sources of traffic are then stored for positive ROI purposes, and the worst are decreased in number. Mobile campaigns can be optimised and strengthened from the data that is gathered by the tracking partners.
These media partners help to generate traffic for a mobile game by utilising ads on their respective platforms.
A key part of this successful acquisition is that the publishers AppLift uses have a relevant gaming audience at hand.
Campaigns on Facebook, Twitter and other social networks are also created in order to succeed the CPI target.
Searching for a mobile game allows the user to find it with intention – this additional visibility is free. Ad units can be changed quickly without the need for continual re-submission, as well as the ability to manage and monitor the performance directly. The innovative ad units can be used in addition to more traditional formats; an additional revenue stream is the result. This is performed through an app wall where offers from top-tier mobile game publishers will appear. As a result of these challenges, AppLift has teamed up with Dutch game market research Newzoo to present some detailed information on the global mobile games market. Estamos presentes no Brasil desde 2007 e sabemos que temos muitas oportunidades no pais que esta evoluindo em diversos aspectos. Segundo os numeros da IDC, o segmento vem se mantendo estavel, com cerca de um milhao de aparelhos vendidos em cada um dos ultimos trimestres.
Os smartphones de entrada (mais baratos) estao mudando este cenario, contudo o consumidor mobile ainda esta em fase de aprendizado. A qualidade do 2G e 3G, que correspondem aproximadamente a 75% dos usuarios no Brasil, e 30% pior do que media mundial. Enquanto o mercado amadurece neste ponto, temos iniciativas como o gift card do Google Play. O Brasil e vice-campeao mundial de pirataria, tanto na quantidade de IPs unicos que fazem downloads irregulares quanto no total de arquivos baixados, perdendo apenas para os Estados Unidos.
Ja para a divulgacao de Dragon Mania: A Lenda, fechamos uma parceria com o Luba, que curte jogos mais midcore e adora dragoes e outras criaturas do mundo geek.
Recentemente pedimos para os produtores de Asphalt Nitro um video especial exclusivo para o Brasil, respondendo as perguntas dos fas e da imprensa. O nosso principal ponto de contato com o publico e o Facebook e e la que os fas da Gameloft ficam sabendo de todas as novidades, lancamentos, updates e etc. Tanto que o escritorio do Brasil foi inaugurado em 2007, ano de lancamento do primeiro iPhone e quando o mercado local ainda era embrionario. As adaptacoes para o nosso Portugues sao feitas por brasileiros que trabalham nos estudios em que os jogos sao desenvolvidos, o que e muito legal, pois a traducao e digna e bem feita. Oferecemos aos anunciantes um publico qualificado e fiel, sao mais de 173 milhoes de jogadores ativos mensalmente e um inventario de mais de 10 bilhoes de visualizacoes ao redor do mundo, ou seja, um nivel exclusivo de visibilidade e de interatividade. Estamos usando o nosso know-how para criar formatos de publicidade cada vez mais interativos para entregar um conteudo de qualidade aos jogadores.

Marketeiro, carismatico e comunicativo, bom observador e ouvinte, nas horas vagas e nao tao vagas e Gamer e Futebolista, gosta de estar rodeado de amigos e de compartilhar ideias! However, he did go on to reveal that Nintendo had been experimenting with mobile platforms, but clarified that it was mostly for marketing. We didn’t trash the Ps3 and Xbox 360 when they came out even though they did very poorly, and look at what happened to them.
Sorry to disappoint you with the fact that I do, in fact, have a reasoning behind my opinions. I presume you say it is a phone without the phoning because it has an ARM processor running android. This makes it great for devs who want to reach a large market with as little effort as possible. The company that makes it was not able to venture into the market through experience or knowing the market well (opposite of Nintendo that failed many times until striking something that worked), but instead through crowdfunding which is a nice idea in theory although it lacks the ruthlessness of the capitalist market meaning that when it comes to actually selling the product, very few products even break out of their niche bubble (which is what makes crowdfunding worse, because it is both investment and purchase at the same time meaning the company is not accountable to loss and ultimately the consumer loses out). Had they noticed this as they typed up their kickstarter page, they might have noticed the stupidity of their endeavour.
Why would you purchase an IP and then remove the very thing that keeps people playing it for hours? I admit that Halo won’t have the same quality online experience as it did with Microsoft, but Nintendo IS getting there. But in all seriousness both Sony and M$ need to suck it up and make a collab console and stop tearing HD gamers apart with exclusives this and exclusives that.
The PS3 put Sony on the Ropes and now the fate of their entire company rest on the shoulders of the PS4.
It looks like they are diving head first in to the Action Game genre with Bayonetta, W101 and now Hyrule Warriors.
MS made consoles with Hard drives when others were nickel and diming you with memory cards.
The only thing they normalized was making you pay to play half the game you already bought. Sure I get games JUST for the Mario and Zelda titles, but that’s because I have never played one that disappointed me. Ever since I bought my Wii U it has been a whole dissapontment in a matter of games but for the last couple of months. And I wonder how many times Reggie will be asked about smart phones before he starts smacking head together. As a fan of many different types of games, I know that it takes skill to play those games as well. They know that this area is completely saturated with the two other consoles, they are better secured with the kids and the parents that those other consoles seems to ignore. We actually think this number is a tad on the small side given the explosion in mobile growth, but it is possible that Androich is citing the cooling-off period now that the big boom of mobile apps has occurred.
It never occurred to him that it might make him the Editor-in-Chief of an online magazine nearly half a decade later. To be sure of the cards rarity, you can use a Magic the Gathering card reference such as the one provided by Wizards of the Coast called Gatherer. The company is based in Berlin, with international offices in San Francisco and Seoul and their team consists of fifty mobile marketing professionals from fifteen different countries. Predictive tests are also run to ensure that the best new traffic sources are always being utilised. From AppLift’s variety of PlayAds to their video services, advertisers have a healthy amount of choices. Players are also engaged by the editorial content on offer, meaning higher conversion rates as a result. Ainda existem esforcos de comunicacao por parte das stores que ensinam como funciona o download de aplicativos e a Gameloft tambem e bem didatica e atenciosa em todos os pontos de contato com o consumidor. A aceitacao cultural e tao grande que nao existe quase nenhum tipo de fiscalizacao ou punicao para reproducao e distribuicao deste tipo de conteudo. Alem disso, e no Facebook que funciona nosso SAC 2.0, respondemos todas as perguntas dos usuarios e mantemos um relacionamento bem proximo! Desta maneira, atingimos todos os tipos de publico, fortalecendo a marca da Gameloft nao so em um nicho, mas em uma grande parcela da populacao que joga mobile games. I bought some Grasshopper soundtracks from the studio themselves and in the FAQ for the price they listed the top 10 selling CDs in Japan at that time and their retail value. Well XBONE is basically running a modified Windows RT on an x86 processor, would that not make it a glorified PC without the PCing? In addition, they are created by companies who have been in the industry for a long time, have a lot of money and a huge fanbase meaning the exclusives for them are exceptional and numerous, not to mention the amazing multi-platform games.
Their only selling point is the low price, although are you going to tell me that households buying an Ouya aren’t going to have a PC?
Its like if you gave Microsoft Zelda, they would make it rated m and turn it into a skyrim blood fest. Despite the fact that it has actually surpassed the 360 in Sales, they made no money off the console. The 360 was so unprofitable, the people who own Microsoft do not want them to waste money on Xbox anymore.
I wish it would get sold off or allowed to do their own thing as all of the hardworking, passionate and excellent people in that division deserve to let their creative juices really flow without the massive corporate oversight. When I jump into a Nintendo game based solely on faith and that game delivers, then my faith slowly grows.
Issues like this take a lot of time to be pached up, and Nintendo has clearly been doing something about it.
Nintendo should try and appeal equally to both demographics, that way they’ll steal the spotlight from PS4 and XBO.
If you beat Megaman (any of them) without using the other weapons then I will consider you a hardcore gamer. If you can list the genres you enjoy on one hand, then I don’t think that you are a hardcore gamer.
A internet 3G de alguns paises como Japao, Coreia do Sul e Suica e melhor que a internet wi-fi de muitos brasileiros.
It doesn’t make consoles perfect, they are always leagues behind PCs in terms of power, as I said they are closed platform which is a huge barrier to many devs and the DRM fiasco with the XBone is an obvious example of what happens when people misplace their trust.
The Xbox line is good for only one thing IMO, to be real competition for Sony’s PlayStation.
Even the third party developers everyone insists Nintendo needs could barely make ends meet with those consoles and now we are stuck with annual sequels or ideas they believe they can turn in to annual sequels.
There are still a few half announced games that have yet to be detailed and with any luck they will be the games that really take the Wii Us content in different directions. Most Nintendo games, however, are made with the kind of quality that you just don’t see anywhere else. Dunno if it’s going to be enough, but sales have been moving on the desired direction on this Holliday season. Even though I do pretty well in both of those games, I know I would die very fast on a real battlefield.
Apesar de a conexao brasileira deixar muito a desejar, vai avancando a passos de formiguinha. Neither Sony nor Nintendo are competition for each other, so I guess someone needs to release direct competition to one of them. I really do hope their New CEO follows the rumors, cuts their losses and sells off or ends the Xbox brand. Perhaps the current PC vs Console debate is going to become another mindless Phone vs Microconsole debate. Ive never been a fan of Sony so idk what their deal is or why its so important to them to stay in this race but i cant imagine the mess of fans left behind with nowhere to go if Sony were to leave the hardware market.

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