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Dell announced today that it intends to phase out its XPS desktop systems in order to prop up Alienware sales. PC gaming (and by extension, PC gaming hardware sales) may not be dead, but the PC gaming industry is clearly not what it used to be. Dell's decision to kill its XPS gaming platforms does nothing to undermine the validity of the assertion that PC gaming is, in fact, in quite a bit of trouble. In somewhat happier news, at least for AMD fans, Alienware has announced a new, entry-level gaming PC built around AMD's Phenom.
Dell has obviously invested a lot of money and marketing in the XPS brand, but as our analysis above shows, the copany's decision to keep XPS around means that two Dell brands will continue fighting over the same shrinking piece of pie.
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The PlayStation (abbreviated PS, PSone, PS1, or informally as PSX) is a 32-bit fifth generation video game console released by Sony Computer Entertainment in December 1994.
More interesting than the actual sales amounts, though, are the way that the pie slices resized themselves compared to 2009. I wonder how the pie will redistribute itself again in 2011, as the likes of Facebook, the App Store and Steam continue to grow.

I am surprised that mobile games did not grow at a faster rate, not that 46% is bad, but I would have guessed it to be even higher.
The major problem of the industry is finding a new method to capitalize on making money again from the music it's self. Dell acquired the much-smaller boutique computer manufacturer in March, 2006, but initially believed that the its own XPS products would complement Alienware's custom-built systems rather than compete with them for sales. There's absolutely no sign that download services actually account for anywhere near this kind of volume, and subscription MMO sales, while important towards total PC gaming revenue, only reflect the conditions of one segment of the gaming market. At $910 million, PC gaming can hardly be considered dead, and we won't be trotting that particular dead horse out for a beating today, but the industry is rapidly transforming into an increasingly niche market with fewer and fewer exclusive titles. The new Aurora-class system is built on the AMD 790FX platform and offers your choice of either Athlon (5200+ and 6400+) or Phenom X4 processors, up to and including the Phenom X4 9850 Black Edition. Game downloads on the PC and Mac through digital delivery services like Steam, which saw sales increase by 60% to a target of $2.5 billion. Artist need to just do more live performances in order of achieving any sort of profit from music. This assessment appears to have been incorrect; Dell now reports that XPS sales have eaten into Alienware sales to a certain degree.

Out of this group, only the XPS Gaming tier is being eliminated, and Dell apparently intends to continue using the XPS brand on mainstream desktops and higher-end laptops. The video game software market grew by 72 percent between 1998 and 2007, while PC gaming sales have consistently decreased every single year in both relative and absolute terms.
Furthermore, a significant chunk of the growth in subscription MMO sales over the past few years is going to be flowing into the pockets of one particular titan. The new rig is available in blue, green, silver, or black, though the flesh-eating biomechanical accessory robot (pictured to the right) is only available in black.
Social network games alone saw a projected $1.5 billion in total sales within 2010, a meteoric 66% rise over the numbers of the year before.
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World of Warcraft may be a license to print money, but that's no help to the developers of, say, Call of Duty 4, to say nothing of any other games.

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