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If I bring all the back and sides straight up shouldn't this give my client a perfect long layered effect? Propagating plants by air layering is an easy process that will create a whole new plant for your usually in about six weeks, but some plants can take several months to form roots.
For the best results stems should be at least the size of a pencil or even as large as your finger. Wrap the moist Sphagnum moss completely around the wound and use some fairly thick plastic to secure the moss into place. I always worry that my sides and front are going to be too short when I bring them up to 180 with the back. You can either slice off about an inch or two of the top layer of the stem or you can make a circle around the stem and remove all of the bark for several inches.
Be careful not to scrape too deeply, small stems won’t be able to hold the weight of the root ball and will break. Just apply a small amount with a cotton swab or the tip of your finger into the cut area of the plant.
The plastic should extend a few inches above and below the cut section and can be held in place with string or small wires.
Securely fastening the moss ball will help keep the moisture from evaporating and you’ll get much faster, better results. You should leave the moss around the roots, it will help the plant retain moisture and trying to remove it will break a lot of the tender roots off. Whether you are a man or a woman, the most important part of getting dressed is having the right undergarments. If the changes in temperature aren’t going to be extreme, you can limit your number of layers.

Hope it will help you to find the right style or even give you a new inspiration about layering clothes.
You can also just make a small slit into the stem and use a toothpick or other small object to hole the wound open.
Smaller stems can’t hold the weight a larger stem can hold, so adjust the amount you use accordingly. You can use aluminum foil to cover the moss instead of plastic, but you won’t be able to see the new roots.
If you see some well established roots you can cut the stem off about two inches below the moss ball and plant it in it’s own pot. However, if there are going to be great fluctuations in weather throughout the day, it’s a good idea to wear as many layers as you are comfortable wearing.
Actaully, layered clothing not only added as the weather cools but also can added for warms during the day or evening. If there aren’t any good roots, just replace the foil and wait a few more weeks to check again.
If you are hiking or traveling outdoors, consider not only how cold it is outside but how warm it will be at your destination. By layering clothing you are able to easily regulate your body temperature by taking layers off and putting them on. Tank tops are the right choice for dressy layered looks, while T-shirts make a more casual fashion statement.
Thin cardigans or pullover sweaters made out of merino wool, silk knit or thin cotton weaves work well for both men and women.
Denim and corduroy are good materials for cold weather and are versatile enough to wear in cooler temperatures if the weather changes.

Cotton weave is a good choice for casual fashion, while silk and merino wool have a dressier appearance. It should not be extremely thin, but also not so thick that you can’t fit your jacket on over it. If you need a dressier look, a gabardine jacket or trench coat works in cool and mild weather.
Wear sheepskin or other winter boots if you are going to be outdoors for great lengths of time. If you are hiking or walking through snow or ice, select boots that are made of waterproof materials like Gore-Tex. In the spring and summer months, a cotton twill jacket or blazer is the perfect choice for your last layer. Women can wear chunky necklaces that will complete the layered look and make it into a fashion statement. Finish up with your final layer, consisting of an overcoat and protection for your head and hands.
Men can add a wool scarf on cold days or stick with a simple pair of sunglasses in warm months. An overcoat is vital in cold weather, choose a slick wind breaker or raincoat depending on the forecast.

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