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If you’ve ever seen a street artist mocking up a caricature, you know the allure this unique and sometimes hilarious art form can have. The Caricature Maker Pro app lets you build cartoon caricatures by using a real picture as your base. You’ll get a step-by-step walkthrough from the app, thankfully, because without the added prompts our caricatures could have been a bit of a mess. Go to any amusement arcade or local market and you can find machines or artists making a fortune from caricature portraits.
Combined with a slick and easy to use camera your phone is possibly the best thing for photography since the invention of the SLR.
Now what we've seen time and time again with all the dozens of portrait apps, caricature apps and cartoon yourself apps is a distinct lack of personality.
A fun, easy to use iPhone caricature app that is given a bright future by a hoard of unique features.
Met GameMaker: Studio kun je zelf een spel maken zonder eerst een programmeertaal te leren. Met de gratis versie van GameMaker: Studio kun je zonder beperkingen games maken voor Windows pc's. De betaalde versie biedt nog extra functies en exporteer mogelijkheden naar andere platforms.

That's right, forget all of the social media nonsense, calling loved ones, or even the mountains of pornography-- now you can make your own LEGO stop motion videos using the DC Superheroes!
Now you can create your own caricatures right on your iPhone, thanks to the new Caricature Maker Pro iPhone app from Mcookie Inc.
After getting up close and personal with the app’s multi-point alignment system, our caricatures bore an uncanny resemblance to our own cherubic faces.
You’ll work through several menus, many of which feature submenus, and you’ll spend a lot of time adjusting facial orientations and objects to their optimal size and location. It can get a little annoying to have to go back to the drawing board every single time you want to make a new caricature, even if it’s of a person you’ve already made one of before. And what better way to capture a fun moment or a holiday of a lifetime than by celebrating it with a cartoon photo of yourself? That's where Caricature Maker Pro really comes into itself with with its strongest and most unique feature being the ability to not only ,as expected, transform a picture from your photo album or a picture taken from within the app. If you’re ready to get creative or have always wondered what you’d look like as a cartoon, our iPhone app review of Caricature Maker Pro can tell you how. The app uses smart facial orientation software to make each feature of your face come alive, from your jawline to the set of your eyes. Of course, you may be tempted to buy some cookie points to unlock cool character details, but even without additional items, it’s a pretty neat app.

Well there are better options, get with the times people, in your pockets is the ultimate caricature making device, your iPhone. But also tweak, transform and exaggerate the photo to give it a unique sense of personality and character.
The LEGO DC Super Heroes Movie Maker app clocks in at the low, low price of FREE and is available in the Apple iTunes store. It’s a pretty sweet way to try on new hair styles, although saving and sharing your caricature creations is definitely an option, too.
If you don’t you might end up with a strange blue hued realistic face with some cartoon eyes and lips on it. This will surely throw the world into turmoil as now only Android users will still manage to be productive. This app has huge catalogues of hair styles, backgrounds, fun props, glasses, accessories, you name it. The Caricature Maker Pro app integrates directly with email sharing, Facebook and Twitter, and lets you save images to your camera roll.

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