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Apple has promised that it'll be making some changes to the App Store this year, introducing new features to make finding apps easier. Macworld UK Editor Karen Haslam has suggested that one search improvement could be a way to refine searches in the App Store.
Lou Hattersley, another of Macworld UK's brilliant contributors, has suggested that Apple could introduce a refund system that would act a bit like a demo feature. Apple has already confirmed that it'll be introducing the ability for developers to create short videos for 'App Previews' in the App Store, though, and it will also be launching TestFlight, which means developers can invite users to beta test their apps. Recommendations is another area of the App Store and iTunes Store we'd like to see improved. There are hundreds of apps and other media on offer every day for a limited time in the App Store and iTunes Store.
We know that Apple loves to tout the huge numbers of apps in the iOS App Store, but we're beginning to think it's getting a little crowded. A vital thing we think Apple needs to improve with the iOS App Store and iTunes Store is the speed.

Macworld UK's Multimedia Editor Dominik Tomaszewski refuses to buy any music from Apple's iTunes Store until it offers lossless music downloads. There will be a new 'Explore' tab to help users find the apps they're looking for, as well as a 'Top Trending' search feature. Some app developers already offer free versions of their apps as a taster of what you'll get if you purchase the full, paid version, but there's no App Store-wide demo system yet. David would like to see apps, albums, movies and TV shows that his friends have watched and are talking about. Right now, the recommendations system is almost non-existent, though arguably Apple's New & Noteworthy and Best New sections are a form of recommendation. He'll be pleased to hear that there are plenty of rumours to suggest that his wish will be granted this year.
What is this witchcraft?!Mind you, even though I'm always telling my friends about iPad games they should buy, I think I'm a bit weird like that - most people don't seem to do the 'what have you downloaded lately' conversation.
I think it would help the premium end of the App Store tremendously if people felt confident they could pay for an app and get their money back if they decided they didn't want it within 24 hours," she says.

Plus, as Macworld contributor Nick Spence points out, the 'Best New Apps' and 'Best New Games' categories can be misleading, as they often include apps that have simply been updated recently or have fairly negative reviews from users. As Nick points out, we rely on third party apps, websites and Tweets to discover which apps are temporarily free or reduced in price. And my friends might not realise that they've all been using the same one app unless the App Store points it out.But yes, I take your point!
The company says that it hasn't revealed all of the new features yet, though, so the team here at Macworld UK has come up with a wishlist of ways we hope Apple will improve the App Store, and the iTunes Store too.

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