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When a worldwide hospitality giant such as Intercontinental Hotel Group pushes its largest loyalty program via a mobile social network, it is obvious the channel is an important part of the marketing mix.
As time went on though, I started getting tired of doing the same thing over and over again and started to simply pretend I was shooting 50-100 shots.
A lot of people who go into advertising and marketing do it because they’re creative by nature.
If you’re spending more time focusing on trying to get the right shade of blue for your next ad instead of trying to focus on the message that brings more people to your store; You’re Doing It Wrong. Once upon a time, it was expected that a billboard could impact sales and help a company succeed.
In December, I created a presentation titled the Ultimate Guide to Instagram, it was a Slideshare deck built off of a blog post I wrote a couple weeks prior.
At the time of this post, the deck has generated more than 90K views and has more than doubled my mailing list. Use A Timely Title: The fact that I published the presentation in December gave me a great opportunity to capitalize on all the buzz surrounding 2014 trends, predictions, and resolutions. Ask Friends To Share: I sent tweets to a handful of my closest friends to see if they wouldn’t mind sharing the slideshow with their networks. Use Your Email List: I sent the deck out to my email list the day it went live to seed the content and get a few early shares.
I think back to when I was around 12 or 13 years old and my Dad was my coach for the local basketball team. Instead of going out and taking the shots, I would run over to my friends place or explore in the backyard.
Whenever I think about taking a shortcut and giving less than 100% on a project, I’m reminded of his words. It’s the idea of creating something beautiful, telling a captivating story, or communicating a message that resonates and drives change that truly attracts people to the industry.
Brands have spent millions of dollars on traditional advertising but the research shows that this is continuing to decline year over year. I took the content from the blog post, worked with a designer and created a visual guide for Instagram marketing.

What’s most important about these figures isn’t the fact that it generated so many views; it’s the way in which I landed them. Well developed strategic and project management skills gained through leading the brand repositioning of high street brands including Londis and Budgens and whose versatility is demonstrated through managing projects for Regus and the leading public sector Quango, Becta.
He always pushed me to give 110% at everything I did, but at that age, I rarely took that advice.
Thinking back, he was obviously looking out the window at me but I wasn’t smart enough to clue into that idea.
Yet, the reality of marketing is less sugar plums and lollipops and more insights and analytics. Brands are looking for ways to measure and track the effectiveness of their marketing campaigns.
Unless you’re a brand that already has a huge following with thousands of brand advocates, it’s going to require some hustle to see your story spread. It wasn’t my first time launching a Slideshare presentation but it was one of the first in which I really hustled to get it out there into the wild. An experienced interim who’s achieved success through adopting a consultative, inclusive and empowering management style, yet pragmatic and commercially aware having had responsibility for budgets up to ?7m p.a. I remember when he installed a basketball net at the end of the driveway and told me that I should take 50-100 shots a day. I walked in the house, told him I took the shots and he replied with a sentence that I’ll never forget. Too many marketers are selling fluff to their clients without focusing on what really matters.
At least, the best brands are and the ones who don’t will quickly begin to recognize how their resistance has hindered their growth and opportunity to succeed. In a world where more content is created every single month than the entire 20th century, you need to think about how you’ll cut through the noise.
On average, my Slideshare presentations were generating around 5-6K views and driving a couple sign ups to my newsletter a month.
Too many marketers have had it easy with the days of TV ads and billboards with little accountability for their actions.

Whether you’re selling a product, selling an idea, or selling a reason why your brand is better than the next – all marketing should drive back to influencing behaviour or thoughts. You need to think about how you can get your story in front of the right audience and where these people are spending time online. Yet, when I made the decision to inject some hustle behind this deck, the results blew all of my expectations out of the water. On successful completion, the role evolved to include the mobilisation and ongoing management of new and additional retail partners requiring the management of a many and varied range of internal and other external stakeholders.
This included working across a wide array of functions such as IT services, marketing, training and QA specialists in order to meet the aggressive timeline for the project to go live; all the while ensuring packages met the necessary specifications at a cost effective price that met State Aid regulations. Required to work closely with the managing director and other board level stakeholders, the role required development of the strategy, creation of the end-to-end project plan, recruitment and management of an agency to design an impactful range of products for optimum retail standout. A commercial retail strategy, designed to deliver an incremental turnover of ?2m at an 80% gross margin by the end of year two after launch, was provided. Additionally, suppliers for product manufacture, supply chain and field marketing were sourced prior to approaching the identified retailers. This involved working cross functionally to develop and implement promotional strategies for branded and own brand products, implementing all regular promotions communications, consumer leaflets and pricing catalogues. A web-based image library was developed leading to a reduction in administration and photography costs delivering a 15% saving to budget. I have no hesitation in recommending him.See moreSee lessRoss is the complete commercial marketing man.
The company is currently working with carriers to make sure that there is a balance between delivering a user experience and ensuring users’ privacy is maintained.

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