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January 21, 2014 by tania shirgwin Leave a Comment Thanks to rapidly evolving technology, digital marketing for the tourism and hospitality sector is constantly advancing. However, hoteliers notoriously under-spend on digital marketing initiatives and continue to rely on tired and obsolete advertising formats, especially print media. In 2014, hopefully this trend will change with more travel and hospitality businesses embracing digital marketing strategies aimed at capturing and engaging their specific target audience.
Net Affinity put together an infographic on digital marketing trends for hotels in 2014 to keep hoteliers up to date with developments and assist them to get ahead.
With Australia being one of the highest users of mobile phones globally budgets should be allocated to Mobile responsive websites and increased tactics to respond to traffic coming from these devices.
Consider whether you should allocate budget for a responsive website and a mobile website or both as they are two different beasts entirely. A responsive website is a desktop website than can be viewed on all mobile devices while a mobile website is a completely different website (built separately) where the content is generally limited to the most important elements (contact us, bookings  and imagery). Consumer use of social media in the search and planning stages of travel is growing rapidly. Google+ is becoming a major player, 2nd only to Facebook when comparing daily active users.
With the decreasing trend in organic reach in social networks, advertising on social networks, combined with remarketing should not be discounted. Remarketing is a feature that lets you reach people who have previously visited your site, and show them relevant ads across the web or when they search on Google. Search capabilities are evolving rapidly and now with semantic technology, users can refine queries, personalise search results plus more – providing a more personal, interactive, conversational or dialogue-based search result. To gain the benefits of semantic search, a cross pollination of keyword search optimisation across website – meta titles, media alt tags and copy; social and other online activities is key.
No longer should digital marketing be considered a secondary tier in hotel marketing – indeed even though this infographic is designed with hotels in mind, there is much wine, food and tourism marketers can learn from these trends in 2014. Filed Under: Tourism Marketing Want to learn more about social media and how to use it effectively to market your business?
Join our Social Media Essentials course and gain instant access to over 40 videos, many of them how-to plus worksheets and tools - all designed to assist you manage your social media marketing successfully. Join a growing number of savvy tourism, hospitality and winery business owners and marketers who receive our newsletter direct to their inbox.
If you're a business owner or marketing professional looking to gain extra knowledge and skills to help market your tourism, hospitality, food or wine business - you've come to the right place! Hello, I'm Tania Shirgwin, a digital strategist, trainer and founder of bizeez communications. Since our launch in 2010 we have worked with clients including wineries, food brands, chefs, restaurants, accommodation providers and industry specific organizations throughout Australia and New Zealand. We are situated in one of Australia’s most famous wine regions, Barossa Valley, South Australia.
For a marketing executive in the market for a new job, it’s imperative to keep a few trends in mind when crafting your new resume. As such many companies are shifting gears and focusing on millennials when it comes to their marketing strategies. This isn’t exactly a new trend in the marketing world, so chances are your current company may have already taken some initiative on learning how to market to millennials. If you’re wondering why we’re even bringing up an older trend it’s because millennials are directly affecting 2015 marketing trends. In a recent blog by Top Rank Online Marketing, 21 digital marketing execs were asked about upcoming trends for 2015. This is particularly true as companies shift toward marketing to millennials as stated above.
As a result, demonstrating your understanding that marketing is taking a more humanized approach will better your chances of being considered for the job. When vying for a new marketing exec position take a look at the company’s audience and do your homework so you can craft your resume accordingly. According to Forbes, one of the key trends marketing executives must take into account in 2015 is inbound marketing. As such, you must show recruiters and potential employees that you understand online and content marketing. In the Top Rank article Senior Manager of Content Marketing and Marketing Solutions for LinkedIn, Jason Miller, emphasizes the importance of adding coding to your resume.
His reasoning is simple: with the rise of content marketing it’s important to know how things like fonts and web development affect consumers. If you don’t have much experience in coding there are several classes available online and at local universities.
Going mobile has proven to be quite a goldmine for companies as studies show that consumers who search on mobile visit the store within a day. If you’ve led initiatives in mobile marketing in the past it would be wise to include it on your resume. Check out our Chief Marketing Officer resume sample to see how you can showcase your skills using new trends. If you are interested in working with Lisa Rangel, an accomplished executive resume and LinkedIn Profile writer, LinkedIn Job Seeker Group Moderator and job search consultant, to achieve the social media exposure and land the interviews you want, sign up for an exploratory call now and learn about how Chameleon Resumes can help.
Content Marketing – Internet has really changed the way world functions today and marketers are using it to place or promote new product and acquire more customers.
Direct Mail Marketing – Even though many see direct mail marketing services as an old way to promote business, growing number of marketers use mailing services to reach targeted audience.
Ad Re-Targeting – This marketing technique has really become super popular recently and growing number of marketers are using it. 15 Digital Marketing Trends for 2016 That Could Destroy Your Business You are using an outdated browser. As we’ll soon be saying goodbye to 2014 and gearing up for a new year, we begin to wonder: What Video Marketing trends will dominate 2015?
As an expert in Germany’s market, i can definitely say the share of new players is dramatically rising.
I mean like this is not promotion or something else, but hey, why not to recommend guys if they do their work cool. Anyways, video marketing is an efficient tool, and we had more conversions going from landing pages with videoclip on it, rather than from those without. Our Automatic Wideo Generator allows marketers, retailers, and publishers to create dynamic video messages for their entire user database, driving engagement and revenue. If you are like me, you read email, participate in social media and research information regularly via your mobile device.
Whether you’re trying to build a brand associated with your company or you are your business brand, promoting yourself as an industry leader may be one of your many goals. A big part of becoming a leader within your industry relies on your ability to toot your own horn.
An online presence is essential in this day and age, but creating a website, adding an on-site blog, and joining social media platforms is only the beginning. You can use online platforms like your blog and social media channels to post and promote this content in order to reach your audience.
As an authority in your field, you enjoy a wealth of knowledge and experience as well as a familiarity with your subject matter that your readers may not appreciate. There’s a fine line you must walk between delivering pertinent information and making it accessible to an audience that may or may not understand insider terminology and concepts.

Availability is crucial to your readership when trying to establish your authority and build a following. To some degree, consumers decide whether or not you rank high among competitors within your industry. Networking allows you to connect and perhaps even collaborate with other industry leaders, cementing your place in an elite group. According to a survey by business magazine Fast Company, 71% of senior executives and 43% of CEOs reported working with a coach on executive development. Establishing yourself or your company as a leader within your industry starts with expertise in your field, killer website content, and a social media presence. If you haven’t invested time and money in digital marketing yet, your business is already behind. You already know that content needs to be of a high caliber in order to appeal to both readers and search bots.
No matter how many Twitter wars Kanye and Taylor Swift engage in, their succinct literary warfare is unlikely to damage either of their brands. BizLocal will give you a local experience, comprehensive plans, tailored services, and more. Coupled with increasing customer use of video (Google owns YouTube) and it super search capabilities, Google + is definitely not to be overlooked in 2014. I enable tourism, hospitality, food and wine businesses gain real results through digital marketing and pr. We create customized plans and training programs to address a wide range of digital marketing, training and pr needs.
It seems that the days of mass appeal communication are long gone an instead being replaced with niche, individual dialogue. Essentially, you need to really know your customer and use personalization and customization strategies in your marketing.
In fact, 85% of marketers are already using inbound marketing as a way of getting leads and sales. One of the principal ways companies use to win over the trust of consumers is by creating important content online.
At the beginning, companies were limited to few social networks (Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn), but nowadays new social media networks are emerging like Instagram, Google +, Pinterest, etc.
According to the latest statistics, over 80% of people still check mail box on regular basis. The reason ad re-tageting is so effective is because it uses browser cookies to follow consumers’ online activity.
Find out what our top 10 predictions are and what not to miss out on in this month’s infographic below. Hell knows where they got from, but, i must confess we ordered several cinematics for our game projects, and we hit the target with them. Yet, i should say, judging by focus groups, users are more emotionally impressed and engaged after watching a videoclip, so yes, truly, a video marketing is going to take over the world eventually.
According to Pew Internet research, 63% of adult cell owners now use their phones to go online and 34% of these cell internet users say that they mostly go online using their cell phone.With this growth, if the first impression a buyer has of your brand on their smartphone or tablet is not the experience they expect, you can potentially lose a customer before you even know they are interested. According to global resources consulting firm DDI, companies with strong leadership are nine times more likely to financially outperform competitors.
One of the best ways to begin establishing yourself as an expert in your industry is to create free, authoritative content for your current customers and as a way to hook potential customers. Over time, you may be inclined to branch out and create longer-form offerings (white papers, ebooks, etc.) and perhaps even sell them.
If you want to engage with an audience in order to prove your expertise and become an industry leader, you need to make sure that people can understand you. You don’t necessarily want to treat interested parties as though they have no industry knowledge, but neither do you want the information you deliver to go over their heads. There are two primary accessibility issues to concern yourself with in order to help your readers locate and enjoy your content.
Choosing a reliable web host and creating a simple layout and design are the keys to making this happen. Reading and responding to comments and questions in a timely matter will help you to build relationships with your audience, further the conversation, and prove that you care about creating value within your online community. However, there’s also something to be said for claiming the high regard of your colleagues and competitors. When you build relationships with others in your industry you gain support and potential promotion (like inbound links, for example) needed to improve online rankings. You should never stop seeking unique opportunities to promote your authority within your field.
From there you need to know how to apply your strengths in order to position yourself as a frontrunner in your industry. In fact, according to a recent study, over 75% of all internet users make use of social media. Additionally, technology is changing the game when it comes to when consumers digest this custom information and where permission is given to receive it.
They want to know there’s a human being behind the brand and ultimately it’s about sharing instead of selling. Numerous marketing techniques are present today, but try to focus on the ones that will define marketing in 2014. This includes relevant information about products or services usually uploaded on social medias, company’s website, and other websites. These allow businesses to create quality content across more channels and thus gain more customers.
In fact, majority of consumers prefer mailing services due to increased number of spam emails. However, it’s best to begin with content that is available to everyone so that you can establish a rapport with readers and publically promote your expertise. If you’re worried about hitting the mark, simply ask readers for comments and suggestions to improve your content. This could mean guest posting on other’s industry blogs, writing a book, securing public speaking engagements, and finding positive and productive ways to attract media attention (getting involved in charity events, for example).
Your long-term strategy should include ongoing efforts to increase your expertise and your online presence. Some people seem to be born with natural leadership abilities, but to a degree, everyone could use some help honing leadership skills.
Hiring a professional coach to put you on the right path could be just what you need to succeed. Quality content brings more traffic to company’s website which leads to higher sale numbers. Few people open and read emails from unknown sources, which is why direct mail marketing services still continue to be one of more preferred marketing techniques.
This technique is the new marketing trend because it continually exposes customers to certain brand and makes them aware of certain products and services which will eventually lead to purchase. With content marketing, your company will be able to build better reputation on the market.
Designing and mailing eye-catching catalogs, flyers or brochures will get the attention of targeted audience faster. Keep in mind that organic search rankings can bring in 300% more traffic than social.That surprised you!The new age marketers that win will be the ones with the greatest and best content and will also know how to make it flow across the web and optimized for discovery.

93% of online research starts with a search engine, and 68% of consumers check out companies on social networking sites before buying. Due to this, new 3PL companies are emerging which offer direct mail marketing services and work closely with the postal offices, all to provide you with reliable mailing lists and speedy mailing services. They will understand the power of content “marketing”.Social media assetsAnother digital asset is your tribes on social media.You may have the content but do you have the crowd to distribute it?
Online visibility is a must, so every small business needs a strategy that increases their visibility when someone is in need of their products or services.Although your web presence begins with a well-designed, mobile responsive website and integrated blog, it is much more.
You need to be investing in your digital content assets and global distribution networks.3. Once you have your baseline visibility, then add marketing activities that help increase and optimize your presence on social media and online directories.6.
Thinking global instead of localYou competition is no longer just local.Amazon is the global competitor for the corner book store and much more. Simplicity in marketing will become the normSimplicity in marketing will become the normMany marketers feel that today’s buyers are web-savvy, mobile-enabled researchers capable of sifting through the complex information about a product or service in order to make a purchase decision.
In reality, buyers are looking for trustworthy information that helps them easily and efficiently weigh their purchase options. Crowd sourced brand content is essentialCoca Cola decided to re-invent and pivot its marketing philosophy from creative excellence to content marketing excellence when it discovered an essential truth about the digital world. Too many options and messages can paralyze decision making, encouraging the buyer to look at your competitors.Keep your marketing simple. Focus on creating websites and marketing materials whose design is clean and message is clear to attract more people to your business.What small business marketing trends will effect you?Evaluate where you are with these areas for your business and add to your plan where necessary.
Get ready for 2014 and have the best year in your business yet.What small business marketing trends do you think are critical to your success? But as much as the new dawn of digital and the rise of the social web has changed the landscape, some things have stayed the same.Memorable and congruent branding, creative content creation and knowing and understanding your target audience are still marketing 101. They generate 2.4 billion video views a month on YouTube with content marketing created by their fans. The hard nosed conversion tactics and principles of the direct mail experts from the 20th century are also a skill set worth embracing and polishing.The social web marketing tactics, new media and platforms are all new skills and concepts that we need to understand and learn.
The rise of the robotsMarketing was just an art.Now it is being amplified and optimized by technology and science.
The integrated marketing plan becomes popular againIntegrated marketing plan becomes popularAlthough I’m not a huge fan of complex marketing plans, I do believe having a plan is more important for small businesses than they realize. Or a computer company (Apple) would disrupt the music industry.We need to be nimble, agile and dedicated to a lifetime of learning. Content marketing dominates small business marketing strategiesContent marketing dominates small business marketingToday’s buyers are smart – we no longer want to be sold and we are sure going to know a lot about the possible solutions to our problems before we make a purchase decision. Much of the past we have to leave behind.Why I wish I had a NeuralyzerIn the Men in Black movies, Agent Kay (Tommy Lee Jones) and Agent Jay (Will Smith) are the guardians of all things alien. In fact, according to the Corporate Executive Board (CEB) almost 60% of the purchase decision is made before prospects reach out to vendors. This means the buyer is finding content from expert sources to help them determine the best solution to their problem.Almost 80% of marketers with company blog report ROITo position your business as an expert resource, you need to create content that speaks to your audience, helping them determine the best route to take. It is a device about the size of an average cigar tube that gives a bright flash which erases the memories of the past.For many traditional marketers and business people there is a lot of unlearning to do.
Email is alive and kickingEmail is still a digital trend that isn’t going away.The rise of social media and all those multiple messaging apps (Facebook messenger, WhatsApp, Viber and much more) have lead many people to question the future of email.
What this means for small businesses is that you need to have a blog if you don’t already have one and you must keep adding new, fresh content regularly.
42% of consumers look to blogs for information about potential purchases; 52% say blogs have impacted their purchase decisions.
Here are 8 as ranked by Hubspot in its latest “State of Inbound Marketing 2015”TechnologyTechnology is ranked as the third biggest challenge.
According to Hubspot’s 2013 State of Inbound Marketing, almost 80% of marketers with a company blog have acquired new customers.3. But you will also need to integrate technology into your digital marketing manager skill set. Personalisation has arrivedRelevance is key to catching and holding attention offline and online.
Case studies get reinvented into content marketing storiesIt’s hard to continually produce content that is relevant to your audience.
To cap it all off you need to find someone who understands and has the capabilities.Some more questionsSo you know what is needed but now you need to find the resources that you can trust. Delivering content that engages and sells means tagging customers interests as they discover you and subscribe to your email list.There are now a variety of digital marketing technologies from email to marketing software that are now available that can provide personalized marketing. Most small businesses have plenty of satisfied customers but few use these experiences as a source of rich content that will help others understand how you solve a problem better than anyone else.But did you know that for B2B marketers customer testimonials (89%) and case studies (88%) have the highest effectiveness rating for influencing potential buyers?
And 85% of consumers say that they read online reviews for local businesses and 73% of consumers say positive customer reviews make them trust a business more.Most of us underestimate the value of what we do really well because what we do for our clients may seem so simple to us. We are taught that things of value must be difficult, therefore what we do which is easy for us has no value.Just remember that your ideal clients are willing to pay you to do what you do best because it solves a problem or fulfills a need, regardless of how simple it may seem to you. The data scientist is your next hireIn the past direct mail, print and mass media were your only option. Your existing clients and customers can often provide inspiration for your most powerful and engaging content spoken in the language your customer understands.4. Experience, skill and intuition were the marketers only friends to achieve optimal results. Marketing activities evolve from mobile enabled to mobile optimizedMobile enabled evolves to mobile optimizedA year ago in my post on small business marketing trends for 2013, I said that mobile support was mission critical and that mobile responsive design would be the most popular small business solution. The focus on “Return on Investment”The shiny new toy is just another toy.When social media started to be recognised as not just a plaything for teenagers, the marketers started piling in.
Mobile is now your first screenMobile was called the second screen but that has been flipped. The CEO is saying “Show me the sales”.Social media is great for traffic, brand awareness and customer engagement but as you move down the sales funnel the other digital marketing tactics are vital. Landing pages that convert and an email list that gives you control of customer contact.No longer can you rely on Facebook to provide free traffic to your website or blog. It’s become just another paid advertising channel.It’s time to stop chasing every new social media distraction. Moving beyond vanity metrics like traffic, likes and sharing to the sharp end of the sales funnel. The continuing rise in the importance of digital assetsIn the past advertising was just seen as an expense.But in the new age of digital it should be seen more as an investment in the future of your online authority.
Advertisements that had a lifetime of 30 seconds and never to be seen again and cost hundreds of thousands are being added to and even replaced by online videos that can be viewed this year and into the future.This new media is indexed by Google and shared on Facebook and Twitter. Media creation is a digital content asset that provides brand value now and will keep giving.

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