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This understanding is the most important foundation for content marketing and content-led marketing in 2016. Content marketing implies that you own the media, whereas content-led marketing means that you are buying media space to put out your content rather than advertisements. To capture consumer insights in a massive, real-time process and converting this into content strategies is something that will dominate marketing conversations in 2016.
Every brand will have to do this, even if they don’t have the time or resources to launch a full-scale experiment or research initiative, they will start with something small but original research.Brands will go offline and observe people.
The goal will be to present radically refreshing to readers and followers – something they can’t get anywhere else. However, this will happen only in the super-large corporations with massive content requirements.
What will happen more commonly is that intricate software will be able to take bite-sized information from millions of social profiles and piece them together to form engaging, timely stories. The next blockbuster book or movie could see offline, user experiences translated to an online world. Algorithms and robot developers, for content marketing will itself become a business model.
In the past, if you were a website that hosted the highest volume of quality written content, you would have a vast influence.
Thus,2016 will have brands thinking – lets run this contest only for our readers or our fans. Google’s knowledge graph, a compilation that comes on the right hand side of a search, when you search for a very famous person, is an interesting development. It clearly seems that Google is moving from being an information engine to a knowledge engine. For example, if you’re writing about a mobile phone, identify all the keywords that people use to look for that phone and put a minimum percentage for those to go into your content without affecting flow and continuity.
In 2016, more than ever before, quality of content trump quantity, and only the best will survive.
Reeta Gupta is the Founder of The Network which helps startups and other SME entrepreneurs with positioning, content and media relationships.
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With five times as many mobile phones as computers, mobile presents a new opportunity for businesses to open a new marketing channel. Mobile Marketing Watch offered their top mobile marketing trends for 2016 that included trends in everything from cybersecurity to data analytics. Issues of data privacy and security will become more important, particularly in the American markets.
As previously reported in Inquisitr, businesses will adapt their marketing in 2016 by adapting to new technology because mobile marketing trends are one of the most important marketing trends because of how fast the number of mobile devices is growing.
ETTelecom reported that companies will start evolving their campaign objectives and focus on value creation over customer acquisition.
Reemergence of the mobile web will also become an important issue as it offers another way for consumers to access the web.
Other mobile marketing trends businesses want to become aware of are the use of mobile phones as credit cards or bank accounts and mobile as the new television. Slideshare uses cookies to improve functionality and performance, and to provide you with relevant advertising. Here is the list of 20 digital marketing trends and predictions for 2016 - Know what's the current trend of SEO, SEM and social media.
The tendency to base every marketing strategy on the basis of clicks and searches alone will be proved faulty. For instance, there may be someone who will build a story on how the world celebrated Christmas, with 1,000 images and text inserts from all over the world. So while businesses will straddle continents, communities of interested parties will come together on social media to deliver localised value. Agencies will start talking in terms of AVOP to measure how many people a brand can reach on its own, and hence how many it needs to reach by buying media. Samples like Zack Matere’s ‘growing knowledge’ are the new ways to encourage your users to tell stories.  Every brand can benefit from a visual evocation of user experiences. Not only can businesses consider creating mobile apps as a way to distribute their content to consumers, the mobile web creates another way for businesses to present their content on mobile phones for easy consumption. Data analytics will change because brands will change the way they analyze their data by relying more on in house data to tell them who their customers really are.
Consumers want more engagement on the web, and the simplest way for businesses to provide this is through retargeting.

Although businesses will need to continue to adapt to rapidly changing technology as devices become smaller and more powerful, business owners will still want to focus on relationship marketing as consumers are more likely to buy from brands they know and trust. Instead of forcing ads on consumers, businesses will seek to make compelling offers to their customers.
Offering mobile apps for business will not be enough as not all users want to download and install apps to their smartphones.
The biggest takeaways are in what content marketers can do to be more successful with their content marketing strategy.
By allowing people to host channels and pages, social media platforms are getting massive quantities of free content posted on their platform everyday. Today, an aggregation of social media, with a sum total of a great network, variations in news formats like videos, news, infographics, etc., that can reach an audience across multiple mediums is what will work. Every piece of content that you put out has to connect with other pieces of related content. Mobile marketing trends in 2016 will allow all businesses an opportunity to optimize their marketing campaigns for more effective results and build additional revenue to their businesses without doing a lot of additional work as mobile sites and apps can be created once and then released to the marketplace. Web analytics will shift from being the centerpiece of marketing plans as brands augment, or even replace, their traditional web analytics packages. Businesses will need to comply with the most recent laws on data privacy and security to stay in compliance and protect end users. Starbucks is an example of a company that effectively uses relationship marketing to build their brand and keep customers coming back to the store by using coupons and giving discounts. By combining the use of both mobile apps and mobile web, businesses have an opportunity to provide a more engaging experience for their users. With the launch of 4G, streaming video will become easier, and users will be able to view video more easily on their mobile phones.
In general, marketers become more effective as they gain experience, the findings showB2B marketers allocate 28% of their total marketing budget, on average, to content marketing—the same percentage as last year.
Of these 8% meet daily and 36% meet weekly.11% say they meet biweekly to discuss the progress or results of their content marketing program16% say they meet monthly to discuss the progress or results of their content marketing program8% say they meet quarterly to discuss the progress or results of their content marketing program6% say they meet infrequently to discuss the progress or results of their content marketing program14% say they meet only when necessary to discuss the progress or results of their content marketing programPerceived value of internal content marketing meetings54% say meetings are valuable.

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