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While case study after case study continues to sing the virtues of social media tools such as Twitter and Facebook for business to consumer (B2C) marketing, business to business (B2B) social media marketing has, and continues to prove, a particularly difficult nut to crack. Organic search (41 percent of all traffic) and direct visits (40 percent of all traffic) were massively more influential sources of visitors for B2B brands. I would argue this killer combo of marketing is mainly for B2C marketing and thus it is best applied to the marketing of products, especially mass retail products. I have to say I think you are merging two concepts: a) the need to update the 4 Ps, which is dated b) taking social media concepts and applying them to b2b.
It sounds trendy and cool, but having been a Communications Manager for a major b2b company for the last 5 years, I would say that the principles of solid b2b marketing still apply, and yes, they are different from b2c. Connections could almost be a feedback loop – which social could really help you with getting the right feedback and making even better decisions.
You can get the valid source about the B2B Marketing process in the aspect of the Marketing Policy and the valuable important tasks in the posts…keep sharing. If anyone is interested in Business Data may I suggest you take a look at our website for B2B Data. Few people know B2B enterprise publishing like Clark Pettit, former president of the Association of Business Information and Media Companies. The interesting opportunity this brings uniquely to B2B Media companies is to leverage knowledge-based technologies to more rapidly create and compile relevant content and information targeted to the more narrowly sliced audience segments now definable through these multichannel business models. B2B media companies need to disrupt their own content space to mitigate what is happening elsewhere in media, particularly newspapers, and also in the music industry more than a decade ago. Clark Pettit: B2B Media organizations need more data-driven input when deciding what content they are producing, they need to test what they produce with their audiences and be ready to shift and evolve, and they need to produce at scale to the right channels. The bottom line is that no other content solution seeks to solve B2B media’s challenges in a holistic and comprehensive way.
Solving these problems for B2B media could take years to process and eliminate if companies try to do it themselves. Thanks to Clark for answering a few quick questions about the challenges of B2B media companies and his motivation for joining the PublishThis team. Ready to learn more about how PublishThis can help you deliver better content more often across all digital destinations?
Eric Burgess leads marketing at PublishThis and has been known to tweet about content marketing and strategy, social, Big Data, gamification, and technological living.
By now, most businesses realize the importance of social media as a part of a robust digital marketing plan.
Facebook contests and campaigns are powerful ways for brands to engage with customers in social.
Welcome to our Hub—a place for marketers to keep up with the latest trends & everything Uberflip.

MarketingProfs and the Content Marketing Institute partnered again this year to bring you the latest B2B content marketing industry survey.
According to the study, the secret to content marketing success is to document your content strategy and stick to it.
In full Uberflip style, we created an infographic to highlight some of the key elements and help you digest the 40 page report in a glimpse.
If you want to be an effective content marketer, you need a documented strategy (not just a verbal one!) Tweet This!
As far as marketing tactics go, Infographics had the greatest increase in usage from 51% to 62%. Tweet This!
Native of France, Quentin Zancanaro gained valuable experience in many graphic design areas and offers a versatile skill-set. Branding and writing are especially important for B2B brands to achieve content marketing success.
You already know The Uberflip Experience is going to be awesome, but here are some practical reasons that you can throw around when you are asked why you should attend. Your content experience doesn't just improve your marketing performance — it can also influence human behavior and brand perception. For most of us in B2B businesses, we didn't join the company as a complete expert in our product or service.
This framework is newer, and in my opinion, more applicable to a wider range of today’s marketing challenges. But in our zeal for embracing digital platforms and social media, we’re going bonkers over new promotional media, forgetting that the true marketer has a strategic responsibility for what gets built in the first place. At the moment we’re looking to build on our existing database for the UK so are particularly interested in exchanging data. Clark joined the PublishThis Advisory Board in 2014 to help the company expand its focus on bringing enterprise B2B media companies a solution that would help them produce better, more targeted content in a scalable way. There is an explosion of new content publishers from brands to bloggers while at the same time B2B Media companies are diversifying their business models to surround their audiences. If we do not continually find ways to more efficiently, intelligently, and cost-effectively create and distribute our product, we will be marginalized by forces at the edge of our space. When I look at a company, I want to know their purpose – the “Why” of a company, if you will.
PublishThis is uniquely positioned to deliver the right capabilities to these B2B media companies and help them achieve their goals without adding more resource costs.
Using PublishThis, business leaders within a company can use the monitoring capabilities of the platform for business intelligence, keeping informed and effortlessly sharing their insight on the content they find with their internal audience. PublishThis CEO Matt Kumin will be in attendance and ready to answer your questions about how our platform can help you produce better content more often so you can achieve your business goals.

However, there is one area where social media has not yet been embraced to the same extent, and that is B2B.This is unsurprising, but not because social media is not suited to B2B marketing. It also uncovered that content marketers are creating more and more content but they still struggle to track ROI, especially when they don't document their strategy. As a Graphic Designer at Uberflip, Quentin focuses to provide creative and innovative assets to promote the Uberflip brand and communicate our message. He previously led demand generation at marketing software company Uberflip, where he tripled the B2B lead generation output. Learn how organizations can leverage content throughout multiple departments to hit all stages of the buyer journey. We caught up with Clark on his observations for how B2B media companies will plan for and achieve their goals in 2015.
With more players in the space competing for attention, fragmented publishing channels, and increasingly busy people, B2B media companies need to continue to evolve rapidly. When I was exposed to the philosophy behind what PublishThis CEO Matt Kumin and his team had developed, I saw how it married smart strategies with the best technology to help editors and marketers produce better content at scale.
These same capabilities empower the editorial team to track ongoing industry conversations, ideate new content, and supplement what they are producing.
When not staring at a screen, he designs modern euro-style board games, listens to indie rock, and spends time with his family and cats. Instead, it is because articles and information on social media marketing often focus only on businesses that communicate with customers (B2C) as opposed to business for whom other businesses are the customer.Yet social media has the potential to be just as beneficial to B2B as it is for any other type of business, and the basic principles are not that different. Francois started his career at Desjardins Group, specializing in the fields of market intelligence and customer data analysis.
Business to business is people’s business (and yes, they need Content and all the rest, but personal relations remain quite essential).
That lined up well with the actions I’ve been endorsing for this space and I wanted to be part of providing that solution. Their content can them seamlessly flow to websites, blogs, email newsletters, apps, and social platforms, all at considerable savings in time and resources. Facebook is also experimenting with helping B2B market more effectively with a new system of targeted ads that identifies the individuals' employers.While it is true that individuals are not businesses, in social media marketing, it is important to always keep the individual in mind.

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