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Arguably, the most vital part of an autonomous robot is its sensors and the associated perception algorithms. Player comes with support for several commercially available robots, which is great provided you have access to one.
You can download my driver here, but note that you'll need to edit the source to suit the information that you wish to transfer to a fro from Player and your robot. In my how to page on various OpenWrt related stuff, I described the process to stream the video feed from a webcam plugged into a router back to your PC. For the purpose of evaluating the Revo LDS in my masters, I got hold of a XV-11 and salvaged the sensor. Plugins for Windows Media Player are software add-ons that extend the functionality of the player. The Windows Media Player Plugin for Firefox enables Windows Media Player to play media such as streaming audio and video within the Firefox browser. One way of perceiving the environment from sensor readings is via a map, and if the system is to be self-reliant, it must be able to learn this. Fortunately it is not overly difficult to interface a custom built robot to the Player framework. At the time, a robot of mine had this setup and I wanted to get the video back into my computer for analysis within the Player framework (and mischief!).

When this product was first on the market (around June 2010), it generated interest within the various hacker communities, as a decent laser scanner could be salvaged from the device at a fraction of the cost compared to an industrial laser scanner. Essentially the sensor projects a laser point onto the environment and finds the distance to the object via triangulation. I used information found from the internet on how to interface and decode the serial data stream that came out of the unit, and developed a Player plugin. This official Microsoft plugin will also work with other browsers, such as Safari, Opera and SeaMonkey. A well researched robotics technique used to build up a map of an unknown environment is Simultaneous Localisation and Mapping (SLAM).
Fortunately, you don't need to understand all this maths in fine detail as there are several open-source SLAM implementations available through the OpenSLAM website.
I managed to get a robot of mine working within Player after developing a communication protocol using a serial port. I ended up 'hacking' at the spcaview (a companion program for viewing spcaserv video streams) source to make it into a Player plugin.
The whole assembly is rotated by a motor, and since it knows where it is it returns range-bearing readings for 1 degree increments over a full circle.
By installing plugins, you can enhance the range of video and audio files that Windows Media Player can play, enable support of new hardware devices such as a DVD player and add new features to the player. The protocol was loosely based on NMEA 0183 strings, in that it uses: a UART physical interface, ASCII characters (easier to debug), has a start character, fields are comma separated, has a checksum, and is terminated by a new line character.

Plugins can help you to enjoy more media in Windows Media Player without having to switch to other players such as QuickTime or RealPlayer. I designed the plugin to use an opaque Player interface so that it could be used directly with an accessible serial port, or in the case with my robot, through a remote serial port transported via sockets. There are also plugins that can help you to manage your media more effectively in Windows Media Player. If you have yet to install Player and are having trouble doing so, you might want to check out a how to that I wrote on this matter. It has been tested with both a direct serial connection and a network connection to a ser2net proxy.
Under normal circumstances, the Windows Media Player Plugin for Firefox will only play media in Windows formats such as WMV, WMA and ASF.

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