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These days, almost all software applications are available on internet as Web 2.0 services.
280 slides editor is a really cool web application to make free powerpoint presentations online.
You can also include pictures, movies, text and others like you do in case of desktop presentation softwares. This applications supports download of formats like pptx (Power Point 2007), ppt (Power Point 97-2004), odp(Open Document), pdf(Portable Data Format).
Any kind content on this site cannot be reproduced in any form without permission of the author. Like any large-scale project that you undertake, a virtual presentation must have a plan to go with it; you cannot just “play it by ear” or “wing it” or “make things up as you go along”. You will not want to include anything that is unnecessary, for that will just clutter and confuse the presentation.
One of the most important elements of any visual presentation is “white space”—the areas of the screen that will not be occupied (but not necessarily white—the screen can have a single color covering all unoccupied areas).
The ways in which you use color also plays a key role in determining the flavor of a video. Purple, for instance, is a color that people generally associate with wealth and luxury, so it can be an appropriate choice when the subject is finance. Makers of virtual presentations speak of “control images” that, if properly used, can enhance the presentation. Visual presentations can consist of either slides or videos, and which one you choose can also determine the placement of the elements. Now that you have made the visual presentation, you are now faced with the task of figuring out how to incorporate it into your class page. Online conferencing is another big trend in online education because it allows for increased accessibility and convenience without sacrificing quality.
In addition to the lectures, you can also share blogs, instant messaging, mailing lists, online polls and other things through online conferencing. Virtual presentations can also be made in the cloud, which is an added convenience for those who might need to make a very complex presentation, or many different presentations. Like any other cloud computing solution, resorting to the cloud to produce and store your virtual presentations allows for added storage, security, and user support, which are great benefits no matter what kind of presentation you’re looking to create. Remember that one of the most appealing things about online classes is that the student is not limited by how rapidly and accurately he or she can take notes in class. He can also pause the lecture until he has gotten down all that is necessary. You should take advantage of these facts to create a virtual presentation that will be clear and attractive to your students.

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Remote access software can really help you when you’re far away from your home or office computer.
SlideRocket goes beyond traditional presentation tools by harnessing the power of the Internet and making everything available to you in an integrated and intuitive online interface. SlideRocket embraces collaboration with a number of features that make it easy for you to work in sync with your colleagues.
We have seen different services like online photoshop, online video audio extractor, online fun photo editor & effects and now, lets deal with online Powerpoint tool. If you sign up for this and log in into the system, you can also save your presentations online. This tools also loads fast on a normal broadband connection and is really recommended if you are interested to make free online presentations online without need of powerpoint software on your system.
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If so, then this article will be of great help to you, for it will teach you how to create an effective virtual presentation that will make your online courses more attractive to those who take them. If you do, everything will just turn chaotic and out of control, to the point where you decide to just “throw in the towel” before you are even halfway through. Once you have all these questions answered, you can tackle the task of putting together your presentation.
The reason white space is so important is that if the screen is so crowded, it will be difficult or impossible for viewers to process what is on it.
The background color should contrast sufficiently with the presentation to make it stand out, while at the same time not clashing with it.
Red is likewise associated with energy and action, so it would be useful in presentations where you want to make a strong impact.
With a slide, for instance, the main image should go on the first slide, where it will not be easily forgotten. But of course you will have to make sure that you are not violating any copyright laws in doing so.
It essentially is a way for virtual presentations to be shared by people in different locations, which can also be a good way to save money on travel and other expenses. Online conferencing software is available from many companies, either for free or at a price. Such programs as iSpring Presenter and Articulate can help you to record cloud-based presentations and post them for educational and other purposes.

If he misses a part of the lecture, he can simply stop the player, go back, and play it over until he gets it. Ring Central is one of the top cloud based telephony companies that guarantees high quality services at low cost prices! Its the only presentation software that allows you to create stunning presentations, manage them intelligently, share them securely and then measure the results. Manage user and object permissions and define how and when your presentations can be viewed, printed and shared.
The options available with this tool are really good and will help you create colorful and creative presentations with decent backgrounds and sizzling effects on slide transitions. Without signing up to the system, you can download the slideshow presentations made online. Take into account too, that colors can have symbolic meaning which can give a certain undercurrent to the content of your presentation.
If there are certain brand colors or logos involved in your presentation, remember to coordinate the presentation colors to complement or include those. As mentioned above, crowding images too closely together can make it look confusing and distract an audience from the real content and thought process behind the presentation information. If you are making a video, on the other hand, then you might want to include the control image in a corner of the screen so that it imprints on the mind.
When creating an audio file, you will need to make sure that your words are not only easy to hear and understand, but also convey the ideas in an expressive manner. Again, there should be plenty of empty space surrounding the video link, and this is even more true with audio links, which take up less space.
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This is especially true because no one can hear the gestures and facial expressions that you make while speaking. Also, viewers should have the option of watching in full screen form, because that way things are much easier to see and there are no distractions.

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