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Warm weather is the time for trimming hedges, cutting the grass, and pulling the weeds at home, but here at Production Materials, we’re thinking about outdoor power tools at the manufacturing and service parts level. As providers of component solutions for this industry, we have a first-hand look at customers’ forecast, so we can see trends.
As the economy and GDP accelerate, consumers will spend more money on upgrading older equipment. As the industry continues to evolve with more innovation in the equipment’s technology, we at Production Materials will be there to provide many of the components and the subsequent benefits for consumers and our customers. When the Housing Bubble caved in at the close of 2008, North America’s powerful construction industry took a hit harder than almost anyone else.
Furthermore, while the power tool industry in America took a bad hit from the real estate crisis, the blow was in part stymied by the fact that home improvement remained wildly popular during the course of the Great Recession. Being that we at Production Materials supply essential parts and components for the construction tool industry, we are a proud of the newly revamped construction boom.
CE straw pellet production line,wood pellet manufacturing plant, View complete wood pellet line, LYWF Product Details from Liyang Weifeng Equipment Co., Ltd. Your use of this website constitutes acknowledgement and acceptance of our Terms & Conditions. Will be cleaned serviced, & reconditioned with new bushings & bearings & parts as needed to insure it is a Good Working Oven. Two years earlier, America’s military preparedness was not that of a nation expecting to go to war. While 16 million men and women marched to war, 24 million more moved in search of defense jobs, often for more pay than they previously had ever earned. Like the shipyards in Mobile and plane-repair facilities near Sacramento, factories in Waterbury, Connecticut were transformed to keep up with the war. In the three years following the Battle of Midway, the Japanese built six aircraft carriers.
American industry provided almost two-thirds of all the Allied military equipment produced during the war: 297,000 aircraft, 193,000 artillery pieces, 86,000 tanks and two million army trucks.

In four years, American industrial production, already the world's largest, doubled in size. War posters encouraged civilians to support the war effort by working, rationing and buying bonds. World War II--the single greatest coordinated effort in American history--would eventually cost the United States $304 billion dollars, the equivalent of more than three trillion dollars in today's terms. The continued demand for lawn and garden equipment is evident—along with steady growth in the replacement parts segment as well. Increased recreational activities requires the upkeep of greens and fairways as well as parks and resorts, which means groundskeepers need state-of-the-art equipment to maintain these venues.
As a direct consequence, sales of house construction equipment, including power tools, shrunk steadily. With American families no longer able to turn to construction companies to help build or retrofit their homes, Americans took it upon themselves to fix up their houses. If you require further details regarding the transaction data, please contact the supplier directly. Shipyards turned out tonnage so fast that by the autumn of 1943 all Allied shipping sunk since 1939 had been replaced. Tensions were often high between labor unions, which in spite of no-strike pledges felt the need to protect worker’s rights and could not stop strikes altogether, and citizens were outraged to hear of any work stoppages. Eight million women stepped into the work force and ethnic groups such as African Americans and Latinos found job opportunities as never before. The explosion began in the late 1930s, when local companies such as Alcoa began producing war materiel for Japan and European countries.
The Mattatuck Manufacturing Company switched from making upholstery nails to cartridge clips for the Springfield rifle, and soon was turning out three million clips a week.
Office of War Information created this 1943 film about how the country was working together to win the war.
After tracking a slight decline in demand from 2007 to 2012, we are encouraged to see these projected numbers.

Suddenly, however, signs are starting to crop up that seem to prove the construction industry’s steady re-emergence in the U.S.
Even as the construction industry stumbled and faltered for many dozens of months, the US power and hand tool market managed to grow back – and even expand. In 1944 alone, the United States built more planes than the Japanese did from 1939 to 1945. In one instance when the United Mine Workers went on strike in 1943, newspapers condemned the miners as traitors.
Local shipyards won contracts to build Liberty ships and destroyers in 1940, and by the time America entered the war in late 1941, Mobile was already booming.
The American Brass Company made more than two billion pounds of brass rods, sheets and tubes during the war. While the outlook remains fairly conservative, there does seem to be a consensus that 2013 will prove to be a year of growth for housing and construction overall in America. As it stands, the industry is forecasted to expand by 4.8% each year through at least 2016. By the end of the war, more than half of all industrial production in the world would take place in the United States.
On June 25, 1943, Congress passed the War Labor Disputes (Smith-Connally) Act that authorized the President to take over plants needed for the war effort or in which war production had ceased because of a labor dispute. The Chase Brass and Copper Company made more than 50 million cartridge cases and mortar shells, more than a billion small caliber bullets and, eventually, components used in the atomic bomb.
By then, the overall value of the market should have buoyed up to something along the lines of $13.1 billion for the total year. Homeowners and garage hobbyists alike should be proud of the economic impact they’ve achieved.

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