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Ambassador Event Production is NY, NJ and CT's premiere event company providing unparalleled services for the event industry. Whether you need DJ's, Live Sound, Dance, Stage, or Decor Lighting, Video Screens or all of the above, our professional staff will design an amazing event for you! Real Arch Videography is video production company which offers professional videographers in NYC , NY and NJ.
We are skilled in many video editing techniques that will offer a great finished product of any event. Whether you are looking for a videographer in NYC or NJ , we offer all of our quality video production services in HD, which makes a big difference when using the video for many purposes.

Located in central NJ, Silverton Films offers production services including video editing, voice over, graphics and on location production. When looking for a videographer to create high quality video production , we offer services that cover a wide range of events. Video can create endless opportunities to capture and highlight great moments from an event or function that can be displayed for future viewing. When looking for a company who handles video production in NYC, we can provide the best service with high quality equipment.
We have had the experience of producing many quality videos for business events as well as parties for families and friends.

There are not many video production companies NYC has that can compare to the quality of work that we offer. For those who are looking for a quality company to provide video services for any event or function, contact our offices for assistance.

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