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Every page of your website can be edited, tweaked and perfected then previewed before going live. Creating a portfolio or gallery of your favourite and best photos is really easy to set-up and control. For all those aspiring bands and editors sharing great music and video is as easy as drag and drop. Social media is big part of any website and our site builder helps you and your visitors get involved with Facebook, Twitter and Flickr. Google Analytics and Webmaster tools can help you to understand where visitors to your site come from as well as how they use it. As soon as your hosting package is ordered and automatically setup the site builder is ready to go. WordPress is a free and open-source content management system (CMS) and is the most popular blogging system in use on the web, in use by more than 60 million websites. Started as a blogging system, WordPress has evolved through out the years into a powerful platform, that allows you to create personal and business websites, online shops, social media websites, video sharing websites and many more. Earlier this year we integrated SiteBuilder into our reseller platform – our ProSite site builder rebranded for our reseller infrastructure. Last week we introduced you to our new web site builder, ProSite. We package over 170 stunning templates which allow you to build a stunning web site in minutes. If you’re looking to create a website, ProSite is included free of charge with all of our hosting packages. Building your website has never been easier with the release of our new ProSite Website Builder. As a web host, our primary objective is to ensure that our servers, and consequently your websites, run optimally. This month our customer spotlight is on Lie-Nielsen Toolworks, a US based company established in 1981 that manufactures high-quality, woodworking hand  tools based on traditional designs. We have been collaborating with leading tube sites like Pornhub, Youporn, xHamster and Bravotube for over 9 years now. We have been working closely with major affiliate programs like Serious Partners, Royal Cash, Idol Bucks and others, and this is what made KVS possible as a product. For the entire time KVS has been around, hundreds of CJ-tube sites went live powered by our product.
We are sure that nothing is impossible when you want to build a truly unique scalable solution.
We use KVS on several successful sites with more than 1 million pageviews per day and it has always been a stable and efficient script.
Tumblr was launched in 2007, and is a mix of blogging, microblogging, and social networking. Weebly was founded in 2006, and is a web hosting service that has a drag-and-drop website builder (with features allowing for the creation of blog sites). HubPages is a website where people can make blog posts (known as 'hubs'), share videos and photos, ask questions and set up polls, and post on forums.
OverBlog is a blogging site that was started in 2004, and is very popular in France (where it is based).

A blogging section on FC2, a website with a variety of features including video sharing, live streaming, a website builder, and more.
Squarespace was launched in 2004, and is a SaaS (software as a service) based CMS (content management system) consisting of a website builder, hosting service, and blogging platform.
Buzznet is a photo sharing, video sharing, and blogging site with social networking characteristics, (mostly) for music, fashion and entertainment. A travel blogging site where bloggers can share photos, plot their locations on a map, and view statistics about their travels (such as number of places visited) and blog (such as the number of blog visitors). A blogging site and online community, that has a simple microblogging feature on the front page. InsaneJournal has blogs (which are referred to as journals) and groups (which are referred to as asylums).
Open Diary is a blogging site (that was launched in 1998) where blogs are referred to as 'diaries'. A blogging site with social networking features, photo sharing, forums, polls, quizzes, and more. Watch How To Properly Upload Videos To YouTube Video Derral Eves explains how to properly upload a YouTube video.
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Once everything is just right simply click publish, our site builder will take care of the rest. That's why our site builder allows you to easily add modern Google Maps and stylish contact forms in just a few clicks. Our site builder has been made with this in mind and tries to optimise pages for a better search engine ranking. PHP 7 is a big milestone in the development of PHP, and it provides significant improvements in performance over other PHP 5.x versions.
However, one of the best things about ProSite is just how flexible and powerful it really is.
Adding slideshows, maps, videos, contact forms and even adding multiple languages are all made effortlessly possible with ProSite’s intuitive drag and drop site editor. Recently, Lie-Nielsen undertook a project to completely overhaul their web site, creating a new design that is easier to use and which also reflects their ethos and values. Order a server from King Servers and get your free copy of KVS UItimate with a brand new theme!
Highly usable content management and protection features, virtually unlimited monetization and network building options, these are only a few things that KVS can offer.
For years, we have been helping launch advanced, ambitious sites from scratch, without the owners having to spend months of development and invest a lot of money. It offers incredible ease of use when managing and configuring a site, the server load is minimal and pages load really fast. I am always looking for a new script to help me get my work done faster and naturally easier. All your questions and issues are handled by the developers themselves who obviously know their product inside and out.

Even though the product became popular and stable pretty fast, we never stopped perfecting it. Manage language versions in the easy to use admin panel where translators can be easily controlled and text content is easy to manage.
After all, their business is designing web sites – why would they want to make it easy for a customer to do it themselves?
You can take our templates and really make them your own – fully customising them to create a design that looks exactly how you want it. If you’re ready to start a web site, sign up for one of our low cost hosting plans today and build a gorgeous web site in no time! In the future older releases will be removed, so we advise all clients to test their applications with this latest release.
To ensure that we provide a stable service, our systems will detect when a web site hosted on our platform starts to use a disproportionate amount of a server’s resources. SEO has become as much a part of online marketing strategy as advertising or social media, but it can be daunting to small businesses who can’t afford to employ SEO experts. Automated importing, grabbers, synonimization, automated data filling, advanced stats and site network building features are great assets when you are starting a CJ-tube site of your own.
Their support staff is fast and exceptionally helpful and it's one of the many reasons why we keep turning back to KVS for our new sites. All issues are solved right away without getting bounced endlessly between support and tech. Most our customers own top level sites, this is why we always need to offer up to date features and services to match. You can be sure that your site is 100% backdoor free and nobody else can take control over your site.
Recently one of of the main issues we have seen is with WordPress, one of the most commonly installed applications on our servers, and the very same software that’s running this blog. It will suit any business models as new versions are released frequently with new features added all the time. If you need something which is not there yet, you may be sure it will be pretty soon after you tell them about it. We understand how absolutely important this is, and customer feedback proves that we are doing it right.
KVS is all about cutting edge features that fully satisfy the current needs of site owners all over the world.
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