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Liquidsoap is a general audio stream generator, but is mainly intended for Internet radios.
The stream is always passed from the stream generator to the server, whether or not there are listeners.
Depending on your configuration, the output out will use AO, Alsa or OSS, or won't do anything if you do not have support for these libs. Liquidsoap is capable of playing audio on your speakers, but it can also send audio to a streaming server such as Icecast or Shoutcast. One instance of liquidsoap can stream one audio feed in many formats (and even many audio feeds in many formats!). In this section, we build a basic radio station that plays songs randomly chosen from a playlist, adds a few jingles (more or less one every four songs), and output an Ogg Vorbis stream to an Icecast server.
Before reading the code of the corresponding liquidsoap script, it might be useful to visualize the streaming process with the following tree-like diagram.
Before starting with the proper Liquidsoap tutorial let's describe quickly the components of the internet radio toolchain, in case the reader is not familiar with it.

In particular the library pervasives.liq and its accompanying scripts should have been installed, otherwise Liquidsoap won't know the operators which have been defined there. The second difference is the use of the mksafe which turns your fallible playlist source into an infallible source. In the following picture we represent a stream which has at least three tracks (one of which starts before the snapshot), and a few metadata packets (notice that they do not necessarily coincide with new tracks). In this case the nodes (fallback and random) select one of the incoming streams and relay it.
These passwords should really be changed if your server is visible from the hostile internet, unless you want people to kick your source as admins, or add their own source and steal your bandwidth. Some of these functions (typically the output.*) create an active source, which will continuously pull its children's stream and output it to speakers, to a file, to a streaming server, etc. These active sources are the roots of a Liquidsoap instance, the sources which bring life into it.
Ares Download was taken from the core of Ares Galaxy and all bugs and connection issues fixed.

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