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Back when Livestream announced its Studio HD500 all-in-one, the company told us a software-based equivalent would be coming at some point during Q1 2013. They hope that converted cells and in vitro fertilization will save the animal from oblivion. Here’s a list of 4 proxy switcher software for Windows 10, which you can use to easily switch between proxies for maximum anonymity when browsing the internet.
Proxy Switcher is a proxy switcher software for Windows 10 which lets you setup proxy profiles.
It will take some time to get familiar with the setup, but it’s not overly complicated. Switch IE Proxy focuses on Internet Explorer and it’s much more simpler to use than Proxy Switcher. For quickly switching between proxies, you’re going to have to right click on the system tray icon. ST Proxy Switcher isn’t just for quickly switching between proxies, it will also fetch a list of proxies from the ST Proxy website. Included proxy checker makes it easy to go through the list and check which proxies are active.
Proxy list download and updates which is available in ST Proxy Switcher makes it a winner in my book. Expose was a feature added to Mac OS X, and a similar feature showed up on Linux desktops thanks to Compiz. It was created by Bao Nguyen, a Microsoft employee — although it was written as a hobby project in his spare time.
APGraphic EQ is a graphical user interface software tool that allows users to unlock the power behind every AutoPatch Matrix Switcher featuring DSP (Digital Signal Processing) functionality. The 10-Band Graphic Equalizer has 10 distinct bands for boosting or cutting center frequencies. Input gain control is provided to normalize input signals that have differing line level voltages.

The KVM-201 CPU Switch Box is a computer-sharing device that allows two users to share one Computer. This multi-user-single-tasking device is a perfect solution for a small office environment where a PC can be shared between two users without the trouble of a network.
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Well, folks, today's the day the Livestream Studio family grows by one, welcoming the addition of a software-based switcher tool that aims to be yet another on-the-go option for roving broadcasters. If you’re using proxies, mainly public proxies, you probably know that chances for them to stop working are pretty high.
Each profile allows you to select which web browsers are going to be affected once the profile is activated. Open up Proxy Switcher, add new profiles (Add Network), add proxy details to the profile and then add the web browsers which are going to be affected by the profile rules (Add Action).
There you get a simplistic manager for adding, removing, editing and connecting to the proxies from the list down below. This will open up a quick list of proxies which can then be applied globally, to all web browsers configured to use system proxy settings.
But Microsoft refused to copy Expose — until now, with Windows 10?s Task View — and instead added the clunky, slow Flip 3D feature to Windows Vista and 7.
This is ideal for laptop users that switch between using the touchpad and an external mouse but want a different pointer speed for each device. This can be useful for netbook or laptop users who frequently switch between the touchpad and an external mouse but prefer different speed and sensitivity settings for each.
This is useful when "fine tuning" the acoustics of a particular audio zone to suit the physical characteristics of each room or zone.
This eliminates the potential volume variances that can occur during switching, particularly when combining professional and consumer audio devices in the same system. Based on the First-come-first-served principle, the KVM-201 automatically switches to the console that is first activated, by keystroke or mouse movement.

As expected, both professional and recreational producers will be able to control an array of elements from the comfort of their own machine -- including, but not limited to, up to five live video output feeds (yes, it can handle HD) and a real-time, multi-view video canvas which allows for live transitions and audio mixing. Proxies are changed on the fly, you don’t need to restart Internet Explorer or anything like that.
Let me know which proxy switcher software you think is best and make suggestions in case I missed any good ones. Microsoft finally came to their senses and just copied Expose like they originally should have.
You can switch to different mouse settings from the system tray icon, via keyboard hotkeys or let the program do it automatically when the mouse (or the touchpad) it used.Mouse Speed Switcher can also change mouse wheel scrolling speed and swap mouse buttons quickly and easily.
It's also worth noting Livestream isn't constraining the Studio software to its own web platform, meaning that, as is the case with the HD500, streams can also be shared to third-party places like Ustream, Akamai and, you guessed it, YouTube Live.
Now, anyone can build a live, multi-camera production switcher that competes with hardware products on the market for a fraction of the price.
I decided to lookup applications that can help you do just that, switch between proxies, which are compatible with the soon to be released Windows 10.
Note that proxies setup for IE using Switch IE Proxy can also be used by other applications that have the option of using system proxy settings. In what's perhaps the only caveat attached to this particular version, Livestream's decided to make this release only compatible with Windows PCs that are coupled with a Blackmagic Design capture card.
However, a company representative did tell us an OS X solution is indeed in the works and should be coming once the next iteration of the product gets launched -- mum's the word on when exactly that'll be. Macro recorder & Macro program for WiSounding Keyboard and MouseIt Lets you hear magic sound when you press keys or click mouse. Additionally, the Livestream Studio includes two months of the industry's only 7 day a week phone support with knowledgeable customer service and technical support.

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