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The outside temperature was 28 degrees below zero but Jason Prater, a sales intern on business in Northeast China, was sweating bullets. This kind of flowery language would torment a Western crowd, but to your Chinese audience it is music to the ears.
Straightforward Structure After warming up the crowd, you can finally get down to business. Firstly, we’re going to look at the results of a global e-commerce consumer behavior survey. Grand finale The closing of a Chinese presentation is not only a chance to summarize main points for the audience, but also to thank special guests in attendance and exhibit modesty. However, it’s easier to stay focused if you come prepared (yes, no surprise!) and also repeat your healthy mantras. So next time you feel inclined to grab that sugary snack, think of FOOD and choose an apple, orange or banana instead. Make sure your lunch includes some good sources of lean protein (always grilled, never fried – breaded ANYTHING is mostly always fried, so stay away from it).
The Healthyvore mission is to transform workplaces into wellplaces through measurable and sustainable strategies.

Poking fun at a superior’s fashion sense is a great crowd warmer back home, but doing so here spells disaster. The good news is that presentation structures flow similarly to what you are already used to. Our lives get so busy that we 1) forget to eat 2) grab the bad stuff just because we are so hungry and do not have time to go get the good stuff 3) forget to drink water and many others that go in the same line. In business school and throughout my life I have found it easier to remember anything (from formulas to marketing terms) if they were put in acronyms.
If you have a major sweet tooth add 2-3 dates next to that or some raisins and your taste buds will be in seventh haven. I talk a lot about copyright and how if you want to use music you basically have two options. Use FREE Royalty free and Creative Commons music and not have to pay a dime, but you do have to give proper attribution in your videos. Went to Geneva College for a degree in Audio and Video and have decided to make a living out of it on YouTube! Always have some walnuts or flax seeds available to sprinkle on top of your lunch salad or even add it to a sandwich.

I know I'm not big now but I hope to gain a bigger audience in the future and make YouTube my full time job! If you are a smoothie-for-breakfast kind-of-person then add a teaspoon of ground flax for a burst of healthy Omega-3’s to start off the AM right. So when you are next to the vending machine, press the water key and you’ll do yourself a double favor: more kissable lips and a better hydrated body. Not to mention the fact that you are saving so many calories and removing chemicals from your diet. With this article and some practice in front of the mirror, you’ll be one step closer to wowing your audience with an excellent oration.
Extravagant beginnings Western presenters tend to get right down to business after a brief introduction. In China, the start of a speech is an elaborate opportunity to praise hosts, previous speakers and distinguished guests.

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