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I have had many requests for an argyle tutorial since I did my manicure inspired by my socks way back in March. I organized my photos in a collage and below that you can read the 7 steps to a successful argyle mani.
Put layers of top coat in between taping to prevent the polish from peeling up with the tape. Place the scotch tape on the back of your hand first to remove some of the stickiness before placing it on your nail.

The supplies: You will need a base color, and one (or two in my case) colors for the triangles. Bottom Triangle First: Using scotch tape create the first triangle at the base of the nail.
Add two more lines, crossing at the sides of the nail and at the tip (try to center the lines at the tip - mine was a little to the side).
For ease of taping, you can add one layer of a quick dry top coat (in my case, Seche Vite).

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