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You need to know what's causing your pain (beyond the overall explanation of spinal stenosis) because that impacts your treatment options.
Primary spinal stenosis isn't common, especially when compared to the other category for spinal stenosis: acquired. Acquired spinal stenosis is the result of disease or injury to the spine, and the main types of acquired spinal stenosis will be covered in the next section. In addition to osteoarthritis, you can also develop spinal stenosis from intervertebral disc problems.
Risk factors for both osteoarthritis of the spine and for disc problems include aging, poor posture, high impact sports, and being overweight. Any injury to the spine can also cause tissue swelling that puts pressure on the spinal cord or nerve roots, leading to spinal stenosis and back pain or neck pain.
Sign up to receive free updates on back pain treatments, research, and doctor-reviewed spine health information. This information is not designed to replace a physician's independent judgment about the appropriateness or risks of a procedure for a given patient. Diagnosing spinal stenosis can be difficult because symptoms can mimic those of other conditions.
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Some people are born with spinal canals that are more narrow than most people's, and it may not present problems until later in life.

The body reacts to this rubbing by producing small bone growths called bone spurs (osteophytes). A bulging disc or fragments from a herniated disc can then protrude into the spinal canal or pinch on the nerve extending through the foramen. Our Design Specialists know the needs of the independent retailer and are equipped to provide ideas and designs for your new retail space. We even cover standard return shipping costs within the first 30 days from your date of order* for orders placed in the continental US. That's an effort to limit movement and therefore limit pain from the bones rubbing together. In the spine, they can narrow the spinal canal (that's spinal stenosis), which may then compress your spinal cord or nerve roots.
Ligaments connecting the vertebrae may also degenerate and allow the vertebrae to shift, which can pinch the spinal cord or nerves.
You may also fracture part of your spine, and the fragments of bone can intrude on the spinal canal.

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