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The best place to find advice, analysis, and information on demo reel services Los Angeles, whether for actors, singers, dancers, journalists, or anyone else with an interest in promoting themselves.
It was a competitive market, and I just didn’t have the experience, skills, or equipment to stand out from the crowd. One of the best ways to grow your business is to attract and maintain a loyal customer base that sees you as a positive, authentic part of their community. With over 15 combined years of independent filmmaking and event videography experience, the team at Big Idea has the expertise, vision and style to capture your wedding day in a modern, cinematic fashion.
We got into the wedding video business because we want to bring that cinematic touch to wedding videos in the Scranton and Wilkes-Barre area.
As you can see in the above sample, Big Idea will craft your wedding video with true cinematic style. Unlike other businesses offering wedding cinematography, Big Idea offers a variety of wedding video packages so you can be sure that you get only the moments you feel you want to have captured in your wedding video.  Please review the below packages and contact us for updated seasonal pricing. Since not every couple wants to pay for all of the options in a wedding video package, Big Idea individually prices options, and guides you through the process of creating a wedding video service package that fits your vision and your budget. We utilize a combination of professional cameras and lenses to capture the moments for your wedding video.
Depending upon the logistics of your wedding day and the amount of simultaneous video coverage that you desire, it might make sense to have more than one camera operator.
All packages provide coverage of the ceremony, post-ceremony (typically this is when photos are taken), and three hours of reception coverage.
We use a wireless mic that the groom wears during the ceremony to be sure that the sound is captured properly. Aside from making sure you have great looking footage, the editing of the video during the post-production process plays a huge part in how your story will unfold for your viewers.
The Traditional style requires the camera operators to fade into the background and simply shoot footage with minimal interaction with the bride, groom, bridal party, and guests. In contrast, our Cinematic Documentary style is a modern, long form style of wedding video. Big Idea’s Documentary Style Wedding Video Sample from Big Idea Photo and Video on Vimeo.
All completed videos will be available via a private online link that you can share with your family and friends. This option is an additional shooting day that is filmed about one month after the wedding day and is great to post to social media. A: We use the latest industry standard Adobe suite of tools such as Premiere and Audition to work with your footage and audio. I know from experience — for the first few years I lived in LA, I had a hard time making a living as a freelancer. Smart, dedicated video that reveals your personality makes your business stand out on social media, review sites like Yelp, and develops quality interactions with the members of your community.
More and more, people are falling victim to inexperienced Craigslist wedding videographers claiming to be professional and charging dirt cheap prices. The cameras that we use in conjunction with our knowledge of cinematography and experience in independent filmmaking enables us to make your wedding video look like it belongs on the silver screen.

For example, if you choose the Bride and Groom Prep option, and the bride and groom are getting ready at the same time in different towns, it would be wise to have a minimum of two camera operators.
If you want additional coverage, we offer hourly rates to expand the coverage to fit your needs.
A potential great product can be ruined by someone not knowledgeable of proper editing techniques, or without the creative flair and experience to create something heartfelt and engaging. The Traditional style often utilizes music to transition between the important moments of your wedding day, and results in a final video that is typically 20 to 45 minutes long depending on the nature of the ceremony, reception, and the amount of selected options. With the recent trend of digital video technology, many creative filmmakers have entered the wedding videography market.
This video shows various portions from a full length documentary style wedding video that we pieced together in this video for the sake of giving you the gist of what these types of wedding videos are like. Optional delivery methods include custom designed and printed BluRays or DVDs with custom menus and chapter points. In all honesty, there’s a lot more to capturing good footage than just pointing the camera and pressing a button as many people falsely think, and not to mention the sound and editing portion of it all. We have thousands of dollars invested into cameras and top quality lenses like the Canon 70-200mm to ensure that the images we capture aren’t only up to your standards, but our own as well. We want to know the details of the day and find out what important things you might want us to make sure we cover, or even what to not cover. If you’re only going to “freelancing” or “networking” meetups, then most likely you’re going to meet people just like you — unemployed, out-of-work, and potentially competing for the same clients.Instead, go to events that interest you for other reasons.
How many cameras will you need to ensure that we capture all the important moments of your wedding day?
In cases where the number of cameras exceeds the number of camera operators, note that the additional camera will only be operating during the ceremony to provide another angle of coverage. In addition, many couples want the option of coverage while the bride and groom are getting ready prior to the ceremony (Bride and Groom Prep).
Whether you are looking for something romantic, funny, or energetic, we will collaborate with you to produce a video that will make your guests excited for your big day. We incorporate shots from the wedding day into the reflections video, and also shoot additional video footage of the bride and groom at a location of their choosing. I don’t spend too much time marketing my videography skills, or post many of my videos online. And when people who read my blog for other reasons — say, they like my posts about Burning Man — need a video made, we already have shared interests and a prior connection.
Read our blog entry here about why you should choose Big Idea to craft your wedding video and why you should be leery of pros on Craigslist. Finally, you have the option to set up a Wedding Wishes station that allows guests to step up to the microphone and record their well wishes for the happy couple.
However, our Traditional wedding video consolidates the important parts of your wedding day into a concise video that you can proudly share with friends and family–sparing them the boredom of a conventional 3 hour VHS video shot by your Uncle Fred.
This style enables the camera operators to interact and interview the bride, groom, and wedding guests.
For all of the romantic guys out there, Big Idea will even work with you to capture video of the moment when you pop the question.

This footage typically shows the couple interacting candidly and just having fun while doing their favorite activities together. You’ll get to meet people who aren’t entrenched in the same line of work as you, and without the added pressure that networking events can involve.
Instead of being a random videographer she’d just met, she already had an idea of my business style and personality. These brief interview segments are utilized during the editing process to build a narrative and tell the story of your wedding day. We will hide in bushes or zoom long distances and outfit you with a wireless mic–whatever it takes to capture that amazing moment.
Of course, we are not against any ideas you may have that would require something more staged.
The cinematography and film making trade is indeed a skilled trade that takes time to learn and can arguably never be mastered.
While your competitors are spending their time on craigslist, you can be tapping into a whole new marketplace. Here in Portland, I signed on to shoot some videos for a relationship-based Meetup group looking to recruit new members.
This style of wedding video can run over an hour long depending upon the coverage options you select. We can say however that we are far from beginners with over 15 combined years in film making, thousands invested in top line equipment, and we will let our prior work speak for itself. If you’re feeling ambitious, start your own event for a non-work-related hobby or activity.
While it’s great to reach out to businesses via the latest platforms, it can be just as effective to connect the old-fashioned way. You should choose us to produce your wedding video because you have an eye for quality and want to feel safe knowing it’s in the hands of experienced creative minds. When I heard that Airbnb had opened a new office in Portland, I Googled their address and sent them a letter, letting them know that I’d been active user of their site and would love to work with them. Regardless of what you choose to do, the point is that this video is a fun piece to show the couple celebrating their new life together. A few days later, I got an e-mail inviting me an employee picnic to interview some of the local crew and cut together a short video. Some businesses will Tweet job leads to their followers before placing a traditional ad, or may give preference to applications who reach out on social media.After finding an ad for a small business that needed a videographer, I sent in my resume, and then quickly followed up on Twitter. It dramatically sped up the interview process, and within a few of days I was meeting up with the owners at a coffeeshop. I had the chance to shoot a few demo scenes and get to know the business owners before they started meeting other applications. But if you stay engaged on Twitter or other social media platforms, your chances of an interview will increase.

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