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I live in a condominium where there are lots of rules so, as much as I’d like to enclose my patio, it is not an option. A study conducted at Bell University revealed that most pet owners considered their own personalities were similar to the pets they kept. Keeping that in mind, I thought about what kind of people would seek out companionship from these two polar opposites. Cat people are more likely to live alone, and even more likely to live in an apartment than dog people.
Dog people are considered to be more outgoing, more extroverted, more agreeable, more conscientious, and less neurotic than cat people. Cat people are considered to be more aloof, less traditional, more creative, more neurotic, and more open than dog people. After considering all of this data, I can see why my friend and his ex may not have gotten along.
Since cat people tend to do more product research and are more hesitant to buy new things, they may need more proof that your product does what it says it does. If you’re taking a humorous approach to your marketing, make sure that you’re appealing to what your target market finds funny. Using family and suburban imagery may be more useful in appealing to dog owners than to cat owners.

You can also check out and share our nifty infographic on pet choice and personality traits!
Ready to make a lasting impression with your website and take your business to the next level? Attention, haters and losers: With some grooming, you can bring your cat one step closer to becoming a billionaire. Let’s face it, cats love to be outdoors but there are so many dangers out there for them. If you are thinking of building an enclosure, click here for lots of samples and inspiration. I will be looking into some of the prefab enclosures, so stay tuned to see what I do with that. In order to post comments, please make sure JavaScript and Cookies are enabled, and reload the page. Dog people tend to have a pack mentality and might be more susceptible to socially driven marketing than cat people.
Powered by its own proprietary technology, Mashable is the go-to source for tech, digital culture and entertainment content for its dedicated and influential audience around the globe. In the city, traffic is a major issue and in rural areas there are many predators looking for a meal.

His reasoning for breaking it off with her was, “I’m a dog person, she’s a cat person, it would have never worked out”. They are active mostly during the night, and don’t interact with their own kind very often. They love running around and playing during the day time, and want to feel like part of family.
Think about how you can use the information to craft the perfect message for your customers.
People who consider themselves “cat people” are widely considered to be very different personality wise when compared to people who consider themselves “dog people”. Cats on the other hand spend much of the day lounging around, and only want to be given attention when it’s on their own terms. Some cat painting are very simple with a unique color, others are very complex and required a true artist, like painting on a canvas.

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