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Actualmente en las redes sociales, podemos encontrar una gran cantidad de contenido compartido por los usuarios, sin embargo el contenido es tanto que no siempre logramos encontrar lo que buscamos, es por eso que hoy les presentare Vine Videos, una aplicacion que te permitira encontrar todos los mejores videos grabados y compartidos con Vine, la aplicacion de los videos cortos. Esta es la funcion o el proposito principal con el cual Vine Videos se viene presentando, pues se trata de una aplicacion que nos permite encontrar los mejores videos de Vine, las mejores recopilaciones de videos de corta duracion, para que no tengas que andarlos buscando en la red y puedas ver todos y cada uno de ellos sin andar por ahi divagando en las redes sociales. Posiblemente una de las mejores ventajas de Vine Videos a diferencia del resto de las aplicaciones con la misma funcion, es que Vine Videos nos permite navegar de forma muy comoda, lo cual nos da la posibilidad de encontrar cualquier vine que queramos de forma sencilla, pues ademas Vine Videos cuenta con actualizacion diaria, con nuevos vine’s para que puedas pasar un buen rato. Usually when a hot, new social network, app, software or even e-books turn up in town I’ll be one of those geeky guys who would immediately download it, try to get an invite or use them right away.
However, when Twitter introduced Vine back in January what I did was download it,  registered myself and simply sat back to see how others were using it.
When Twitter introduced vine, I always felt that it should have been incorporated as part of a Twitter feature. The other day, when I was using Vine again, I was listening to Chris Brogan singing that he’s Superman.
The key here is that people did not know much about Vine because Vine wasn’t on Twitter! If I were to compare, I’ll say instagram has the edge and it would fit more for businesses, simply because the general public is there. At the end of the day, people would spend time in places where they have more active engagement, and judging by that logic, Instagram totally smashed it out of the park. The difference is that Instagram has had a much longer time to build an audience which is why some people were more aware when it launched the new video feature. Indeed instagram has a much longer time to develop a strong core audience, vine has not and it will take them a long time to develop 130 million users which is tough now seeing that instagram offers similar product than vine.

I do agree that vine does reward the creative experience, but I do feel it’s limiting the crowd to only those who are creative. Good thing is, they’ve updated their app and is helping people to grow their fan base.
If they are smart (and I’m sure they must be), Vine IS reading your blog, absolutely~!
Recomended screen resolution is 1152x864 pixels or higher - Vine Videos is not affiliated with or endorsed by Vine in any way.
The app lets you take short video clips that play on a loop and share them in an Instagram-style news feed. Shooting videos is pretty easy: you stitch clips together by pressing your finger on the screen to capture a segment and let go to stop. Here's a collection of common types of successful Vine videos you'll see along with some tips on how to shoot them. I even did my first uncreative Vine video after a little bit of a push from my friend Ahna Hendrix. I don’t think I was unfair though, I was seeing it just like how an average user would. Like not having an android app until months after the initial launch and then the android app barely worked. Vine has opened up a bunch of neat community-generated trends on Vine from how-to videos to the new selfie shot. But shooting a good Vine is hard: The first few times you try it, you're likely to end up with a random six seconds of incoherent movement.

She asked what it was and so I had to explain it to her (otherwise she wouldn’t cook me dinner!).
Meanwhile, people knew about Instagram’s video because they immediately got it integrated on their account the minute they updated their apps.
If Instagram launched a video feature within 26 weeks of launch would it have been as noticed by mainstream users? If most of my friends are on instagram and are now using the video feature, why would they move to Vine? I also watch Chris Brogan’s vines lol and found a very talented viner or two to watch.
The good news is, twitter has updated their app and people can actually submit their videos to be featured on vines feature page helping people to build their followers. A week later, Instagram launched its video function and my girlfriend knew about it instantly the next day.
It’s like them loving Facebook and it being part of their lifestyle, why would they move to G+?

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