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Social media is where everybody is moving – go to Viral Planet to make sure your brand, your product or your servicegets a powerful boost. Travel to the far-flung corners –you won’t find anywhere that rewards your publishing more than Viral Planet. Accurate stats and powerful tracking tools: Everything you need to monitor your progress and keep rising to new heights.
Viral Planet has a simple mission: to deliver the most effective online viral campaign giving you viral video exposure. Dominic Smith is a senior writer and content strategist for Rackspace Digital, the digital marketing infrastructure specialists.
In the age of experience-based marketing, some brands want us to do more than just buy their products. While the same survey reveals that a third of the top 20 most-loved brands were born after the Internet came along, there are also plenty of brands like Heinz and Campbell’s Soup that started the love fest in the 19th century. Below is a look back at some of the iconic moments in brand love that paved the way for our current landscape of always-on, high engagement Digital Marketing.
1904: Campbell introduces the cherubic faces of Campbell Kids ™ on trolley cars as a way to appeal to working mothers.
1925: Burma-Shave promotes their brushless shaving cream by placing signs along the major roadways of America. 1929: “The Pause That Refreshes” as a slogan for Coca-Cola first appeared in the Saturday Evening Post in 1929. 1955: The Marlboro Man is introduced in television commercials, depicting a cowboy alone in nature with a cigarette his only comfort. 1959: Volkswagen launches their legendary “Think Small” campaign for the VW Beetle, featuring mostly white space. 1980: Whole Foods Market opens in Austin with a small storefront, launching a brand that would go on to become one of the world’s most beloved brands. 1984: Apple Computer launches the Apple Macintosh personal computer with a controversial ad during the Super Bowl. 2004: Burger King creates an integrated marketing campaign around a character known as The Subservient Chicken for its TenderCrisp sandwich. 2006: Dove releases its Evolution video online, a critical look at modern culture’s obsession with external beauty, in support of the Dove Campaign for Real Beauty. 2013: Netflix promotes the comeback season of Arrested Development with a multi-screen campaign that features a frozen banana stand plus fake emails and an audition reel from the show’s aspiring thespian, Tobias Funke. 2013: Chipotle launches its “Scarecrow” video online as part of its “Food with Integrity” campaign.
A new psychology research shows that snack food ads directly affect increased consumption for both adults and children. The vast majority of adults in the second study, when asked later, had no idea that watching snack food ads would make them eat more, despite the relationship being unremarkable in retrospect. While few brands can claim they’ve achieved viral success on purpose, multiple times, an LA-based musical quartet OK Go can. When OK Go presented their music video for “Here it Goes Again” to the Capitol Records’ head of digital marketing, he told them that if the video ever got out, they’d sink.

Whether you’re watching them dance unexceptionally on eight treadmills or watching marbles collide with each other to the beat, their content is enjoyable.
The content certainly entertains, but it’s the uniqueness of each video that truly drives virality.
Jon is a social media aficionado (geek), brand storyteller, Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu practitioner, nonprofit organization founder, die-hard Boston sports fan, and consumes entirely too much ice cream. This entry was posted in CONSUMERS CONTROL BRANDS, GREAT CONTENT WINS, INNOVATION MATTERS and tagged branded content, david at the dentist, here it goes again, ok go, rube goldberg machine, this too shall pass, viral marketing, viral media, viral video, white knuckles, youtube. This is all great but to me what Kswiss did with their Tubes campaign makes OK GO’s viral achievements look like participation ribbons. With everything you need at your fingertips, whether in the office, or on the go… Welcome to your very own Mission Control! Get your viral videos and viral campaigns off the ground by launching them from Viral Planet.
Viral Planet’s social viral video marketing and online video advertising platform distributes rich media content across platforms including YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, premium publisher sites and blogs. The campaign helped Burma Shave become the 2nd biggest seller of shaving cream in the US until the 1950s.
The idea of taking time out to experience Coca-Cola refreshment is still part of Coke’s current marketing. As a result of the commercial, Marlboro’s market share rises from less than 1% to the fourth best-selling brand.
The emphasis is on simplicity and minimalism and it positions VW as a global innovative brand. The California Dairy Board manages to get milk consumption to increase 7% in just one year with this much-imitated campaign. The campaign goes viral and includes a website where visitors can command the chicken to bowl, tango, and show its teeth. After viewing them children eat almost twice as much, adults (if they’re women on a diet or men) eat around a third more and this effect carries over to foods other than those being advertised and after the adverts have finished.
And this is exactly what Harris and colleagues suggest is the key to defending oneself against adverts: understanding the powerful influence they can have on our behaviour, even without our knowledge. While we see a new wave of viral content every day, there’s no clear path toward creating the next big thing.
I surely hope David’s dad didn’t think of YouTube views when the dentist turned up the nitrous oxide or Charlie as he bit his brother’s finger. OK Go is very well known, and it’s not because of their music—it’s because of their music videos, which have been viewed more than 100,000,000 times.
That’s not to say you shouldn’t expect positive results, but be prepared to take a few swings before you hit a homerun. In their second video for “This Too Shall Pass” they constructed an intricate and massive Rube Goldberg Machine, in a two-story warehouse, which operated all song long. No matter what your content is, even if it is traditionally boring, find ways to make it entertaining to your audience, like hiring Richard Simmons and dressing your staff in 80′s workout clothes. I even feel a little dirty having talked about it, like I’ve been writing about get-rich-quick schemes or how to lose weight without ever working out.

To build an entire campaign that people want to watch in a society that lives for DVR and Tivo is pretty remarkable in my opinion. Considering their money spent and the resulting buzz around the content, I wouldn’t dismiss it as participation ribbons.
I’m actually using OK Go for an undergraduate paper on viral marketing and this article helped me. This will enable advertiser campaigns to gain brand awareness and attract consumers from targeted areas. Dan Wieden, legendary adman, described this desire for active participation when he said: “Brands are verbs.
If there were, I’d be teaching my cat ninja skills (maybe I already am) and filming my twin babies talking to each other while watching the money pour in.
It’s sort of like inviting your parents to your party: They may be perfectly fine people with a great sense of humor, but just the fact that they’re, well, parents makes them inherently uncool. Most content that garners viral success comes from such humble beginnings, but does that mean it’s impossible for brands to create content that can spread like this? There was no guarantee that the audience would find the video funny or entertaining and would pass it along to friends. Every brand wants a plan to create viral marketing, but once you set that as a goal, you are destined to fail. It’s obvious how much planning was necessary, and there’s no question that every one of these videos was painstaking and difficult. OK Go’s video broke every pre-conceived notion of music videos, all the way down to its $5,000 price tag. It’s the same mistake the Columbus Dispatch made when it failed to harness Ted Williams’s viral wave (the homeless man with the radio voice). It should be to create useful, entertaining and relevant content that your audience will enjoy and proactively pass along to their other audiences, expanding the reach and exposure of your brand. Do you think that while theyve gotten tons of Youtube views, that it’s translated well to mainstream success? Later, Heinz turns more than 60 products into ’57 Varieties, the magic number and proof that odd numbers are “stickier” than even numbers. I feel that a band with this many views on so many of their songs should be more successful and they’re a bit under the radar. Not to mention, the videos are so amazing that the behind-the-scenes and making-of clips received hundreds of thousands of views on their own. If you hope to find success in branded viral marketing, you need to reach further than anyone else has.

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