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VIDEO: Knife-wielding suspect grabs 2-year-old hostage in Oklahoma WalmartA  Sammie Wallace, 37, took a young girl hostage June 17, Midwest City police said.
Footage of a deadly hostage situation in a suburban Oklahoma City Walmart has been released by police. The surveillance video shows the dramatic moments of June 17 as wanted felon Sammie Wallace grabs a 2-year-old girl inside the store, Midwest City police said. While cops continue to piece together why Wallace took a hostage, seemingly at random, the video shows the maniac plucking his victim from a shopping cart in the store's grocery section.
Her mom screams for help, and other shoppers call 911 and surround Wallace, according to police, who narrated the footage. Witnesses described Wallace as being mentally unstable, talking about how President Bush was watching him and describing a connection with the Illuminati, a secret society mentioned by conspiracy theorists.
Police said he began counting down from 60, moving the blade from the girla€™s stomach to her throat, according to KFOR-TV. The hostage negotiator, who had been crouching in front of Wallace, sprung into action once he believed the childa€™s life was immediately in danger.
Police say Wallace, originally from Dallas, had a rap sheet that included drug- and assault-related charges. A search of his Midwest City home revealed a three-ring binder and spiral notebook filled with religious writings, authorities said. COLD CASES & TRUE CRIME Justice Story: Dana Sue Gray A PECULIAR ITEM recently came up for sale on a website that caters to people who collect things created, owned, or even just touched by murderers.
Justice Story: John du Pont The 1856 British Guiana one-cent magenta is a tiny octagonal red inch-wide stamp. A Walmart hostage incident at a Walmart in Oklahoma has gone viral since the surveillance video of a man taking a 2-year-old girl hostage and holding her at knife point was revealed to the public this week, the Inquisitr reported this Monday, July 1. The Walmart hostage was a toddler that had been taken out of her mother’s shopping cart by a man named Sammie Wallace. Police officers soon arrived on the scene, though it was a full 30 minutes until any resolution was found in the hostage case.

Despite negotiations, police officials were unable to find out the reason for Sammie Wallace taking the young child hostage.
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World Naked Gardening Day: Get in touch with your inner hippy this SaturdayThis weekend is the best time to get in touch with your inner hippy because May 7 is the 12th Annual World Naked Gardening Day. Mother recounts moment crazed knifeman held daughter, 2, hostage in Walmart grocery store 'I did not maintain my composure,' Alice Keating says of the Midwest City, Okla., standoff in which her child, Zoey, was held hostage by a wanted felon, police said.
An Oklahoma mother has recounted the moment one of her two little girls was taken at knife point by a crazed man in a Walmart grocery store that ended in a deadly standoff with police.
When she turned her back on her children for a second, police say, wanted felon Sammie Wallace snatched her youngest Zoey from her shopping cart and casually began making his escape.
When Keating realized what was happening and turned to face the man she says he flashed a knife held up to her little girl. Around her, witnesses got on their phones to police, pleading with them to come quickly as the young mother poured her heart out to the knife-wielding man.
As the gripping surveillance video shows, her pleas didn't stop Wallace who tried to continue his escape before being blocked by another shopper's cart. He didn't take to hostage negotiators' efforts to calm him but increasingly became more and more erratic, according to Midwest City police Capt. Authorities ushered Keating out of the building, entrusting their daughter's survival to them.
Police got Wallace a chair to keep him from moving around and negotiations went on for more than 30 minutes.
It all ended when Wallace, keeping his blade near the child's neck, began to count down from 60. Moments later her cherubic daughter was seen being carried out of the building, covered in blood, but entirely all right. Nearly two weeks after the attack, the mother says both of her daughters appear back to their normal, happy selves.

When Zoey gets older, Keating may tell her what exactly happened that horrific day, but that won't be any time soon.
As for Wallace, she expresses genuine sorrow for the man who confessed to her of having his own children. A police captain eventually shot the 37-year-old to death at point-blank range a€” action that was justified, according to police Chief Brandon Clabes.
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Philatelic experts say that when it is auctioned at Sothebya€™s in New York on June 17, this singular postal artifact is expected to fetch something around $20 million, the largest price ever paid for a stamp. After holding a knife to the girl’s neck, the surveillance video reveals the mother calling for help. One officer finally shot Wallace in the head, instantly killing him, after the man threatened to kill the girl in one minute if he wasn’t allowed to leave. Fortunately, the toddler was reunited with her mother in the front of the Walmart after the harrowing incident that was all captured (and recently released) via the store’s security video. We weren't able to have children for three years I prayed for her every day that the Lord would give me a child and the Lord gave her to me. They'd later learn that the man they were dealing with had a violent arrest record and history of mental illness. Watch the video here Related Stories Cleveland kidnap suspect wants to visit kid born in captivity Scores of sex slaves freed by Mexican authorities Video shows deadly hostage situation at Okla.

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