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A break-up message from a guy to his now ex-girlfriend has gone viral after it had been shared on social media a thousand times.
On Thursday, November 13, Amy Nelmes tweeted a screenshot of the text messages that she got from a friend who had recently broken up with her boyfriend.
This post, coupled with your post Make Your Blog Post Go Viral – In 60 Minutes or Less, would be a killer combination! Getting back into promoting my blog Kyle, will be back to this page again fer sher to get all the best avenues for posting.
There is also a super handy popup plugin for Wordpress that can seriously help some of your post to go viral.. Your list, while good, is not much different from a million similar lists posted all over the Internet. Always make an announcement on all of your marketing channels whenever you have a new board up. Step 2: Create a ‘Customers’ board with a title and description that appeals to your ideal customers.
Step 4: Make a board dedicated to creative ways of using your product and pin at least 2 images.
Brainstorming ideas to make money on Facebook can be as simple as looking at what others are doing and figuring out how to do it better. Building a Facebook page around a specific interest is an effective technique used by affiliate marketers. Facebook pages can be used to drive traffic to paid content like e-books and webinars as well. Developing apps for niche communities on Facebook can be very lucrative, both in terms of brand recognition and sales. This formula is encouraged by the beauty bible Organic Body Care Recipes of Stephanie Tourles. In order to keep the products texture, a lot of toothpastes consist of glycerin, but that always comes from animal origin except if its listed as vegetable glycerin.
There’s no end to the rumors and gossip about female celebrities and whether or not they’ve had plastic surgery.
I have always seen Reel Club under Wildfire when I would go out to eat at Oakbrook Center, but I never went in until last week when a friend suggested we go there for lunch. I was tempted to get the lobster roll as well, but I opted for sushi since seafood is one of Reel Club’s specialties.
Between our meals and the delicious pop-overs that were brought to our table before we had even ordered, it was safe to say we had very little room for dessert. Our server was very attentive with refills of water, iced tea, and the previously mentioned delightful popovers as well as informative about the happy hour and weekend brunch the restaurant offers on Sundays from 11 am. Reel Club partners with the Shedd Aquarium to ensure sustainably harvested seafood is served, but this does not compromise the taste or the freshness of each meal. I am such an advocate of the River North neighborhood when it comes to restaurants and bars. However, I understand oysters are an acquired taste and not everyone is going to be excited about these flavorful and almost buttery appetizers. I also tried caviar for the first time at GT, and I can now add that to the list of my favorite seafood. The decor of the restaurant is cool and modern with a basic black and white color palette with touches of wood and netting, which seemed reminiscent of a fishing boat.
We were sad to find out one of our go-to diners in Westmont closed, but Intern Amy has the scoop on the tasty place that replaced it. If you liked Moondance before, you will be happy to know the food is still as good as ever.
If you are debating where to grab breakfast any day of the week, make sure to check out this new and improved hotspot conveniently located in the James Crossing Shopping Center on the corner of Ogden Avenue and Route 83.
So you have a MojoBistro mobile app, and you have a Twitter account, what do you do next to promote your restaurant? Whether you have a dedicated social media team member or not, here are some tasty tweets to schedule on a periodic basis to keep your fans engaged with your restaurant via your mobile app.
Place your order at the counter and the very attentive wait staff brings your order out to the table.
Which brings me to the bakery, after your meal, even if you don’t need groceries, I highly encourage you to walk around the store. Although this is an extremely popular place for lunch or dinner, make sure to keep it in mind when thinking of places to grab a drink after work or on the weekends. If you really love it, make sure to join the Cellar Club where you will get monthly tastings and your choice of three favorite wines to bring home.
Although most commonly known for the vast selection of local and global craft beer, Old Town Pour House Oak Brook offers delicious meal options for both lunch and dinner.
The downtown atmosphere is a low key yet classy place to lunch and is easily converted to a swanky bar on nights and weekends, and the Oak Brook location is more of the same. Brian Pautsch wouldn't turn down a trip to Mama Maria’s Taco and Tequila Bar in Orland Park, Illinois!
Chris Pautsch is a foodie with a taste for the fine dining at Perry’s Steakhouse and Grill at Oakbrook Center. Keith Franklin has a taste for the Meed, a honey wine, at Ethiopian Diamond, or the margaritas could pull him in the direction of a Mago Grill and Cantina. Recently, a question was posed on LinkedIn as to whether or not a business should invest in a mobile app.
The first thing a company needs to have before making this decision is a strategy, documenting what the objectives and goals are and the possible technologies that will accomplish them. Overall, the goals of your company should be thoroughly reviewed before making your decision.
Do you have additional questions about the benefits of either a mobile app or a responsive website? MojoBistro mobile apps are exclusive to the restaurant industry and offer proactive restaurant owners the chance to engage with customers from the comfort of their own mobile phones. Stop by our booth this weekend at the 2014 NRA show to get a full tour of our app offerings, including ordering, from one of our mobile app experts. 2014 is quickly approaching and with it comes a new set of resolutions for a better, brighter year.
Start off the new year with these mobile apps on your phone and sticking to your resolutions will be a piece of cake! Ray Pun, Strategic Marketing Manager at Adobe, recently sat down with Small Business Trends to discuss his insights into Adobe's recently released Digital Index 2013 online shopping data for Cyber Monday. For more from Ray Pun, make sure to check out Brent Leary's interview for Small Business Trends.
A neighborhood staple located in the heart of downtown Arlington Heights, Uptown Cafe has been serving up delicious breakfast and lunch items for years.
Stepping through the doors is like walking back in time with the memories of meals past and the friendly greetings from the owners.
MojoBistro has the rundown on what is sure to be trending in the restaurant industry starting in 2014. Ice Cream Sandwiches: As food trucks and pop-up restaurants continue to grow in popularity, these portable desserts are about to get the same treatment as the cronut of yesteryear. Seafood: Sea-to-table will introduce far out fish dishes including octopus and monkfish liver. Infused Ice: Bars and restaurants are enhancing the flavor in their drinks with infused cubes of ice. This Thanksgiving was a record breaker for mobile app usage with an upswing in use of 68% over last year. One of the first things you may notice when you are seated is the removable table center and controls on the side of the table. Each menu item is accompanied with a large selection of banchan—traditional Korean side dishes.
The restaurant does not look like much from the outside, but enter through the doors and you are greeted with warm wood accents, vibrant colors and a welcoming atmosphere. If you are looking to try something new, I would definitely recommend you make the trip out to Woo Lae Oak. At MojoBistro, we have put together our top marketing tips to help you attract customers during the holiday season.
For more tips and inspiration for your restaurant, make sure to check out the MojoBistro Blog! Located in the Ritz-Carlton, deca offers an unparalleled Thanksgiving day brunch and dinner. Spend your Thanksgiving meal at the luxurious Palmer House Hilton with seating options available in the dining room or mezzanine, overlooking the hotel’s historic lobby.
Offering the largest selection of menu items out of all the restaurants on the list, ZED451 has got your family covered. Gourmet dining at a reasonable price meets the holidays at Red Door’s Thanksgivukkah feast. If this image belongs to you or is your intellectual property, please submit a copyright notification instead of reporting it.
We encourage users to report abusive images and help us moderate the content on We Heart It. Put your main topics into Google Keyword Tool and title the post based on the most popular search terms. The site engages audience from Nigeria mostly because it is meant t encourage a certain indigenous language.
I’m not looking to go completely viral, but a few shares and likes would have been nice from my friends.
That’s how I got tens of thousands of views on YouTube for a relatively boring subject, stock and options investing. Imagine what will happen if everyone reading this blog follows directions, creates “epic sh!t”, repurposes their truly useful posts and strews them about all 29 avenues you listed above? If we are creating absolutely awesome content, time to turn those blog posts into books and sell ’em. Instead of payING for leads (which is sooooo last decade ?? … partnering with Amazon has made it so that I get PAID per lead. But the consulting and speaking gigs that have come from the book way outshine the revenues that the book itself generates.
And on Fourth of July a few years ago I went to Cedar Point, an amusement park on Sandusky, Ohio. I made a post almost like a wanted poster a friend helped me with and I’m just gunna share and share and ask others to share.
In regards to this post, I agree with you that only really good content can honestly have a chance of going viral, so I’d add more on how that can be done. A good pal and I just started our blog, White Sand Gypsy, in hopes of inspiring people to travel around the worlds amazing beaches! I agree having a great content is the foremost thing to make a blog popular, followed by appropriate SEO.
Invite the followers you want participating and open your board up for them to add their own pins.
For example, ask your customers to create their own pins featuring your products or something related, and give the best one a prize.
You can choose a certain topic that’s of interest to your followers and invite them to talk about it. This includes your site, your blog, your social media profiles, and any offline marketing you do. Creating a page to determine what people want and developing a plan of action to deliver the product or service is another good money making idea.
Affiliate marketers can post links to relevant services or products they feel will be helpful to their fans.
If your app becomes popular on Facebook, your name gets known and more people will visit your website. Consider the special communities you belong to and what you can promote to help that group. Cook on little heat for 5 minutes or at least by the time it gets a paste-like texture, and stir at regular intervals.

All of their rolls come with an option to order a half of a roll, which makes it easy to try more than one type at a time. However, the warm brownie topped with vanilla ice cream with a side of salted caramel on the side seemed too good to resist, and I think it goes without saying that it was! Weather you want to share some sushi at the bar with some friends after work or plan to go out for a nice dinner, Reel Club caters to all occasions. GT Fish and Oyster has plenty of other options including king crab legs, lobster mac and cheese, mussels, and non-fish options like eggplant, duck, pork, and tenderloin. There was two different options one from California and one from Israel (we opted for the more local option for the check’s sake). I started with a martini and then switched to a glass of wine from their extensive bottle list. However, if you are in the area and want to stop in there is seating at the bar and a long table up front that multiple couples were sharing. Check back weekly to find other Restaurant Raves for great dining spots around the Chicago area.
The basic setup is the same, but with vast improvements to the decor and all of the favorite Moondance menu items are still there (phew)!
The tortilla soup was a regular favorite before, and customers were elated to see it on the Citrus menu.
No problem, they have plenty of high chairs, booster seats, coloring menus, and crayons to keep them satisfied while they wait for the food. And for social media measuring benefits, use bitly to make a custom link to your app download so you can track how many people click through your tweet to get your restaurant's mobile app. Standard Market in Westmont is your one-stop-shop for a quality meal and groceries in the Western suburbs. Along with all of the other menu items you can taste the freshness from start to finish of each ingredient. While you wait you have your choice of water infused by fruits and vegetables such as raspberries and cucumbers.
The produce section is the equivalent of the world’s best farmers market and just around the corner is the bakery with cakes, tarts, and cookies galore.
The wine shop, located at the back of the store complete with patio seating, is a great place to unwind and taste some wine paired with cheeses from all over the world. A new location with the same great food and wide variety of beer is now open at Oakbrook Center. The outdoor patio at the Oak Brook Pour House features two fireplaces perfect for a cozy yet posh night out with a new flame or old friends. Keith also says he wouldn't turn down a trip to Florence, Italy for some authentic Italian food. Dan prefers places that keep the kids entertained as well as fed so he says Dave and Buster’s is the best place ever to go with his kids.
This is a great selection for the Chicago sports fan dad who appreciates a good steak and a cold brew. The basis for the inquiry was to point out the efficiency of this mega-trend over other current and traditional methods. User Engagement: Mobile apps can significantly increase your user engagement and keep your company relevant by taking advantage of some unique characteristics like social, interactivity, real-time, and geo-location. Single Website and URL: This option covers all devices as content is adjusted based on the device and screen size. SEO: More efficient and can be easier as you do not need to create separate content for a mobile website. Cost: The cost of a responsive site is usually quite a bit less than a customized mobile app, and there is no extra maintenance required. The technology that best provides the functionality you need and the convenience for the customer should tip the scales in the direction you need to go.
Come visit us at booth #6070 within the Technology Pavilion to check out our new features including in-app and online ordering. Our full suite of app features includes reservation system integration, push notifications, coupons, social media, events, photo galleries, menus, locations, and new this year, in-app ordering!
Customers are granted access to your full carry-out or delivery menu within the custom-branded app, they select a time for pick-up or delivery, they can choose to enter their payment info or pay at pick up, and then, you receive a notification of the order on your custom MojoBistro iPad to accept or deny the order.
A custom-branded mobile app from MojoBistro builds a connection with your customer that goes above and beyond food and atmosphere.
To make it a bit easier to stick to this year’s resolutions, here are some apps that will help you develop better habits, stay sharp, keep up to date and be more effective in your activities.
Manilla: Stick to your budget this year with Manilla, a website and app that stores your bills in one place, sends you reminders when they are due and files them for you. The statistics, collected by Adobe, back up claims that we are now living in a mobile age, with a record 18.3 percent of sales originating from mobile devices, an increase of 80 percent over last year. If you are a regular, you can bet that the owner Georgia will be greeting you by name and with a warm hug. The wait staff are super friendly and the owners are constantly walking around, visiting with customers and helping with orders when things get busy. 2014 is set to continue blurring the lines of hospitality, as vegetables are incorporated into desserts and ice cream sandwiches get the gourmet treatment. Follow in the well-received footsteps of the ramen burger or dessert pizza with your own concoction. Look for local eateries to begin implementing a more multipurpose design with fine dining on one side and a more casual atmosphere on the other. From small geographic regions to a single city focus, specialized ethnic cuisine is becoming very specific. These entertaining presentations are sure to delight customers and translate to an increase in sales. In addition to dining on delicious turkey, catching up with the family and cheering on their favorite football team, mobile device users logged 1.3 billion app sessions over the Thanksgiving weekend.
Stop in to Woo Lae Oak out in Northwest Suburban Rolling Meadows for a taste of authentic Korean delights. Take a trip out to the Northwest Suburb of Rolling Meadows for a bit of authentic, traditional Korean dining. Once removed, the center of the table transforms into a grill that allows your food to be cooked right in front of you.
Wait staff dressed to the nines in slacks and crisp dress shirts bustle throughout the restaurant, visiting with guests and answering questions regarding the menu. As the holiday season moves through December and into January, the desire for dining out and entertaining increases as customers are looking to celebrate out and about with their family and friends.
Go traditional with brined and roasted turkey, sauteed green beans and cranberry chutney or try something out of the ordinary with seafood gumbo and sushi and sashimi prepared to order.
An expansive spread starts with autumn greens and Belvedere cheeses before moving on to entrees of smoked lake trout and maple honey molasses-roasted turkey. Pumpkin raviolo, wild boar terrine, fame consomme and turkey roulade all promise a savory take on your Thanksgiving staples. Oven-roasted turkey, pineapple glazed ham and traditional sides such as stuffing, brown-sugar glazed sweet potatoes and green bean casserole are sure to please even the pickiest of eaters.
You can be sure that everyone can find something to enjoy with their bountiful Thanksgiving buffet. Dine on everything from roasted turkey breast and brussel sprouts with lamb bacon to noodle kugel and latkes.
But please keep in mind that reporting images that are not abusive is against our terms of service and can get your account blocked. There are tons of suggestions around the internet to drive traffic to your blog and most of them work to some extent.
First step would always be focusing on the content and making sure its the best piece f writing it can be both for search engines and people.
It’s important to be where people already are and, like you said, AMAZON’s got that kind of all-caps gathering of people!
71% of this big huge amazing world be live in is water, meaning there are SO MANY possibilities when it comes to beaches to explore! You’ve got to create a community based around them and their interests, and social media sites like Pinterest offer an excellent way to do this. You can do this by going under ‘Create Board’ and clicking ‘Edit.’ It will open a window where you can allow others to contribute and add specific user names of contributors. Another idea is to have a re-pin contest where you ask them to re-pin your content and pick a random re-pinner for a prize. You can include photos or videos of your customers talking about how your product or service has helped them. You can have a form on your profile, offer incentives for a survey, or just come right out and ask them. Be sure to tell your customers not only that you have a new board up, but also what they can do with it when they check it out. Many successful marketers also use this technique to link to an optin page for building their mailing list.
Launching an affiliate program around your app would also help increase sales and quickly introduce customers to your product. You may not even have to create a new product if you can find an established quality product or service to promote. After it gets cold, put essential oil and store it in an antiseptic jug at room temperature. My friend had been craving a lobster roll for a couple of days at this point, so her meal decision was easy. Reel Club offers both table and booth seating as well as an outdoor area that is perhaps perfect to sit at on a summer afternoon for happy hour. Their portions are small plates and perfect for sharing and trying many different dishes as opposed to just one. A one and one sixteenth ounce of caviar was served with blinis and six different pairings that included egg white, egg yolk, pickled onion, and chives. Going out to breakfast on Saturday and Sunday is frequently the most relaxing part of my weekend. The new restaurant looks and feels tremendously fresher and has been brightened with white walls and vibrant lime, orange, and yellow accepts on the booths, flatware, tables, and wells.
This is a bowl filled with brown rice, seasonal market vegetables, and peanuts all topped with a peanut ginger glaze. Beverages choices are not limited to Coke or Pepsi products but include smoothies, juices, and a plethora of high-end wine and beer. When you are done with your meal you and every member of your party are served a small, warmed brownie or cookie from the bakery. The staff is very helpful when making a decision and eager to offer any suggestions they may have. From the truffle popcorn appetizer, to the large and in-charge pork belly grilled cheese, these items will not disappoint.
Your choice of seating varies from traditional tables and booths, to bar-style seating and spacious private dining areas.
The menu variety and functionality of the space lends its atmosphere to both a family-friendly vibe as well as a nighttime hangout. You should consider touch screen navigation, interactive features, and the incorporated use of other phone features such as GPS and cameras. However, you do still have to think about what information makes it on the mobile-sized site. However, there are companies that have invested a lot of money into solving some common business problems with a mobile app and made that platform available to the market at a lower cost than designing frameworks from scratch. You just have to find the right formula and use it correctly to turn it into something that will be successful and lasting for your business. The final transaction goes through your restaurant’s existing point-of-sale system for your convenience. Actively build restaurant loyalty and engage your customer base by offering your restaurant virtually in your customer’s pocket. It can be easy to get started but often, after a few days, we lose track or start making excusing. Now it is easy to see exactly how much cash you have left and stick to your planned budget.

With the Push.co app, you can enable real time notifications for your favorite blogs and news sites. When comparing mobile experiences, Adobe found that the average time spent in a mobile app versus on a mobile website ranged from two and a half times longer to four times longer depending on the mobile device used. Overall, Uptown Cafe is just a great option for those looking for a cost-friendly, delicious, low-key meal at a quaint neighborhood cafe. This increase highlights a growing usage trend as mobile and mobile apps continue to gain in popularity.
The chicken was tender with just a tad of heat while the brisket was the thinnest I have ever seen and cooked to perfection.
Our server was amazingly helpful, patiently answered all our questions and explained the dining process.
With this potential influx of customers, it is important that you make sure your restaurant is on their list of hot spots. Whether it is a Christmas-themed happy hour or a New Year’s Eve countdown, the holidays are the perfect time to celebrate. A twist on customers' favorite traditional desserts is a great way to spice up your holiday offerings.
Do not miss out on dessert which includes such sweet options as pumpkin pie, cinnamon flan and cranberry almond puffs. Leave room for dessert, with options ranging from pumpkin chiffon and pecan pies to chocolate layer cake and New York-style cheesecake. This is probably a lost cause and stupid in most peoples eyes but I need to find this person. After about 5 I got banned for spamming, Apparently they frown on posting content from your own domain. Sometimes you spend hours creating content you know is going to do really well only to receive a lukewarm response which leaves you scratching your head. In order to use the site effectively, you have to get your customers actively involved on your boards. Don’t forget to make a big announcement asking people to send you their user names so you can add them to the contributor list. There is a lot you can do with Pinterest contests, but read the Terms of Service first to make sure you aren’t breaking any rules. Most people would be glad to do this, especially if they get to be on camera, but if you need to, offer an incentive in the form of a freebie or discount. Becoming an affiliate for a popular Facebook game is yet another way to make money promoting products on Facebook. You can then follow up with fans via email and build another avenue for an ongoing relationship. Consider a need that is currently being unfulfilled in the market for a particular community. The Main Lobster Roll came on a New England style roll stuffed with fresh lobster with garlic butter drizzled on top. I went with a party of five and we got a dozen and a half order that included every type of oyster they had from both the East and West coasts, and I still could have eaten more. So, you can imagine my disappointment when I found out one of my go-to places, Moondance Diner in Westmont, had closed.
My coffee mug was never empty before I was offered a refill and the food came out hot quickly after it was ordered. The others being located on Fullerton Avenue in Lincoln Park and on Aurora Avenue in Naperville.
The wait staff is accommodating, friendly and eager to offer any recommendations on food and beer.
If you are stopping in during the lunch or dinner hour and are not planning on shopping, definitely take advantage of the valet parking services as parking in that area is tight.
The kids love the racing games and games that award tickets so they can pick out a toy when the family leaves. A good rule of thumb is to design for the mobile size first and add as you get to larger desktop views. Our all-in-one iPad app ordering management system makes it simple and easy for your employees to manage to-go and delivery orders. From easy-peasy in-app reservations to no-nonsense in-app ordering, a MojoBistro app offers your diners a non-stop, 24-hour connection to your restaurant. With Lift, you can track your habit-forming activities as an added motivator to keep you going. The menu is filled with traditional breakfast favorites included loaded omelets, fluffy pancakes and over sized waffles. They are more than happy to refill any side dishes and are attentive without being intrusive. Incorporating seasonal touches and holiday decorations adds a fresh quality to the dining experience and is a great way to set the festive mood for your customers and staff.
Focus on greeting and thanking your customers rather than sharing your other promotional messages. Maybe it is a free slice of peppermint pie with an order over a certain dollar amount or discounted sales of a creative seasonal menu item. From a food drive to donating a percentage of sales to a local charity, your good deed is sure to create some buzz and drum up warm feelings. From Yule logs and pumpkin cakes to eggnog cheesecake and sugar cookie milkshakes, these holiday desserts are sure to win rave reviews with your fans.
Any suggestions to get around this or should I just post once in a while and hope it slips through? They’ll have a chance to share their viewpoints, something everybody loves to do, and the pins and board are sure to get shared, giving you more exposure. If you are considering affiliate marketing on Facebook, remember that Facebook is about sharing quality content first and promoting goods and services second. If you don’t have your own store, consider drop-shipping products so that you are not responsible for stocking physical merchandise.
The rolls were served with a side of garlic mayo dipping sauce along with traditional soy sauce. The oysters take a while to come to your table as they are freshly shucked in the kitchen, so I recommend ordering them when you order your drinks to get them as soon as possible. Multiple flat screen TVs, indoors and out, make this a desirable destination to watch a good game accompanied by an even better beer. Sweet Baby Ray's is the perfect choice for the dad who loves to BBQ but wants to relax on his big day even without a special buffet. Once you have downloaded the app, you can write your own habits, draw on suggested habits from the community or even join a group of people who are working toward the same goal. Everest encourages you to take your goal and break it down into more manageable, bite-sized bits. If you are looking for something besides your usual breakfast menu, Uptown Cafe also offers a wide range of standard diner fare including wraps, burgers and soup. This is the perfect way to make customers feel special and entice them to keep you in mind when planning their holiday celebrations. Spread the news of your fundraiser by reaching out to the local media and posting on social media.
We are looking into how you can deliberately create business content that reaches a big audience and puts your business on the map.According to the Inc. If you post something truly note-worthy, or even controversial, your board has the potential to go viral and get shared everywhere.
Spamming fans and friends on a social site is not effective and can damage your reputation. With drop-shipping, you make the sale and deal with the financials, while the merchant or drop-shipper deals with the shipping part. I would love to go back soon for their happy hour to try some of the other rolls they offer. Your delivery folks will love our in-app map systems with geo-fence to verify that the order is placed with your delivery zone.
They give each kid a little gift bag that has an activity sheet – connect the dots game, etc. The app will plot your check-ins on a calendar and highlight when it becomes a regular occurrence. From pumpkin pancakes in the fall to the fruit festooned waffles in the spring, make sure you give them a try. Create list posts by all means but make them count, and make them a part of your content strategy.Don’t rely only on them.
I apologize if this is a waste of your time but I’ve seen crazier things happen on Facebook lol I wish I could see her again. There are other types of posts that work just as well. #2 Create an in-depth how-to postHave you created a tutorial? But the most fun Dan says is when he makes handcuffs and tells the kids they can’t escape from him.
Create a blog post where you take your audience by the hand and teach them step by step of accomplishing a certain desk.Include step by step photos if possible and don’t assume anything. The best how-to posts cater to the needs to a beginner audience and never hurts anyone who is a bit more advanced. These kinds of posts are require a lot of time to do the research and emphasis is on the visual element.
This piece of content is highly shareable just by the virtue of work that goes into creating it. But who is complaining, right? #5 Document a rags-to-riches storyWho doesn’t love a rags-to-riches story?
I bet the seller would love to know and feature you on their site.Go ahead and write the best post you can on your experience and the kind of results you got. Don’t hold back on the details and then send them an email letting them know that you will publish it soon.
The beauty of this method is that you are not asking a lot and it is easier to send you a four-line response than to say no. Also, if you do your homework and choose the right people who believe in your cause, they are more likely to say yes, and also share the post on social media.Craft super engaging content#8 Identify the most shared contentBefore you start diving into a blog post do some research. Selecting the right idea makes a big difference. Look at the leading websites and blogs in your industry and see what has been popular lately. Often you can create seasonal content or tie your content with a major event happening and make it more appealing.Alternatively, simply ask your own audience.
What do they want you to write about? #9 Address your reader directlyAim to create a connection with the reader.
Use ‘you’ and ‘your’ in your writing. Imagine you and your reader sitting down, having a cuppa and a friendly conversation. People simply won’t give it a chance. Create a headline that promises a clear benefit, or one that invokes curiosity. Now you have to capture their attention with a great intro. A great introduction makes the reader want to read on and on.
There are lots of ways to do it right. #12 Give a clear call to actionWhat do you want them to do? Leave a comment?
When we see pretty pictures or compelling images, we pay attention. Use great images within your blog posts. Make sure your writing flows.Your aim is to express what you are trying to communicate and not to impress. There is nothing worse on getting all excited and clicking on a headline to find nothing even remotely interesting or useful in the article. Use this option with targeting and only when the post is beginning to show some traction. #35 Post on Facebook groupsDo you participate in Facebook groups, online forums and discussion groups?

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