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Although this camera’s heavy notebook focus limits its versatility, it excels in nearly every area to provide superior performance.
The QuickCam Pro for Notebooks includes a microphone that’s built into the front of the camera, in a slot right above the lens. The QuickCam mounted on top of a notebook (left); and the camera, mounted on the assembled stand (right). One issue that webcam designs have to address is maneuverability: how easy is it to get the camera to point at your face from the right angle?
As with other webcams, Logitech QuickCam Software package handles all of the media you produce with the webcam.
Like many other webcam software packages, the QuickCam Software includes face tracking software that zooms and pans with your face as you move. One reason why the Face Tracking works so well is the QuickCam Pro for Notebooks’ excellent autofocus.
The QuickCam Pro for Notebooks includes a very sensitive built-in microphone with an omni-directional pickup, displaying equal levels on sensitivity on all axes. IP Camera Viewer keeps eye on your home, office, parking area, or anywhere you have an IP camera. SummaryGood free software, no adware or malware came with it, just the camera viewer software itself. WebCamera Plus is a product which transforms any PDA or Smartphone with Windows Mobile into a web-Camera, ftp-Camera and microphone. Web Camera Security System is the application tool that allows you to keep an eye at all the activities at your home or your office in your absence. The principle of action bases on WEB-Camera real time survey and record video or snapshots when will be any movement. The powerful motion detector on the basis of the usual Web Camera for protection of private houses, apartments and offices. Turn your Symbian phone into a high-quality wireless Bluetooth-based web Camera and throw out your bulky USB webcam. Active WebCam captures images up to 30 frames per second from any video device including USB and Analog Cameras, TV-boards, Camcorders and Network IP Cameras.

Fully featured web Camera solution designed to help you capture video or snapshots and publish them on the web. ZaZaCHAT Live Help - first FREE web-based Live Chat for Live Help and Live Support software offered to webmasters. Get image from your web-Camera or open file from disk and paint over with Microsoft Ink Tools (pen, marker, eraser). There are two components to the QuickCam Software: the QuickCapture window, which combines the feed from the camera with image quality options, still and moving video recording buttons, video options like video length, timestamping, and recording delay, and a gallery of your photos and videos. The inclusion of both the video and audio mute buttons and the video effects options on the control bar simultaneously declutters the main window and adds everyday usefulness to the control bar, which I’ve found makes me less likely to close it than I have with control bars in other webcam software packages.
Notice details from the closet and shirt are sharper compared to the next resolution setting.
Because the camera’s sensor tops off at 2 megapixels, higher values are interpolated by the software.
To compensate for the microphone’s lack of directionality, which can lead to the inclusion of unwanted noise in your recordings and broadcasts, Logitech included a noise suppression option in the QuickCam Software package. This package can list and change exif metadata date tags such as date picture taken, date picture modified or date digitized. You can watch your Camera full screen (or any other size), alter the preview speed and many more features. Logitech also included a link to their shop to get you to buy more QuickCams, presumably in an effort to gather in excited users as they’re using the products. The results are pretty impressive by themselves, but look particularly nice when compared to images from the Live! That said, the face tracking does a great job of compensating for facial movement and zooming to the whole of the face, and as long as you don’t move too quickly, the camera will keep up.
Images kept a consistent level of sharpness throughout all uses, and though Logitech includes a manual focus option, I never felt the need to use it through any of my tests. In my tests, I found that the software-controlled amplifier in the microphone was sensitive enough to distort when set to half volume at a normal speaking voice, which suggests that the microphone is sensitive enough to record sounds from across a room, if you’re so inclined.
More than 1800 different IP camera models are supported including Axis, Canon, Cisco, D-Link, Foscam, Linksys, Mobotix, Panasonic, Pixord, Sony, Toshiba, and Vivotek.

Both the clip and the hinge are easy to move, but are tight enough to hold the camera in place. Cam Optia AF; for the first time, the images on the screen are brighter than they are in real life, and even with almost no external lighting, my face is still entirely visible.
I suspect this has to do with a combination of processing power and the wide spectrum of lighting in my living room, but it seems that, as with the other products we’ve tested, interpolated resolutions are more of a marketing point than a really useful feature. Noise suppression seems to work using a sampling filter, where the software samples all noise as it records and tries to remove anything that doesn’t sound like a voice without cutting out too many frequencies. One final thing to note: quality levels above 2 megapixels are for still photos only, presumably because the camera is not fast enough to interpolate megapixels and record footage at the same time. IP Camera Viewer allows you to individually configure video properties such as the resolution and frame rate for each camera.
You can also set image properties such as saturation, brightness, and contrast for USB and IP Cameras. You can also ad just the coverage area with support for PTZ (Pan, Tilt, and Zoom) enabled network cameras.
IP Camera Viewer lets you digitally zoom on an image, even if your camera doesn't support zoom. ONVIF filter can manually configure the ONVIF IP camera connection parameters, such as IP address, port, user name, password, and so on. Aside from that, there are no other configuration options.You can then click 'Save' and the tool will attempt to stream the images captured by your device, enabling you to view them on our computer. C-MOR runs in the most web browsers and supports mobile devices like iPads and iPhones without client software installation.

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