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We have a client who has built their brand and community only through the efforts of a website and social media.
Instead, they’ve created a huge community of devote individuals who buy their items because they WANT to. Of course, this didn’t happen overnight, but their hard work has paid off and in a year, they were getting consistent, daily sales, just through the efforts of social media.
If you have any logos, your own designs or any other large documents you can send them to us for free. Of course, the best way to increase web traffic is to appear as early as possible (the 1st page!) on search engines. Therefore, search engines will be able to make a decision like “Hey, this information is great for the people!” and the greatest accomplishment is to be able to be listed on that very first page. The biggest problem in maintaining a good flow of traffic is having new visitors only visit once and never come back. How To Make Money Online – 2 Hours to Make Websites and Generate Income on Autopiliot!
The Auckland Content Strategy Meetup has officially survived a year! Since February 2014 we’ve met up at least once a month and talked content.
One very simple idea was at the heart of things, though, and that was to make the job of authoring and maintaining content as simple as possible. One of the hardest things about getting to present at conferences and events is keeping my damn mouth shut about it until the organisers have announced the line-up.
Dunedin’s a special place, and any excuse to head back down for a visit is always a good thing. Each risk is documented in a separate report, and each piece of content you work on needs a register of all its risks.
October 18, 2012 by Gazalla Gaya I was pleased and amazed at how passionate the web content community is on the topic of style guides. Your style guide’s primary function is to serve as a guide for anyone with web writing and editing responsibilities. Your style guide could include the writing style you will use to set the overall tone of your site. You could make your style guide, a small, basic 10 page document that’s easy to remember or an entire manifesto, with detailed instructions. Going back to my LinkedIn thread, the main discussion revolved around whether style guides were relevant anymore in this day and age of instant updates. Style guides don’t produce uniformity in style, diction, or terminology usage, for the very obvious reason that they are far too big to hold in your head.
A lot of the formality of yesterday has gone from our presentations but the number one reason for having a style guide for me is the consistency in style through the entire site.The most important objective for all web disciplines from design to architecture to content strategy is to create an awesome user experience. How would you view a company whose “official” marketing collateral, emails, press releases, websites, were inconsistent? I’ve worked in several environments where having a basic style guide to refer to, has saved me time, effort and research. While I agree that in some cases style guides may dictate a corporate monotone, a style guide does not have to do that.
The bottom line is that style guides are not what they were 100 years ago or even a decade ago. As you say, it allows for a coherent brand image, style and tone, so that people can quickly recognize the brand. Of course the challenge is to ensure this is done, and to therefore not just make great guidelines but make guidelines such that people read and act on them.

Naim is an avid paddler, surfer and sailor, he loves life, his work (Creative Marketing) and helping his clients, friends and partners find success. Recent Posts8 Website Design TipsThinking about designing a new website, or even redesigning a site you already have?
If you would like to immediately enhance your web and social media marketing platforms, Feel free to download our free web strategy planning template.
You seem more accessible and transparent, so they feel as if they can ask you anything and actually get a response back. They don’t post about their products; instead, they’ll post pics and videos with their products in creative ways to showcase the benefits and value. They’ve created such a strong presence and brand around themselves that now people are asking them where and how to buy their stuff because they love the brand so much. Some may cost you money, but there are ways that you can drive in traffic without costing you a penny. To do so, you have to optimize your content for search engines to determine the quality and credibility of your website.
Everyone in the world is using a social media website.  People are tweeting on Twitter, posting images on their Tumblr, having good conversations on Facebook, and watching a ton of entertaining videos on YouTube. I may have been slightly hampered by a karaoke-related hangover at the time (thanks, CS Forum), but as Rick raced through his incredibly detailed plans for keeping information in its context, for putting references and cross-references at the forefront of information management, and for pushing content presentation way down the list of jobs a CMS does, I realised that this needed more than a chat over a meal to explain.
The actual experience of being an author hasn’t been taken seriously enough, which causes a lot of common problems with content. Author Experience: Bridging the gap between people and technology in content management lays out all this and more.
Like most of the larger problems we content people face (or imagine ourselves facing – this was very much a theoretical discussion), a lot of it came down to interpersonal stuff, and politics, and money.
My place in the programme was as the one and only content strategist, in town to pitch for as much cooperation as possible between UX and content people as we work on building things. Of course, one of the best things about meetups like these is the little hints and tips you get from each other. So, after a week or two of keeping my trap shut: I’M COMING TO DUNEDIN FOR UX DESIGN DAY!
It follows on from earlier posts about the framework and conversations that risk management uses. So long as you’re having the right conversations and following the framework, this is basic admin.
If you are a single business owner running a blog, then a style guide could also help you set the tone for your site. If you maintain consistency across all these disciplines, your site will automatically be user friendly.
Yes, it’s great to have employees interacting directly with customers and providing a human face to the company.
In a corporate environment, we may end up borrowing content from colleagues, or editing topics previously written by someone else. The style guide has spelled out for me the tone and voice of the site as well as basic rules of the style used that have helped me immensely to produce content in the voice of the client.
The problem stems from whether or not the users of the style guide (the writers) actually know what’s in the style guide, and whether the rules are usable in a regular, practical, day-to-day manner. Having a simple, basic, style guide today could make your content stand out, rise above the noise, look professional and above all be outstanding.
A great example of a brand doing this is Social Media Examiner: throughout its online (and offline) content, one can tell they are adhering to a certain set of style guides, which in now way impedes creativity and out-of-the-box content, yet makes it recognizable no matter on which platform the content is consumed.

Instead of saying, “This product is awesome because it’s made of durable rubber…blah blah blah”, they make it relevant to their brand by showcasing it in a creative way.
You’d have to write plenty of interesting and unique content and incorporate a good amount of keywords that are relevant of your content and niche. You must make a good first impression on your new visitors for them to keep coming back to any new content that you may offer. Emma, Michelle and I had no idea what to expect when we decided to give this thing a go, but there’s something great about building a group of people around an idea.
My copy arrived this week, but by then I’d already read a draft version (and found myself mentioned in a footnote. That post generated a lively discussion and some of the comments were the size of blog posts.
Everything is geared to the customer’s tastes and an informal tone and voice to online communications is the norm.
Even though blogs lend themselves to an informal style of writing, your blog will look more polished and professional with a basic style guide. If you find that your style guide is not usable, you should start anew with a basic, streamlined set of rules that that are easy to remember and incorporate and are not burdensome to writers with each and every grammatical rule.
Our aim is to help digital marketers, content creators and bloggers create quality content, increase traffic and improve sales. They never ask for a sale, they rarely post that they’ve added a new product (without it being creative) and they never tell people they should buy their stuff. With plenty of effort, hard work, and most importantly patience, you will soon see a consistent increase in web traffic.
Add in a couple of interesting photos and informative videos to bring out the best of your content. However, due to Google’s latest update, be sure not to over-link too many pages on your website or too many external links you may suffer a harsh penalty! To do so, you must take in account if the content is unique and interesting for your viewers.
So why not get your content involved in social media to boost the popularity and web traffic. As familiar faces (almost all of whom were total strangers last January) keep coming back, we know we’re onto something. Fear that the language police will come down on their heads for hyphenating e-mail is not going to help.
Individual emails and communications sent out by employees don’t need to adhere to a style guide. Eventually, they will issue you a penalty and possibly a ban to be listed on search results. Create an account on Twitter, Facebook, or YouTube (If you want to post videos for the world to see your content) and begin sharing to the world that you exist on the Internet! Let’s discuss how we can draw the line, maintain an informal tone and voice but at the same time appear consistent across all our communication channels. For me, personally, that company would definitely lose a little credibility; I would question how much they care about quality and consistency in general.

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