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If your Internet Service Provider has bandwidth limitations or your website runs slow at busy times then we have several solutions to ensure your video always plays smoothly. You can choose to upload your video to your current Internet Service Provider, stream them from YouTube or a simalar service, alternatively we can look after them for you.
A dedicated video streaming server offers efficient video encoding and rich interactive streaming functionality, along with robust content protection and rights management and efficient bandwidth usage, delivering live or on-demand video at the best quality as network conditions change. YouTube has just launched YouTube Live, their new portal featuring live streaming video of events. Today we’re announcing the initial roll out of YouTube Live, which will integrate live streaming capabilities and discovery tools directly into the YouTube platform for the first time. Today, we’ll also start gradually rolling out our live streaming beta platform, which will allow certain YouTube partners with accounts in good standing to stream live content on YouTube. Subscribe to the Laughing Squid email list and receive a daily email with all of the blog posts published each day. La notizia, per la verita, circolava gia da un po’ di tempo ma soltanto da qualche giorno e finalmente arrivata la conferma ufficiale: YouTube ha deciso di aprire definitivamente le porte anche al live streaming di eventi. Il piu famoso sito web che permette la condivisione di video con YouTube Live trasmettera infatti gli eventi piu importanti in diretta, sebbene per ora il servizio sia riservato – come specificano dal blog ufficiale – “soltanto ad alcuni partner con un’ottima reputazione”. Partner che naturalmente hanno deciso di contribuire allo sviluppo di un progetto cosi importante come la creazione della prima piattaforma di live streaming di eventi al mondo.
La speranza ovviamente e che dopo questa iniziale fase di start up, l’offerta possa essere estesa a chiunque desideri mandare in onda un evento in diretta. L’ennesima rivoluzione nel mondo della televisione messa a segno da Youtube, quindi, che gia con YouTube TV aveva pensato di offrire la visione di film, fiction e serie tv in tempo reale e gratuitamente.
Una nuova concezione dell’intrattenimento che, se riuscira ad avere successo, espandera i propri confini sino a non averne piu, raggiungendo un numero di utenti decisamente molto piu ampio rispetto a quelli che la tv riesce a raccogliere intorno a se. Ma il punto di forza di questo nuovo servizio consiste soprattutto nel fatto che chiunque sia dotato di una semplice webcam, oppure di uno smartphone o una scheda di acquisizione, potra realizzare dirette video accessibili a tutti e in piu puo ricevere un feedback in tempo reale dai “telespettatori”. Un altro fattore, quello dell’interazione tra gli utenti che la tradizionale tv di certo non puo garantire.

YouTube has long been the dominating force in video streaming services on the web, but they now face competition from Facebook who has already started hosting their own web videos. While Google was open about how much growth YouTube has seen, they still haven’t opened up about how much revenue YouTube actually brings in.
YouTube Gaming launches to compete with Twitch, Rovio lays off 260, Amazon flirts with hot meal delivery and Windows 10 sees strong adoption rate. Your video, "YouTube launches game streaming site"will start after this message from our sponsors. August 26, 2015YouTube Gaming launches to compete with Twitch, Rovio lays off 260, Amazon flirts with hot meal delivery and Windows 10 sees strong adoption rate. YouTube gaming is launching today and will introduce a new destination for game streamers and spectators for what's already a tremendously popular medium online.
Reports are surfacing that the company has started experimenting with delivery of hot meals in the Seattle area, further tapping into the already established Prime Now service.
Well, Amazon does have a gigantic user base all of which frequent the site regularly and have their payment information stored on the site. So if Amazon can become even more of a one stop shop, well then customers won't need to look anywhere else for dinner. Rovio, the studio behind the mobile game sensation Angry Birds, is laying off 260 employees.
Rovio employees who were working on the Angry Birds movie Won't be let go, but I gotta be honest, that movie better come out soon because I think the Angry Birds hourglass is about to run out. As of today, 75 million devices are running the new operating system that's only been out for about a month. Sure a lot of that has to do with the fact that Windows 10 is free for most current Windows users, but it's also because Windows 10 has seen mostly a positive reaction from critics. Videos uploaded to YouTube files can be embedded into your web pages and also on Facebook and many other networking sites. The download speed of the examples on this site is set to 768k, so if your broadband connection speed is faster than this they will play seamlessly.

The goal is to provide thousands of partners with the capability to live stream from their channels in the months ahead.
Con YouTube Live potremo infatti vedere sul web cio che fino a ieri era possibile guardare solamente in televisione.
In effetti il sistema di video streaming in diretta e gia stato sperimentato piu volte e diversi artisti se ne sono gia serviti in diverse occasioni, come gli U2 e i Foo Figthers che hanno trasmesso i loro concerti live proprio tramite Youtube e riscuotendo entrambi una vastissima copertura. Despite the increase in competition, YouTube has still managed to post some impressive growth according to Ruth Porat, Google’s new CFO. A 90 second video file is usually less than 10MB so this gives enough space for around 10 videos. Subscribe to your favorite YouTube live-streaming partners to be notified of upcoming live streams on your customized homepage.
In order to ensure a great live stream viewing experience, we’ll roll this offering out incrementally over time. Quella che si preannuncia e una concorrenza spietata tra la nuova concezione della piattaforma tv digitale e i canali televisivi classici.
Stats listed in the 2nd quarter earnings call today showcase just how much growth YouTube has obtained and how well the platform is doing, as Porat mentioned that YouTube watch time has seen a 60 percent increase compared to the same time in 2014. In addition to these two new offerings, Google is adding a slew of new content and changes to YouTube like the experimental web player redesign, 360 degree videos and support for 60fps second video streams, all which are things which should help boost YouTube’s engagement even more. This is in addition to the growth YouTube has seen on mobile devices with the average user spending about 40 minutes watching videos, (whether it be a collection of videos or one long stream) a detail which has helped YouTube on mobile’s growth rate double compared to last year.

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