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Our Singapore Office also provide other services which include SEO (Search Engine Optimization), Flash Animation & Games, Corporate Identity, Graphic Design, Logos & Brochures Designs.
Vecteezy released this set of 36 circular icons that highlight computers, servers, support, and other various information technology services. We offer a web hosting service designed to meet your specific needs, whether basic or complex.
Application Support and Maintenance is an important element towards enhancing and extending the life of the applications.
We use client ticketing systems for dealing with technical or application help to users and incident or problem management. Appadoodle provides different hosting options and server configurations to ensure our clients receive the best service relevant to their need. Appadoodle is a registered trade mark of Walpole Media Group Ltd, company registration number: 08884312.
The Best Web Hosting For Small Business To most people, selecting the best web hosting company can be confusing, frustrating and outright annoying!
Because of that pain, we have good news for you: We've compiled a list of the top 10 web hosting tips for beginners that is going to help you find the best web hosting company for your small business website. In case your site happens to go down, it will be difficult for your customers to read your blog posts or even learn about what products and services you offer. This can happen any time and could be worse if you have an online store because you stand to lose out on sales and income when your site goes down. Amazon experienced an outage of just 40 minutes but this cost them $5 million in lost revenue. While there is no single perfect way to keeping your website secure, reputable web hosting companies backup your data and files on a remote sever. Soon or later, most bloggers realize the profit potential of ranking their sites and blogs on top of the search engines. Done right, content marketing can help your site rank high on SERPs (Search Engine Results Pages) which in turn ensures that customers can be able to find you easily.
If the search engines attempt to visit your site but find that it is down most of the time, this will negatively affect how the search engines rank pages from your site. Before we talk about how to choose the best web hosting service for your small business, I want you to imagine. You wake up in the morning grab a cup of coffee and then fire up your favorite internet connecting device. The email content informs you that, due to suspicious activities in your web hosting account, your web hosting service has been disabled indefinitely. You’re then advised to clean up the infected files, in order to have your hosting service restored back. You quickly type the URL for your site into your web browser and sure enough you cannot find not even a single page from your website in the big whole world wide web. All the hard work, all the long hours, everything you’ve put into getting your site to its current level and not forgetting all the money you’ve spend. The truth is that, unfortunately, almost every other day, thousands of blog and website owners get their web hosting plans disabled, cancelled and sometimes banned for good. This is because; someone somewhere, in the deep internet world decided to take advantage of security loopholes to steal from hard working people. Look, I’m not trying to scare you but failure to pick the best web hosting service for your website may in the future jeopardize the hard work you’ve put into building your site. How To Find The Best Web Hosting If you want the best web hosting service, here are 10 important factors to consider before choosing a Web host. While many business owners would like to cut costs, when it comes to choosing a quality web hosting package, that's one area that you should not try to cut costs on. Here is why, even though the web hosting price is a big factor, you should not make your decision to buy web hosting based entirely on the prices being charged.
You need to remember that with hosting, just like with everything else in life, you get what you pay for. Choosing cheap web hosting rates won’t do you good but can cause more harm especially if you depend on your website to make money. Therefore, if you come across a hosting provider who charges you a monthly fee of $1.99, it is very likely that it won’t be offering you some important web hosting features that successful highly trafficked websites rely on. When carrying out a web hosting comparison remember to take a look at the kind of features that each hosting company has to offer in relation to their web hosting plans and prices.

Since every website has its own unique web hosting needs, it would be a big mistake for you to choose the least inexpensive web hosting package available without understanding the hosting needs for the type of website you’re creating.
An e-commerce site, a blog, a video site or a rich content site, will each require different hosting needs.  Their web hosting needs are not equal. Understanding web hosting technical specifications and limitations will consequently help you limit the amount of time spend grappling with load or downtime issues.
And this host is one of those unreliable cheap web hosting with bad support that makes their clients cry. By the way, if you are looking for a high-quality host (there are very affordable ones too!) with great support, just look at this page when you have time. I’m not shouting out the name of this cheap web hosting with bad support because this is not the aim of this post.
Have some fun reading my little adventure story with the host support (the last support ticket is the funniest by the way). Hi, you ordered 2 times for the same product so it messed it up a little, I deleted your 2nd order which looked like you did order the same thing twice. Hi, i have told a technician to look into this for you as it seems to be a error due to the cpanel plugins not being installed maybe, it may take a few hours to get this sorted out. My note: Asking client to solve technical problems which arise on hosting side when performing such an elementary operation as installing a CMS is a nonsense.
Hi, our hosting is super cheap due to not giving support for non server side issues, it would be best if you post on a drupal forum and they will give you the best support for drupal. My note: On every shared hosting everyone should expects that installing scripts provided by the host should work. Hi, i think it is us not your script, our technician for that server is compiling PHP to support PDO classes for Drupal, please give us a few hours to get this done. Hi, we sent out emails a long time ago saying this cpanel would be ending from April 2015, I have added credit buy Canada north America 1 year hosting. Hi, i had to re-create your service, your cpanel login is the same but no files will be available.
My note: I feel strange because it looks like I know basic stuff more than the support does. Hi, you can do this in softaculous, also just open the backup and copy the sql over your old sql file.
Hi, download your backup restore with softaculous or open cPanel, then click Softaculous at the bottom.
Hi, all you need to do is extract the backup and download the sql file and replace the current sql with your backed up.
Please please please don’t tell me any more saying I can restore full cpanel backup myself. Hi, all you need to do is replace the sql file what is the point in a full restore if you can restore 1 sql file to fix everything?
Where is the "current sql" file located on my account and in the full cpanel backup you are talking about?
Perhaps your meant to restore a sql backup, but I ‘ve already tried that and it did not work out.
That’s why I suggest you just restoring a full cpanel backup as it may be the easiest for you and me.
Hi, if the sql backup like mine is showing 0 then you need to create a new database unfortunately.
Please, I’m begging you, restore the full cpanel backup and my site will be okay again. It is the absolutely the same full cpanel backup that Bala, your senior admin, could restore. Anyway, if you have ever had experience with a bad cheap web hosting support, you will have something to compare to. BTW, I respect your privacy, and of course I don't send spam, affiliate offers or trade your emails. Filed Under: Blog, Web hosting Tagged With: web hosting supportI hope you enjoyed the article!

You can read my free researches on resources and tools for bloggers and small business owners on this website.
Time is money, hosting companies should have fast and efficient support if live support is not available. Seeing you know the topic of discussion this is a golden nugget of information for those not familiar with hosting platforms. I have Shared Hostgator host plan, ineed another one that have a very good stable hosting planes ? As regards alternative to HostGator hosting, first of all, don’t go with any of EIG hosts.
In addition, you may find very interesting the results of my monthly hosting performance contests (I’ve published February and March contest details). If you hesitate or would like my assistance with anything, feel free to let me know in the comments or via private message. I’ve tried to live chat to ask some pre sales question in one of the most famous brand owned by EIG. I just asked about how many virtual memory, physical memory, and entry processes given in 1 shared hosting account, yet the support (his name is also Louis) replied me after 15 mins (seriously, just to answer that?) with server’s hardware specs (their processor, ram, etc which is not my concern). But even outsourcing can be not that bad, but obviously EIG cuts the costs very much and gets what it pays for. Notify me of followup comments via e-mail.You can also subscribe to the comments without commenting.
It replaces any other type of opt-in plugins and unlike other plugins you pay only once for it to get all future updates! Appadoodle focuses on seamlessly maintaining and transforming your business-critical applications to meet changing business needs.
Because of that, that’s why I’m putting together these 10 web hosting tips for beginners you absolutely must know today. This in turn inhibits their sites capability to engage with current clients as well as reach out to potential clients. Managed web hosting plans with more important features like superior processing power, unlimited web hosting space will be ideal for power users.
For a moment I thought that it was just a next-generation chat bot used by this cheap web hosting support staff and not a human (you’ll see below what I mean ?Y™‚ ). And you will know what to expect if you make a wrong decision when choosing your hosting (even if it’s not cheap web hosting).
We will check if it is a error on our side and get back to you but it maybe a while upto 24 hours maximum. That’s why for your websites which are important to you, you need to choose a high-quality hosting with professional and knowledgeable support like the ones on this list. If you know how bad a technical support can be, then you may want to choose a cheap web hosting more carefully. It took them three iterations in the support ticket to resolve the issue instead of one iteration. This is what they should have done long time ago instead of suggesting inefficient stuff and wasting my time.
The full cPanel backup restoration expert :))) I thought lightning do not strike the same place twice. Our wide range of customers include government departments, and both small and large businesses within Australia and around the world. Our experienced web developers, programmers and systems administrators understand the nitty gritty of web development.

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