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Sitemizdeki icerigin kullan?m?ndan dogabilecek herhangi bir zarardan dolay? sitemiz sorumlu tutulamaz. The English League (which is actually the BPL plus a few) Team Of The Year players are in packs now and are going to be available all this week. The English League blue Team Of The Year cards can be found in packs gold packs purchased on the web app or on your console. Other team’s of the year include the Northern European TOTY, Most Consistent But Never In Form TOTY and the Balon D’or TOTY. A Chartered Member of the Chartered Institute for Securities and Investment which is put to good use in the FUT market. This Metro kit reminds me a lot of what Windows is doing with their Windows 8 user interfaces. This kit will probably need some editing once you get it into your project, but there are some nice pieces to start with thanks to this kit. I like this kit because it features a very popular color and makes it a monochromatic color palette. This one is also reminiscent of Windows 8’s user interface, however this kit seems to vale consistency in their palette a little more.
I love anything dealing with basketball, so when I saw this one, I knew I had to include it. This UI kit is a pretty standard and very solid iteration of what we love about flat design.

This $9 kit not only includes tons of buttons and forms and such, but also includes skins for things such as a YouTube player and Behance profile.
This flat color kit features a very slick, yet detailed look perfect for back end and front end design.
Square was originally created to help us designers create prototyped websites quicker than usual.
This $8 flat design kit not only includes elements great for the web, but also for app development as well. This kit includes a PSD and PNG version for our developer friends who aren’t too design-minded.
Here’s another administrators template for those of us who want to design for the backend. Join our 746,498 subscribers and get access to the latest tools, freebies, product announcements and much more! The team follows on from last week’s “FIFA 12 TOTY – Most Consistent But Never IF” which is no longer available in packs but can be found on the transfer market.
Zachary did something fairly different here by going with a very light, pastel color palette. It has the various states of your buttons and navigation and it just has so many pieces that you’d probably forget about.
This is another pretty big kit that has lots of elements, especially for a blog of some sort.

It’s an administrators theme, but has some great flat color elements from bar graphs to buttons. Flat design is pretty clean, but to make it cleaner, many designers are starting to use just outlines to create their interfaces. Come to find out, it’s a pretty great set of flat color elements as well as some other necessary elements for web design. The quality and detail in this set is stunning and adds a bit of punch to our normal set of flat elements. The elements included in this $6 kit are great for web and apps, have buttons, sliders and much more. If you’re looking for a bunch of elements specifically for smartphones, this is the  kit for you. They admittedly drew lots of inspiration for the flat color stylings of Windows and created a wonderful template to be used. This means there are no (or very subtle) gradients and we are no longer making buttons and other parts of user interfaces look three dimensional. My suggestion is to get one of these kits, learn the style, and implement it as quickly as possible.

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