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The APA (American Psychological Association) has created a set of standards for writing and citing sources commonly used when writing papers in the social sciences.
When citing references in your paper, specify the author of the work you are referencing, the year of publication, and the number of the page from which the quote or paraphrase was taken.
For more examples not included here, please visit the Citation Style Chart available on Purdue's Online Writing Lab. Capitalize the first words of the title and subtitle of each source on the reference list, as well as any proper names.
A reference list should be arranged in alphabetical order according to authors' last names. Entries without authors should be arranged alphabetically by title within the reference list.
The first line of a citation is flush on the left margin and each subsequent line indented one-half inch (one tab). You can cite various sources including movies, documentaries, music recordings, TV shows and other media. Finally check out the following activity for an example of a motion picture citation in APA format. Citation Style Chart- Provided by Purdue University's Online Writing Lab, this citation style chart gives details about the ways to cite various sources. Cornell University Library APA Guide- Cornell University Library's website has an excellent guide on formatting your paper and citations for MLA format.
Citation Builder- North Carolina State University Libraries has a citation builder that helps you create citations in APA or MLA format. Purdue University's Online Writing Lab (OWL)- Purdue University's Online Writing Lab has great resources for assisting with your writing needs.
MLA Style- The official website of the Modern Language Association has a wealth of resources and tutorials on all the ins and outs of the MLA format. APA Style- The official website of the American Psychological Association has a wealth of resources and tutorials on all the ins and outs of APA format. TIFF(Tagged Image File Format) is a flexible image format, it's widely accepted in printing industry. If the task is completed, you can select the task item, and then click "View Image" button to open the image in your default image viewer.
Online Help: Image Options - The default picture format is PNG, -- the best web image format.
Developmental monitoring and screening can be done by a number of professionals in health care, community, and school settings.

Pediatric primary health care providers have regular contact with children before they reach school age and are able to provide family-centered, comprehensive, and coordinated care. Early identification of developmental disorders is critical to the well-being of children and their families. The AAP recommends that developmental surveillance, which is the process of recognizing children who might be at risk for developmental delays1, be incorporated at every well-child preventive care visit.
If a potential developmental problem is noted on the screening test, further developmental and medical evaluation needs to follow. Shaded areas in the table below indicate which activities are the responsibilities of each staff member.
Establish the developmental screening and referral system within the practice a€“ agree on screening protocol and encourage support from office staff. Participate in training on the importance of early childhood development, early intervention, the screeners, appropriate referrals, and billing information. Research studies have confirmed that parents are reliable sources of information about their childrena€™s development.
Evaluating a childa€™s development and educating families about what to expect in their childa€™s development, how they can promote development, and the benefits of monitoring development, can also improve the relationship between the health care professional and parent. Today, a number of good screening tools designed for a variety of settings, ages, and purposes are available. Screening tools do not provide conclusive evidence of developmental delays and do not result in diagnoses. These guidelines provide detailed information on well-child care for health care practitioners. Tips and tools from Bright Futures for establishing a clear and planned approach to managing and caring for children with special health care needs. This site is provided by the AAP Section on Developmental and behavioral Pediatrics (SODBP) and is aimed at professionals interested in child development and behavior especially in a clinical setting. Council on Children With Disabilities, Section on Developmental Behavioral Pediatrics, Bright Futures Steering Committee and Medical Home Initiatives for Children With Special Needs Project Advisory Committee. Gentile Utente, il nostro sito utilizza cookies tecnici propri e cookies di terze parti; clicca su acconsenti oppure su maggiori informazioni per conoscere la nostra Privacy e Cookie Policy oltre che per ricevere informazioni su come bloccare i cookies nel tuo browser.
The APA has published the Publication Manual of the American Psychological Association (6th edition, second printing) to define these standards. If you didn't install it on your computer, please download ACA HTML to Convertre and then install it. However, pediatric primary health care providers are in a unique position to promote childrena€™s developmental health.

This care includes a more detailed medical assessment when a screening indicates a child is at risk for a developmental problem. It is an integral function of the medical home approach to providing primary care for children and an appropriate responsibility of all pediatric health care professionals. This surveillance should include asking about parents' concerns, obtaining a developmental history, making observations of the child, identifying risk and protective factors, and documenting the findings.
The more detailed evaluation will show whether the child has a developmental disorder or delay and needs treatment, including early developmental intervention services. The following are suggestions for integrating screening services into primary care efficiently and at low cost, while ensuring thorough coordination of care.
By establishing relationship-based practices, health care professionals promote positive parent-child relationships, while building the strongest possible relationship between the parent and the health care professional. Screening tools are designed to help identify children who might have developmental delays. Identifying Infants and Young Children with Developmental Disorders in the Medical Home: An Algorithm for Developmental Surveillance and Screening. Parentsa€™ evaluation of developmental status: how well do parentsa€™ concerns identify children with behavioral and emotional problems? The AAP defines family-centered medical home as an approach where the pediatric care team works in partnership with a child and a child's family to assure that all of the medical and non-medical needs of the patient are met. Children diagnosed with developmental disorders are considered to be children with special health care needs, and their care needs to be managed like the care of children with other chronic conditions.
Systematic communication can help reveal parentsa€™ concerns, help parent and health care professional observe the childa€™s development, and help parents become more aware of how children develop.
Screening tools can be specific to a disorder (for example, autism), an area (for example, cognitive development, language, or gross motor skills), or they can be general, encompassing multiple areas of concern. In addition, all children should be screened using a standardized test during well-child visits at 9, 18, and 24 or 30 months.
Accurately identifying a developmental disorder and understanding its underlying causes is important for treatment planning, from medical treatment and intervention services for the child to genetic counseling for the childa€™s parents. Collaborating with Parents and Glascoe FP, Robertshaw NS, PEDS: Developmental Milestones, Professionalsa€™ Manual.

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