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Watch videos on demand!KCh Online follows the DepEd curriculum as a guide and features videos on K-12 and Alternative Learning subjects such as Science, Social Studies, Math, Filipino, English, Values Education, and Technical-Vocational.
Find out what Internet addiction really means through this informative animated webisode from Web Works. Avoid committing Internet plagiarism by knowing what it really means through this animated webisode. Become a responsible netizen and learn the basics of internet safety through this Web Works webisode.
Learn the basic rules of good Internet behavior through this fun and informative animated webisode.
This short webisode introduces viewers to search engines and familiarizes them to terms such as keywords and hits.
Get tips on how you can easily search for specific file types in search engines through this fun animated webisode. Welcome to Web WorksRunning a professional online setup takes considerable resources, both time and money in order to keep it effective.
Having a website with no traffic is about as useful as setting up a storefront in the middle of a cornfield. ICANN (the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers), is a nonprofit organization responsible for assigning all the unique names and numbers for all websites.  Basically, ICANN is the reason we have one global internet.
In addition to allowing these new domain names to become available, you can get a domain name with your brand name in it. If your domain name is available, you can order it.  If it’s not yet available, then you can sit on a watch list until it becomes available. Established in 2005, Skinny's Webworks is a professional business services company offering internet, marketing, media, social, graphics and advertising services.
Have a product to sell?  We may be interested in marketing it or may build you a website for FREE! Have an idea for an internet business?  We may be interested in partnering with you to make it a reality!
Cash flow a little low?  We offer financing and other options so you can pay as you go!

Visual WebTools Software gives you everything you need to create and manage a successful business on the Internet. In 2000 the company also moved into the credit card transaction processing business through its acquisition of Intellipay, Inc.
The Company has continued to develop its internet technologies and has increased distribution through a broad array of channels including seminars, business to business sales and internet marketing.
In 2011 the Company began to expand its business activities to include a diverse set of businesses providing for increased risk management control. Pacific WebWorks is uniquely positioned to provide a public vehicle for small businesses that are poised for growth. We seek to identify promising businesses that fit well within our portfolio of companies and into which we can add value and provide meaningful support. Lance Bell has served as President and Chief Executive Officer of Pacific WebWorks since December 2012. Allan Oepping was one of the founders of Utah WebWorks, Inc., a predecessor to Pacific WebWorks, Inc. Students and teachers may stream the videos on demand, to view or replay particular topics or lessons.
With a brief description of your web site needs along with an idea of your budget we can put together a complete package, including promotion of your site on popular web sites.
If you have a product to sell or a service to offer, we can help grow your business into a successful reality. Consolidating different businesses in a variety of industries enables solid risk management for the Company's resources. Creating high quality technology to help facilitate small to mid-sized businesses has long been a focus of the Company and its Visual WebTools product has helped many individuals to operate businesses on the internet over the years.
In 2009 Visual WebTools was among the top internet technology suites for individuals seeking to do business on the internet. Consolidating different businesses in a variety of industries enables solid risk management for the Company's resources and shareholders. Our businesses benefit from being part of a family of companies with a broad shareholder base and a central back office and IT infrastructure.

Pacific WebWorks approaches each of its companies as partnerships and collaborative efforts to optimize growth and profitability.
Prior to that Lance had served as President and Chief Financial Officer of the Company beginning in May, 2011.
Derald has extensive international business experience in sales, operations management and process improvement, most recently at Skullcandy, Inc.
He has been employed at Pacific WebWorks since its creation and has played a significant role in the design and support of the Company's hosting architecture and the development and engineering of the Company's technologies. We work side-by-side or silently partner with clients, from creating online advertising graphics, managing part of their online profile right through to managing their complete online profiles and taking care of their world wide web needs. As its primary mandate, Pacific WebWorks makes optimizing customer, partner and shareholder value its top priority. Lance has over 15 years of experience in the IT services industry, including domestic and international architecture and operations management. Derald also founded Westfahl Devices, a security device company that competes in the home security industry, where he served as CEO and guided the company to substantial growth during his tenure. Tanner has worked in the accounting field for over eight years and has also founded and operated numerous small businesses. Allan currently serves as Vice President of Engineering and has oversight responsibility for the Company's IT infrastructure and technology engineering initiatives.
Before he joined Pacific WebWorks, Lance was employed by CedarCrestone, Inc., a consulting and managed services firm as their Sr.
Prior to joining Pacific WebWorks, Tanner was employed at HJ & Associates, an audit and tax accounting firm in Salt Lake City, Utah, working in both the tax and audit departments. Lance holds an MBA from the Goizueta Business School at Emory University in Atlanta, Georgia.

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