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From a tiny iPod shuffle to a big blue Mazda, Rishi Khiani, COO of Web18 Software Services, had, at last count, 80 such mechanical things money can buy.
Khiani was always keen on doing something tech-related, and the Net gave him the chance to do that. A Franklin language pocket translator at six, a camcorder at eight and a computer at 10 were among the first acquisitions.
Currently, he is the proud owner of a Mazda RX8 and a Mercedes 200 AMG, the latter being the fulfilment of a childhood fantasy to buy a nice car with his own money. The prospect of creating and posting websites through the computer and getting paid via wire transfers fascinated him. The online firm has opened its services to companies outside the Network18 fold and will soon launch websites for a few traditional FMCGs.

And if everything goes as per plan, his garage will accommodate the Audi R8 and a Maserati by the end of the year. Some overseas buys include an ultra-thin Sony Vaio from Singapore, a digital camera from LA, a handheld Sony CLIE from the US, consoles from London and a portable DVD player from Bangkok. Entrepreneurial studies at Babson College, Boston, and fine arts from School of the Museum of Fine Arts (SMFA), Boston, helped him blend creativity with technology. Khiani has watched Days of Thunder, the stock-car racing film starring Tom Cruise, over 500 times, solely for the racing action. I would then literally drop what I was holding and make a mad dash for the gate,” he says.
Aside from browsing these, he would create 3D avatars and even had a web page at Yahoo’s GeoCities.

Sometimes, on family vacations we take off on our own, exploring gadgets around the place,” says Khiani. So, I customised my design on the Nike website and got a lighter and trendier pair,” he says. When friends and family make tech purchases, especially mobiles, laptops or computers, they turn to him for advice. Since I understood the business of the Internet and the use of interface design and navigation, I decided to start a web-designing company, Urbaneye Media, in 1996,” says Khiani.

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