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If building a website intimidates you, you’ll want to try Weebly.If building a website intimidates you, Weebly is the perfect choiceAlmost every website builder advertises itself as the “easiest” way for anyone to build a website. Ita€™s the best of both worlds a€“ site-building simplicity plus the premium performance that growing businesses need.
You feel like you are designing the page itself- you never feel like there is an intermediary between you and the page.Plus everything is right where it should be.
It’s an incredibly simple but powerful way to create footers- well done Weebly!The simple (but powerful) way to create footersBeyond this, the entire application feels easy to use and just coherent. As I see it, there are two reasons for this:Firstly, the interface has been carefully curated.

You spend very little time “hunting” around Weebly trying to figure out where an option is- options are all presented clearly and only when you need them.Secondly (and more abstractly so feel free to skip this paragraph), Weebly has been designed around a metaphor of conventional websites, while other website builders are designed around a metaphor of blank documents. So if you’re building a pure ecommerce website, you may want to look at website builders that focus on ecommerce more specifically.I’ve also noticed a minor annoyance with Weeblys Google Adsense element. Weebly takes a 50% cut of your Adsense profits (even when you’ve upgraded to a Pro account).
Weebly usually does what’s best for the user, but this feels a bit slimy.ConclusionThe new version of Weebly has just increased the distance between Weebly and other website builders. Weebly continues to double down on creating the easiest website builder for most website projects.

This is company that is relentlessly focussed on building and improving a product over time.

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