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Should you use YouTube and other free video sharing sites to host videos for your business? Get instant access to The Web Video Player™, Flash 8 FLV Converter, Web Video Hosting, JukeBox Video Player, Opt-In List Booster, tutorials, and more! Using Free Video Sharing Sites for Business - SummaryThe VS sites are exciting, revolutionary, and offer a wonderful opportunity for helping you gain exposure for your businss while helping you find untapped markets.However, when it comes to hosting your videos for placement on your own site, look elsewhere. Add the code given to you by the WVZ Player Maker to any site where you want your video to appear.
And that's it!Video sharing sites have no interest in helping your business to grow and prosper by hosting your videos. The unexpected leak of four Game Of Thrones episodes resulted in enormous file sharing activity on the worlds top torrent sites, including The Pirate Bay, Kickass Torrents, Torrentz and EZTV. The highly anticipated debut of Game Of Thrones season five was accompanied by a huge online leak of the first four episodes of the series. The resulting scramble by file sharers resulted in record activity for a file group at one time, and will ultimately result in millions of downloads of the episodes. Due to the nature of the leak, which involved multiple episodes and grew over a period of time, the Game Of Thrones download activity still did not set a record for most simultaneous downloads of one file at a single time. The leak is certainly a blow to HBO, which just debuted its highly publicized HBO Now streaming service on Apple and Optimum Online platforms.
Stop pretending, we know you've been downloading the latest season of Game of Thrones through The Pirate Bay even before its Asian premiere. Proposed amendments to the Singapore Copyright Act could end the reign of Internet piracy by the end of the year. The Government has been deliberating the bid to curb infringing websites in Singapore since 2013. This is a change from the current system, in which content owners have to produce a takedown warning to ISPs if they intend to halt access to copyright. In the event that an ISP doesn’t conform, content owners have to file a suit against them. This, however, won't stop tech-savvy users who can evade such measures through the use of a virtual private network (VPN). Currently, providers such as MyRepublic and Viewqwest offer integrated VPN services with their plans. The changes will take effect by the end of the year, when it officially gets passed in Parliament.
In the Wake of Instagram’s Emergence, Video Sharing Sites are Poised to Pounce You are using an outdated browser.

The source, thought to be a reviewer who received advance preview copies of the episodes, first leaked the episodes to a private tracker on Sunday, and soon they were all over the top public torrent sites on the net, including The Pirate Bay, Kickass Torrents, EZTV and others. The regions accounting for the most downloads are, unsurprisingly, the US and UK, followed by India, Canada and France. The premium service was timed in conjunction with the Game Of Thrones season 5 premiere, in hope of enticing customers who wanted to watch the series but didn't have cable. Content owners will soon be handed more content blocking privileges similar to those available in the UK. With this proposed amendment, it'll enable right holders to enforce their copyrights, forcing Internet service providers (ISPs) to block infringing websites, such as The Pirate Bay, by applying directly to the High Court for permission. A list of factors will also be drafted up to ensure infringing sites don’t affect legitimate search engines. VPN services are in abundance too, most of which cost a mere S$10 monthly subscription, allowing you access to geo-restricted services such as Hulu and Netflix. According to Forbes, it was recently purchased by Autodesk, a design software company, for $60 million.SocialCam’s leaderboard is occupied by an array of brands and celebs such as MC Hammer, Madonna, the New York Jets, Sierra Mist and MGM Entertainment. Now it appears many of those viewers found another way to watch the series free, and to enjoy several episodes in advance of even HBO's paying customers.
All have joined within the last eight months and have at least 750,000 followers already.If you’re an avid Facebooker, you’ve likely clicked on a SocialCam video and were turned away due to its requirement to sign up to view video through Facebook. Web Video AdvertisingSooner or later, video sharing sites will need to make money to stay in business (except Google, thanks to its near limitless supply of cash).
I shot this 13-second clip and shared it via email in no time.At the back of the pack, but in contentionIt’s easy to see why Viddy and SocialCam are the cream of the crop, each incredibly easy-to-use with fluid design, celebrity backing and millions in funding. Yet there are still plenty of competitors inching forward, pushing their way to the front of the line.Klip, at first glance, is very much like Pinterest. Either way, do you really want ads, possibly from your competitors, assocatied with your videos promoting your business and web site? In order to keep bandwidth costs to a minimum, they must shrink your video file to the lowest possible size, usually to the detriment of your presentation.3. Users can share live videos through Facebook to a selected audience, obviously only those with a Color account.Mobli is also predicated off live service. Free Advertising (for them!)Embedding a video hosted by a VS site into your web pages is the equivalent of free advertising for them. With Mobli, “you can not only share your life, you can see through other people’s eyes.”Unable to afford tickets to your favorite artist’s concert or maybe you want to get a live look at Derek Jeter’s big at-bat?

Mobli is another distinct way to share and watch those moments, and by dividing topics by different “channels,” users can easily find what they’re looking for. Not if you're serious about your business it isn't.Even worse, click on an embedded YouTube player on your site and it automatically takes you to their site. How ingenious?The evolution of smartphones and tablets could create an obvious springboard for similar apps. As these VS sites struggle to keep up with the heavy loads placed upon their servers and resources, it is not uncommon to experience choppy, slow-loading or even non-loading videos.In addition, the customer service staffs at these video sharing sites will be undermanned and completely overwhelmed. The Samsung Galaxy S3 was recently unleashed, slightly before its top competitor, the iPhone 5, hits shelves in the coming weeks. Both of the devices that preceded the Galaxy S3 and the iPhone 5 played a major role in the emergence of Instagram. Limited Control and FeaturesMost VS sites don't let you choose what displays in the video player before it starts playing.
So why not video sharing?Conceivably, video sharing apps should be right on the horizon, perhaps ready to flex their muscles and become the Instagram of Video.
For now, newbies like me can give each a shot to determine which app suits us the greatest.Both SocialCam and Viddy had an Instagram feel to it, but SocialCam’s easy sharing and quick filtering made it much more enjoyable to use. For a sports fan and concert-goer like myself, I wouldn’t like Viddy’s limitation of 15-second clips. That's why the WVZ Player has so many built-in options for attracting viewers and getting them to act. How could I possibly share a stirring rendition of the Star Spangled Banner at my favorite team’s home opener?SocialCam garners my top vote, though I’d still like to give Viddy—because of its originality—a shot. It’d be great to share indelible moments with close friends and family as they actually occur.While it’ll understandably take time for people to establish a bit of loyalty to one or more of these aforementioned apps, it’s imperative that businesses get a head start on building their brand via video. My first Viddy (Voltron style), a quick shot of the office, took awfully long to produce and finally post on Twitter. Like Jason Parker explains in this review, that’s one of the reasons SocialCam is a step ahead.

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