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Successful scientists possess certain important attitudes, or habits of mind, including but not limited to… What other qualities do think would be helpful? Why do leaves change colors in the fall?Once the season of fall starts, you will notice a change in the color of the leaves.
Clipping is a handy way to collect and organize the most important slides from a presentation. While there is nothing wrong with feeling good about the things, places, or people who makeusfeel good, the biblical concept of “love” is something entirely different.
Photosynthesis is a process of taking inroganic material to make new organic matter through the combining of carbon dioxide and water using solar energy.
In order for photosynthesis to occur, the leaf takes in certain materials that will help with the process.

Thegreen chlorophyll disappears because there isnt the sunlight to convert to chemical energy. The essence of biblical love is about intentionally doing good for others, even at great personal cost, regardless of how it pleases us.
This allows for the bright colors that have been hiddenall summer by the green color to show through.Just so you know, the red color in a leaf occurs because there is food, carbohydrates, trapped in the leaf.
So don’t wait for a good feeling, or act because you think it might result in a good feeling, just do something for the benefit of someone else.
You can know that even if your sacrificial action didn’t make you happy, it was in fact a genuine act of biblical love. Photosynthesis also needs the following raw materials to function: carbon, oxygen and hydrogen. It contains everything it needs to convert sunlight, carbon dioxide and water into oxygen and sugar.Inside the leaf there is chlorophyll.

Thesunlight is converted into chemical energy which is necessary to continue the process of photosynthesis. When this chemical energy is introducedto the carbon dioxide and the water, glucose (sugar) and oxygen are created. A very simple way to put this is: Carbon Dioxide + Water + Chlorophyll and Sunlight = Oxygen + SugarThere are different parts of the leaf that make this process possible. These pores let air enter the leaf and then at night the pores release oxygen and they allow for water to evaporate.

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