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Slideshare uses cookies to improve functionality and performance, and to provide you with relevant advertising. Clipping is a handy way to collect and organize the most important slides from a presentation. The site attaches the question or response to the author’s profile, which features a short biography and a log of the other questions or responses the person’s participated in.
When trying to create a successful presence online, most marketers will at one point consider the importance of SEO (Search Engine Optimization). With recent news of Angela Ahrendts move to Apple, finally we are seeing shift in senior leadership to social. I only hope that we get the long wished for drawing capability in Keynote to allow for more freehand visual thinking and collaboration. To be clear, this was not the first time I have collaborated, and in many contexts I prefer working with others. Your company’s Facebook page just topped 250 fans and your Twitter followers are into the thousands, but you haven’t made any sales and you still feel as though social media isn’t yielding results for your business. In other words, it’s not about just being on Facebook or Twitter—it’s about what you do with that presence. Your social media strategy should be woven into an overall content strategy—one that incorporates blogs, traditional media, video, and social media to drive traffic to your website. You need to invest time in creating content that is specific to your business, hosted on your website, before sharing it to social media and building your networks there.
All this to say—good content allows you to be ready to switch your attention to the next big thing at a moment’s notice. Author's Note: You can find yesterday's #Blog365 contribution over on Central Florida Top 5. As a result, users can decide how relevant the answer might be and even ask the person a question directly.

To learn more about incorporating question and answer sites into your strategy, contact the social media answer team at Social Strategy1.
One is to be presented at a conference in July by my co-author and the other will provide the research component to a documentary film.
This is an increasingly common story in the business world—everyone understands that social media is important for marketing, but many companies haven’t quite figured out what they are getting from it. Planning your social media approach separately from the rest of your content production is a recipe for chaos and possibly the failure of both strategies.
Building a social media reach without good website content is like building a house on someone else’s land. As a result, it is most important that you pay attention to creating original content first, and hosting it on your website whenever possible. If you have good blog posts and videos, and an attractive interactive website as your main Internet base, you can use social networks as outlets, with the ability to go wherever your customers are.
I love to relate pop culture to social media and help you understand how being social online can benefit you. I got to cover the arrival of the Mummies of the World exhibit at the Orlando Science Center! Founded in 2009, the company website states their goal is to “streamline the creation, distribution, and consumption of vast quantities of knowledge.” And, much like a wiki, Quora information can be created, edited, or organized by anybody. Since completion of the piece, I have taken time to reflect on my own experience and hear the stories of others’. Understand the motivation for each contributor; both for the piece and why and how the piece will be used. If so, with what revisions?Is selling widgets like selling content?Should teachers “sell” content? What many companies overlook, however, is that a social media presence is nearly useless as a marketing tool without a solid content strategy to accompany it.

It might be a beautiful house, but because of where it’s located, it will never be truly yours. You want to drive traffic to your website because it is a place where you can control the content that you display and the user’s experience interacting with it.
The social network that is popular today may not be popular tomorrow, but great content will be share-worthy no matter what the platform.
Users post queries, such as what percentage of equity to give to a CEO or how to deal with online customer complaints. You will be subject to the parameters laid out by that social network, and that always has strengths and weaknesses.
And while it may not be a relationship that provides immediate and measurable ROI, it is the foundation for a connection that produces growth down the line.
What if, instead of considering teacher strategies, we focused on learning strategies, and began each unit or lesson by clarifying learning strategies, learning actions, and learner engagement, including:1.
The content you create within social networks is similarly limited; although it may have some impact on your search engine rankings if you use the proper keywords, it will always benefit the social network before it benefits you. Since the rise of Facebook, we’ve seen the rapid ascendency of Twitter, Google+, and Pinterest—and the latter two have become major players in a period of less than two years.
From your website, you can share content in a way that will bring the maximum benefit to your business. LinkedIn and YouTube were both around before Facebook, but in the last five years they have been effectively reborn and have become major players on social media as well.

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