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Blog Commenting – Commenting on various blogs in your niche to drive traffic, get your name out there and build an audience.
Essentially I build a small group of SUPER strong backlinks and an array of low to medium quality links to diversify my profile.
This means I can build a network of high Page Rank authoritative websites that I can use to link to my own sites.
For $200+ you can get a Page Rank 5 domain, so if you’re on a budget you can build a couple of them per week or month.
The reality is they are still the most effective way of getting top Google rankings, period. Once you do everything outlined in this blueprint, it would be bad for Google not to rank your website. Guest blogging is a great way to ethically steal another bloggers subscribers, its a great way to build highly relevant backlinks to your site as well. Guest blogging is really hot for businesses nowadays it is not only beneficial for all parties but also help to build your brand and bring free traffic.
This is the personal blog of David Wood, and the opinions, or expressions on this site are not the official opinion or stance of Empower Network, LLC or any other corporate entity. One of the most common questions entrepreneur asks themselves regarding driving visitors to their website is whether to use a pay-per-click advertising or search engine optimization.
Search Engine Optimization or SEO is the way of driving maximum number of visitors to website by ensuring that the particular site appears as high as possible on the list of results resulted by search engines.
Return on Investment – Visibility of organic results leads to more clicks and eventually a solid return of investment. Visibility – The chances are high quality SEO campaign rewards entrepreneurs with visibility on major search engines, for instance Google, Bing and Yahoo. Competition – Some keywords and industries have very tough competition, therefore SEO might be a battle against companies with deeper pockets. It takes time to produce – SEO can take several months to show results, even though if done correctly this method can produce a high-quality, consistent traffic. Search Engine Algorithm Updates – Search engines change their algorithms in order to create the most natural results, but SEO is vulnerable to these updates.
Pay-Per-Click Marketing (PPC) – Company places an advertisement on a website and afterwards pays money to the host website whenever visitor click on the placed ad.
Full Control – Entrepreneur has a full control of ad copy, the anchor text, the destination webpage. Brand Domination – PPC ads allow brand to occupy more space in the search results when it appears both in the paid and natural results.

Targeting – Entrepreneurs can target ideal customers by selecting the geographical locations their ad will be shown in. Instant Traffic – Almost immediately after the campaign is set up, ads can appear on the top of search results. Extensive Testing Required – A lot of real world experience and learning is required for PPC advertizing method and therefore digital marketing agencies are hired to handle it.
Costly – If PPC campaign is not set up properly, it could be quite expensive, while the results would be insignificant.
Via SEL: it’s [SEO] too often considered some murky “dark art” or a sinful practice that should be avoided.
It is true that many talented marketers still feel that SEO only consists of short-sighted tactics and algorithm chasing.
Of course, not all SEO graphics are designed to solely explain how search engine optimization may integrate into the complete marketing mix. Finally, here is a set of slides we show clients and prospects when discussing the relationship between search engine optimization, search engine advertising, and social media marketing. Welcome!Our goal is to present ideas, thoughts and opinions related to Online Marketing, including SEO, PPC, Social Media , and Content Marketing. If you have questions or would like to talk with us about our online marketing services, call us at 1-877-322-2736 or use our contact form to get in touch with our leadership team. Your site was found each and every time a potential customer or client considered buying your product or service? Your site was found first each and every time a potential customer or client considered buying your product or service? The amount of traffic that was visiting your competitor’s site visited your site instead? The Simple Answer is Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) also spelt as search engine optimization. Research shows that a potential customer or client will look at a businesses website to make a decision about whether or not to use that business. Our websites are dynamic, visually appealing and will really make your business stand out from the crowd.
The more Facebook likes, shares, Tweets, Re-tweets, bookmarks and Google Plus Ones your content gets; the more popular it seems. If you build 2 per month, you’ll have a network of 24 high PR sites you can use for link building in one year. While using public networks is a lot cheaper than building your own; the risks outweigh the benefits.

If you are actively participating in forums and blogs in your niche as well as talking about your niche on social networks; Google will know it thanks to the Google Authorship strategy. Although there are other ways of traffic sources, the two mentioned above are arguably the most successful. When starting a SEO campaign, companies do not have intention of going after the 18th position, therefore this could be an uphill, difficult battle to that number-one spot.
That is just not the case and other organizations have used similar charts, visualizations, and graphics to help illustrate. We hope to provide an opportunity to engage in discussion and insight related to our campaigns, online initiatives and research in the field of search engine marketing.
SEO simply means improving the navigation, content and link popularity of your website so that you can achieve 1st page Google rankings.
My link building strategy has changed a lot over the years, but the principles I use have remained the same. I source high Page Rank domains via forums and other sites, purchase them & set them up on their own IP addresses. Google penguin destroyed all the public blog networks and pushed the whole SEO community away from them. A primary reason for Search Engine Land (SEL) to create this was in the acknowledgment of the difficulty traditional marketers and site owners have in understanding search engine optimization (SEO).
Search Engines outperform all other media in driving visitors to websites with 85% of Internet users citing search engines as the primary method to find websites.
When designing a website a lot of web developers do not think about the impact the site or structure of the website will have on SEO. This demonstrates your authoritative status and forces Google to rank you for competitive terms.
We are here to help you make this tough decision by listing pros and cons of these two traffic driving methods. When we think about website design we always incorporate the SEO aspect of a site and make sure that it is search engine friendly. Use fiverr to overload your content with FB likes, Tweets, Re-Tweets, Google +1′s, Bookmarks and comments.

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