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These affordable video editing software tools are a step above of those free video editing tools that are very simple to use for basic video editing purposes, but are far away from professional solutions like the AVID suite or Final Cut which allow you to customize every single detail of the video editing process. These video editing software tools are aimed to all those people who have played around a bit with timelines, video formats, transitions and other effects and now want to gain greater control on how videos are imported, encoded and presented to their audience. Just like other video editing solutions, video editing software tools are based on a timeline interface where portions of the video, or "clips", are laid out in sequence and played back. Where these video editing software tools stand out compared to free video editing tools, is in their ability to manage many different video formats (including popular types like MP4, WMV, MOV or AVI), have different encoding options, and also support pro video editing features like chroma-key, slow motion, subtitling (text and audio synced) or direct video upload to popular social media destinations like YouTube or Facebook.
Special effects: Enhance and personalize your video with lots of transitions types and filters.
Audio import and editing: Utilize and edit one or multiple audio tracks from your computer to create a soundtrack for your video.
I have also prepared a set of comparative tables and individual reviews to put all video editing software tools through their paces. Free trial: Evaluation period offered free of charge to test the video editing software tool.
Price: Price of the retail copy or digital download of the video editing software tool (applies to what is less-priced).
Adobe Premiere Elements 8 is the entry-level solution of the professional video editing Premiere suite. Magix Movie Edit Pro 15 is a commercial video editing software tool priced at $49.99, with a 30-day free evaluation period available. Vegas Movie Studio HD is the entry-level product from Sony for semi-professional video-editing. Nero 9 - Reloaded is an enhanced version of the Nero 9 burning suite which supports Windows 7 and imports AVHCD content from SD cards or USB sticks without the need of an optical recorder. Originally prepared by Daniele Bazzano for MasterNewMedia, and first published on November 2nd, 2009 as "Video Editing Software: Comparison Guide To The Best Consumer Video Editors Under $100". Whether you like to take pictures with your smartphone or you are a more serious photographer using a DSLR camera, these photo editing software tools can help you improve your image quality. The Adobe-65215211-Photoshop-Lightroom-5 offers software that is compatible with both Mac and PC computers.
The Corel-PaintShop-Pro-X6-Ultimate offers professional quality editing through this easy to use software. Adobe Premiere Elements 8 is still the top consumer video-editing tool, with key additions for newcomers. Premiere Elements has its origins in the professional package Premiere Pro, and with each new version Adobe has attempted to balance the underlying power with greater ease of use.
If we were talking about jeans or jewelry, some entrepreneur would have filled that price gap with an in-between product, or competition would have driven down the price on the high end. Even better, all that technology is not just for the high end - "Consumer" no longer means "beginner" for video editing. Consumer video editing has definitely gone upscale in recent years, focused on the more "advanced hobbyist" or "enthusiast" user who wants to do interesting things with a collection of clips. As a result, many of today's consumer tools have moved from simply arranging clips in a storyboard to full timeline editing, with overlaid video (overlays and picture-in-picture) and audio (music and sound effects), plus transitions and effects, titles and animation, even with keyframe controls. Yet all those options can be confusing and even overwhelming, so consumer tools also tend to have simpler, friendlier interfaces, and provide a task-oriented approach to editing actions, as with the step-by-step Show Me How tutorials in Sony Vegas Movie Studio which provide interactive guidance through tasks. This is great for more advanced users who are willing to invest the time to really learn a tool, but can be off-putting for beginners and non-technical users who just want to share a clip or make a quick production. Another answer for easier editing has been to re-think simpler consumer tools, focusing on quick clean up of individual clips and then sharing them online. Similarly, in Corel VideoStudio Pro X3, the venerable VideoStudio Pro tool has expanded over the years to provide advanced multi-track timeline-based editing with accelerated HD processing.
But as more video is being shot on smartphones, why even require that a computer get involved at all?
Then for more complex productions, consumer video tools provide automated assists to help with your editing. And the Auto-Analyzer in Adobe Premiere Elements 8 performs an analysis of your clips, tagging footage based on characteristics including brightness and contrast, motion, shake, blur, faces and audio.
For enthusiast consumers interested in a growth path to more professional tools, Adobe Premiere Elements echoes the general design of full Adobe Premiere Pro. Professional video editing tools are equipped to handle big projects, in terms of size (length, 4K+ frames, deeper precision color and audio), complexity (many tracks with many effects), and performance (GPU acceleration and 64-bit). Professional tools also directly support a broad range of equipment, including professional cameras from broadcast to film, plus third-party interfaces for high-def and high-quality capture. These products also are often part of a larger integrated suite of tools to address the entire production workflow. The result with professional video editing tools is not only the ability to handle larger, more complex projects, but much more flexibility in your creative decisions - layering elements and controlling them with extensive options, from keyframed effects to the subtleties of a chroma-keyed green screen background or motion-tracked objects. The video editing software market continues to see dramatic changes, continually integrating new formats, technologies, and performance improvements. What was once a relatively complicated skill reserved only for those in the media industry is now a growing hobby enjoyed by millions of enthusiasts.
Boasting the world’s fastest video editing capability within an intuitive editing environment, PowerDirector 12 Ultimate is a full suite of comprehensive tools for making high quality video productions. With follow-along Show Me How tutorials, the Sony Movie Studio Platinum Suite 12 helps you edit and create AVCHD and stereoscopic 3D movies as you learn the ropes. Using Corel’s VideoStudio Pro X6, you’ll have all the tools you need to create and edit high quality videos no matter what you shoot or what you use to shoot it. You can do more and more with your media, thanks to whiz-bang new features in affordable video editing software.
Once video clips are imported to the software tool from your camcorder or your computer hard-disk, you can access a broad spectrum of features to customize your movies. Just move your clips around the timeline, then re-order and trim to get the output you desire. You can test the product for 30 days on your Windows XP, Vista or 7 machine before evaluating the purchase.
Priced at $99.99, Premiere Elements 8 works on any Windows machine running XP, Vista or 7 and you can evaluate the product for 30-days before purchase. Though priced at $199, Final Cut Express is the only choice for those who have moved past iMovie, but are still not ready for a professional video editing suite like Final Cut.

If you take an image that is tilted and not looking its best or the lighting was just not right, photo editing software, can correct these flaws and make good images look great.
The Lightroom software includes all of the essentials needed for enjoying your photographs. The editing tutorials can assist those new to editing software, who want to tweak photographs and make them pop. The elements 12 is the latest version of Photoshop that allows you to quickly edit images and create a professional look to snapshots. Premiere Elements 8 continues this trend, but also includes a few more sophisticated creative options for the seasoned user.The differences are visible from the first splash screen.
For example, in Apple iMovie 09, you can drag and drop edit using a storyboard view of your clips, or add details with the Precision Editor with a track view. One response has been to provide pre-designed themes and templates to provide better-looking results, along with automated assists to simplify the creation process. But the product now also includes a separate VideoStudio Express tool for easier editing, with a Media Organizer hub to browse clips, an Express Edit mode for simple trimming, enhancing, and sharing individual clips, plus storyboard-based editing for a group of clips.
The new Apple iPhone 4 offers an iMovie app that can enhance your video with themes, titles and transitions, photos and soundtracks, and then share directly online. As in muvee Reveal 8, these analyze your footage and can even create a full production from photos and videos, complete with trims, effects, titles, and synced to your music style. You then can use this information to automatically apply trims to remove less interesting footage, fix shaky and badly lit footage, balance audio elements, or even create an entire pre-edited movie. For example, Pinnacle Studio 14 includes image stabilization from the Avid professional movie tools, along with features like stop-motion capture, motion titles, keyframing, and chroma-keying (with a green screen backdrop included in the Ultimate Collection product).
Similarly, the new Sony Vegas Movie Studio HD Platinum 10 echoes the full Sony Vegas Pro, now supporting more complex projects with up to ten video and ten audio tracks on the timeline, and providing professional style color correction to help better match the look across a group of clips. A lot, actually, including more creative freedom from more precise controls, deeper integration with pro cameras and capture equipment, optimized performance for heavy-duty editing, and a focus on the entire end-to-end workflow, including integration with a larger suite of tools.
They then support efficient editing of these different formats, through native editing directly in the format, or through conversion to intermediate formats for proxy or uncompressed editing.
New capabilities are flowing down even more quickly from the professional tools into the consumer tools, and at the same time some of the interface improvements are propagating up from the entry-level tools.
The consumer tools provide impressive capabilities and value for the around $100 price tag. The only thing I would add in is either VideoPad or WavePad for beginners looking to become professionals.
In this MasterNewMedia comparison guide you will find the best consumer video editors on the market under $100.
Import video formats available include: ASF, AVI, SWF, DV, FLV, VOB, HDV, MOD, TOD, MPEG-1, MPEG-2, MPEG-4, MOV, WMV, 3GP and 3GP2.
HD movies, 16:9 video aspect ratio and DolbyDigital surround sound are all fully supported.
Fully compatible with HD standards and movies produced in 16:9 video aspect ratio, the Pinnacle software has also support for AVHCD camcorders, DolbyDigital surround sound and a large gallery of custom-made templates to personalize your home-produced movies.
To export your edited videos, you can instead choose among AVI, MPEG-1, MPEG-2, MPEG-4, OGG, MOV, RM, WMV and FLV video file formats. Once imported, you can save your movies and video projects to a wide range of output video formats, including: AVI, DV-AVI, HDV, MPEG-1, MPEG-2, MPEG-4, MPEG2-HD, WMV, WMV-HD, AVC, MP4, 3GP and FLV. Inside the suite, there is Nero Vision which allows video editing before burning your high-quality video projects to a DVD or Blu-Ray discs. The software includes editing and processing capabilities, organization, storage and viewing capabilities, along with printing capability.
It also provides advanced tools for experimental photographs who want to adjust layers and color techniques and edit in RAW or HDR.
There's now an Organize button that leads to a newly unified asset-management tool, which will be familiar to users of Photoshop Elements. Instead they want access to the kinds of effects they see on television, with multi-track editing and lots of effects. Plus you can remove shaky footage with video stabilization, or add animation with dynamic themes, transitions, and titles - and even animated travel maps. You can access clips directly on memory-based camcorders, quickly trim and enhance, and then upload directly to share online.
Both pieces of software are appropriate for all levels of expertise, whereas Final Cut and and the Adobe Suite, etc. Besides basic video editing features, PowerDirector 8 has full support for managing and upscaling SD movies to HD quality, optimizing video surround sound, handling 16:9 aspect ratio and importing video files from AVHCD compatible camcorders. Support for HD movies, 16:9 aspect ratio and AVHCD camcorders makes for just some of the basic characteristics of Corel VideoStudio Express 2010. Once your project is completed, you can upload and share your videos to YouTube, create compatible video formats for iPods and PSPs, or also burn your videos to DVD or Blu-Ray discs. Once your movie is completed, you have several sharing options: you can burn a DVD or Blu-Ray disc, save your video in a format compatible with iPods, PSPs and the Nintendo Wii gaming console, or you can upload your clips directly to YouTube. Sony Vegas Movie Studio HD fully supports AVHCD camcorders, HD-quality video formats and movies produced in 16:9 aspect ratio. HD-quality, DolbyDigital surround sound and 16:9 aspect ratio support come as a standard, as well as the compatibility with AVHCD camcorders. Video input formats supported are: DV, HDV, MJPEG, MOV, MP4, iMovie projects and all compatible QuickTime formats. The software provides tutorials and training to teach you how to make your images look their best. Video tutorials are included with the software to take you where you are and help you advance to the level of editing offered by professionals. With the organizational tools you can easily file and find photos by date, location, or a customized organizational system you create. The Organizer still contains the familiar abilities to retouch photos and create simple image montages. Or you can use automated assists to assemble and enhance a rather professional-looking production. There is also a set of built-in custom video templates to help you personalize your videos. You can also take advantage of one-touch adjustments of lightning, noise reduction and image stabilization, and even utilize the touchscreen capabilities introduced by Windows 7 to edit videos using only your fingers.

Several templates are available to customize your movies while editing or to enhance your DVD and Blu-Ray disc menus. Special feature is the so-called "Ken Burns effect", which is the embedding of still photographs in motion pictures, displayed with slow zooming, panning effects and fading transitions to create the illusion of movement when no motion graphic is available. Built-in video tutorials are also available to guide you through the whole video editing process. Video export is instead allowed to all the following formats: DV, HDV, MOV, MP4 and, again, all compatible QuickTime formats. Whether you took the picture from your camera phone or a DSLR, Lightroom can enhance that image and bring out the best features. Edit photos and correct any noise, color or exposure issues that were not able to be adjusted at the time the shot was taken.
What is more, a set of free built-in video templates is available to save you time and effort when editing your clips. Also, built-in video tutorials are available at any time to guide you through the video editing process.
A special feature allows you to manage your TiVo shows using Roxio Creator 2010: you can archive your movies, remove commercials and then downscale your TiVo content to export your shows to any portable device or physical support like a DVD.
The Mac software has full support for HD-quality movies and 16:9 aspect ratio, as well as AVHCD camcorders. Create images that will make your friends and family consider you a professional with this photo editing software. Lightroom offers noise reduction, color correction, red eye reduction and many more features.
The auto feature can reduce noise, auto correct color and tilt, and correct exposure issues. Use the included templates to build photo libraries or photo books that can be enjoyed and shared with your loved ones. When your project is finished, you can burn it to a DVD or Blu-Ray disc, save your video in a compatible format with iPods and PSPs, or share your clips directly to YouTube and Facebook.
When your work is finished, you can burn your videos to DVD discs, export your clips to iPod and PSP compatible video formats, or upload and share your movies directly to YouTube. When your video is ready to go, burn it to a DVD or Blu-Ray disc, export to PSP or share your clips online using YouTube, MySpace and Facebook. Created projects can either be burned onto DVD and Blu-Ray discs, exported to mobile devices like iPods or PSPs, or uploaded directly to YouTube. The built-in VoiceOver technology helps you create a narration audio synced with motion graphics to produce video tutorials, documentaries or e-learning material.
Video templates are available to customize your clips and you can also use custom menu templates to create navigation menus for your optical discs. The Adobe-65225054-Photoshop-Elements-12 also makes it easy to share photos through social media outlets like Facebook and Flickr.
You can add your own keywords to group clips from various events together, but performing more detailed tagging yourself across numerous clips would be laborious, so Adobe provides an Auto-Analyzer. Reallusion face filter allows you to make facial corrections and eliminate blemishes while still allowing the photo to look natural. There are level of editing that will accommodate new users, as well as editors who want to add special effects and special features to their images. This runs through your media and creates tags automatically, such as overall image quality, whether the footage is shaky, the volume level of the audio, and even the kind of shot.
The easy to use healing brush allows you to adjust photos and remove unwanted distractions with ease. There are also features that allow you to create photo books, online photo galleries, location based organization and more. Similarly, the options under the Create tab are primarily focused on making calendars, greetings cards and collages out of still images.
The Share section includes a couple of specific options for video, allowing you to send video to either mobile devices or the internet. Overall, though, the addition of the Organizer to Premiere Elements feels like a first step rather than a fully mature addition to the video-editing facilities.
The video options merely send your clips to Premiere Elements and append them to the end of the current project.Continuing the ease-of-use theme, the Instant Movie facility has been enhanced with a host of new themes. These group together graphical titles, music, transitions and effects, then use the smart tags created by the Auto-Analyzer to select the clips with the best quality, and to decide which order to place them in. The results can be a bit random, but for a quick non-narrative edit, Instant Movie is potentially useful.And Adobe has added a few other facilities to take some of the pain out of the menial tasks in video editing. Drop a clip onto Premiere Elements' timeline, and Smart Fix offers to correct colour and lighting problems, and also take some of the wobble out of shaky footage.The new Smart Trim tool requires a little more user input. You can either tweak the recommended in and out points, or automatically accept Smart Trim's suggestions every time. The system is sophisticated enough to remove portions in the middle of a clip, if necessary, and add a fade between the parts. Overall, Smart Trim is most useful in automatic mode, as once you start fiddling with its suggestions, you might as well do the trimming yourself.The last time-saving feature is Smart Mix, which automatically balances foreground and background audio volumes. So, for example, your musical accompaniment will drop back when your main tracks contain significant sound. We found it worked pretty well with intermittent dialogue over music.While most of the new features in Premiere Elements 8 are for newcomers, there's one big addition for the more mature user. The Motion Tracking tool will detect a moving object and let you match the action of a graphical element or effect to it. It performs its initial detection automatically, but you can specify other onscreen objects to track and then add separate elements to each.The remaining enhancements are minor.
Premiere Elements 8 also explicitly supports Windows 7 at launch.Despite the improvements, Premiere Elements 8 doesn't do enough to justify an upgrade from version 7. For new users, however, the new smart tools make mundane tasks easier to bear and, unlike competitors, its range of power and control means you're unlikely to ever outgrow it.

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