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As most marketers are aware, television, like no other media allows you to put an attention-grabbing audio-visual message in front of a mass audience, while also allowing you to target specific markets and demographics that are most important to their business.  While the statistics for television viewing continue to show that it is the strongest medium (see illustration below), it is important to break it down further in order to explore the advantages of buying the local television media markets. Better targeting increases response rates primarily because the message is more likely to be seen by your prospective customer. Spot TV advertising allows you to run your spot on the networks that your audience is watching, thereby increasing the potential for response even further. While local spot television may be an integral part of your media plan, it is critical to compare your options to make sure you are getting the best possible rates on your campaign and engage a partner that has a deep understanding of each individual DMA.
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I have known and worked with the team at WFofR since 1990 on a variety of restaurants and packaged goods brands. Hologram Projectors are a unique and effective way to attract attention to your trade show booth in today's competitive market.
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