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Slideshare uses cookies to improve functionality and performance, and to provide you with relevant advertising. Giving your customers a platform to engage with your business seems like a great idea until you realize that not all of your customers are happy campers. With other online marketing strategies, like SEM or SEO, it is easy to track your results and see the Return on Investment (ROI).
SMM is still new and keeping up can be tricky if you’re not sure how to make it work for your business.
Social Media is being more and more seriously used in the overall online marketing plan of all businesses, small, medium or large.
I totally agree with you Rahman, Search is definitely an important part of the marketing picture.
Social Media is free and technically the numbers are free, but the time that is spent using social media is not free – and that is where I fear a lot of companies are going to find themselves in trouble. The Social Media Today numbers are interesting…only 11% of companies have been using social media for over 3 years but only 9% have been using social media for less than a year. Chances are your business already has followers of its own, has made it big somehow in your own little corner or neighborhood, has a regular website, and even a Facebook page with a few thousand likes. Among the most common business objectives is to make customers interested and keep them hooked.
Joe Pulizzi, founder of Content Marketing Institute, stresses that for a content marketing strategy to boost interest and ultimately influence, a brand has to focus on who the customers are and what they need rather than what you are trying to sell. A research by Contentaid said that just by maintaining blogs in a website can give companies a bigger slice of the online pie. At the same time, publishing the right content will make the audience feel that you know them well. When you have scored your ROI and you have decent and consistent net profit, you probably rest on your laurels and say that your business is on good footing (until a competitor sweeps you off, of course).
Jona Jone was a mortgage originator in Philadelphia, PA and is now a Business and Property Specialist. About VistageVistage International is the world’s leading peer advisory membership organization, serving more than 18,000 CEOs and senior executives in 15 countries.
Offering mobile home transport, service, parts, and much more with the best care, quality, and integrity in the business.
Click on all Tabs and Buttons to see if theyead to anymore available fields, you are looking for any and ALL Data Entry Text Box Fields, that could possibly give YouTube more information about the specifics to your video, will provide the foundation for your VIDEO Network Engineering and, ultimately, the RANKING of your VIDEO in YouTube's Video Library. The Detailed Description, Title, Tags, Annotations & Closed Caltions are the ABDOLUTE Must Fill In Text Fields, each with their own degree of detail and time, that can be taken to complete, in order to acheive the highest Video RANKING. STEP FOUR: Check to Make sure that each field and it's opening Keyword Phrase is vertically aligned with one another. If you don’t have any social network profiles for your business yet, the best place to start is Facebook.
Keep in mind that the most important thing you can do with your SMM plan is to engage your audience. Copywriting without search is incomplete and better social marketing helps better search engine visibility. Like Amanda wrote in this article, Social Media should never be a standalone marketing solution. The only thing I would disagree with is your statement about ROI – and this is something that I think a lot of people miss in the big mix of information.
People are spending money paying their staff but are still saying that there is no investment in social media against which a return can be measured.
Sounds like the sweet spot may be two years, so starting around 2009, 2010, the worst of the recession.

Let your business, however small; be among those businesses or brands that will “put a ding in the universe,” as Steve Jobs puts it.
If you offer catering services, for example, stop promoting your menu and how good every dish tastes.
It is not enough that people are familiar with your brand; the objective is for your customers to engage with your brand. Inspire action through content marketing and make people want to go and check your store out. In building a relationship, acknowledging what your customers need and acting on them is crucial.
It is clearly because content marketing works not just in terms of returns or even engagement but the fact that it can turn things around for your business. There really are a lot of content marketing strategies that are used widely and variably by almost everyone that are knowledgeable about internet marketing. Vistage members participate in Chair-led advisory board peer groups, receive one-to-one coaching, learn from expert speakers, and interact among a global network of CEOs.
Today, with the ability of the internet to harbor and stream video into the daily online user's mobile device, small and local business has an opportunity, that has never been seen before. And is it working?We recently published the findings of our research into how UK digital marketing agencies and consultants promote themselves. Just think if the average Facebook user has 130 friends [ii], and the complainer mentions your company in their status…well you do the math. Firstly, social networking makes it so easy to share positive experiences customers have had with your business.
Remember that consumers are fed promotional tactics everyday — when watching TV, while driving down the road, up to their Facebook timelines.
When you build your brand through content, you will see that goal of awareness is expanded to brand engagement. Regularly publish interesting content on your blog as it is among the top three reasons why consumers follow a brand.
Make sure the content you publish is informative and helpful because according to the Major Purchase Shopper Study of GE Capital Retail Bank, 81% of shoppers research online before making a purchase. When you build a genuine relationship, you don’t just create a market; your brand goes farther and creates a community.
Suddenly, you no longer just want to be a brand people have heard of but a brand they actually trust.
Social media should be used as a platform to engage with your community, to build relationships, trust and loyalty. It’s easy to boast about your own business, but nothing reflects better on a company than glowing customer reviews. It is measurable by the money you pay the person (or yourself) who carries out your social media marketing. By now, you must have heard about content marketing and the wonders it can do to your business — from brand recognition to sales. Do not get lost in the shuffle and make yours stand out by sharing content that is interesting and helpful. Your brand has to be part of casual conversations, it should be something they would share on social media, they must feel a certain connection, and it should be a part of how they live their lives. While online shopping is a growing trend, a Forrester research found that 51% still shop at stores as they don’t want to wait for their orders to arrive while 42% want to see the product in person before purchasing. Yet as Dr Dave Chaffey (who spoke at the launch of our report) pointed out to me, face-to-face is still the most powerful medium available to marketers. Of course, if you take it a step further and combine the reach and frequency of social and digital marketing with the trust and authenticity of face-to-face you can create an even more potent cocktail.
No matter how often you post to Facebook, there’s a good percentage of people you won’t reach online.

Keeping your audience engaged means they’ll stick around and that can help you achieve your business objectives.
Giving those unhappy customers a public place to air their grievances can be dangerous if you don’t monitor your social networking sites vigilantly. SMM is a new approach to marketing and so its application and effectiveness needs to be thought of in a new way. If you do Facebook or Twitter advertising then those dollars and cents also come into play.
Engagement is tricky, that is why it is no wonder that 69% of marketers rank it as their priority, according to a survey by the Content Marketing Institute and MarketingProfs. Your brand can reach a wider demographics and have the opportunity to win over even the sector that you didn’t think you can have on your side. Through credible and relevant content, you will have the biggest capital of all — reputation and trust. This probably explains why Constant Contact (sponsors of our report) provide a marketing platform that combines email with social media and event management. However, social media is relatively new; in fact only 11% of businesses have been practicing social media marketing (SMM) for more than 3 years[i]. Although this newer medium is pushing forward and quickly, other marketing channels are still needed to reach your whole audience. It’s important to address the complaints quickly and follow up with the customer to make sure they are satisfied.
A well-planned and well-executed content marketing strategy can help your business be whatever you want it to be and go where it has never been. Smart cookies!In fact, for all the misgivings I might have about traditional marketing methods, Our Social Times has been combining digital marketing with events to great effect for the past six years. Forrester recommends that businesses look at the big picture regarding their SMM investment.[iii] Social media creates value that can lead to financial results in the future. While Facebook, Twitter, and Blogs are useful social tools, there are a few niche sites to take advantage of as well, for example for the remodeling industry. Let your business goals be bigger with the help of an aggressive and effective digital marketing campaign.
A blog post we published about the power of social media and events (complete with obligatory infographic) is still being widely read and shared today.There are clearly lessons for digital marketers and traditionalists alike in our report. Remember, “digital” and “content” are not just tools but a window of opportunities and immense possibilities. Both homeowners and design professionals are able to upload and share content centered on design and remodeling. Guild Quality isn’t a social site, but it’s worth mentioning because of their social capabilities. It’s a third party review site for remodelers and builders that lets you to share customer experiences with your Twitter and Facebook accounts. Luke Brynley-JonesLuke is the Founder & CEO of Our Social Times, one of the UK’s best known social media agencies, whose clients include The Telegraph Media Group, Orange Business Services, Blue Square and BAT.
Having worked with global brands, celebrities, start-ups and SMEs, Luke writes about how social media is changing the world of business.
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