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Here I’m demonstrating how to make WMP your default in Windows 8.1 but the process is virtually the same in Windows 8 – the interface is just a bit different. On the next screen, scroll down your list of installed programs in the left pane and select Windows Media Player. Now when you open your Videos or Music folders, you’ll see Windows Media Player is set to play them by default. If you just want to occasionally want to use WMP to play a media, right click the file and select Open With and then the media player you want to use from the list of installed programs or apps. While Windows 8 has received a bad rap in the press and hasn’t been popular with consumers, everything you’re used to in Windows 7 is still there, including your old favorites.
If you want to use other desktop programs versus their modern app equivalents, check out our article: How to make files open in desktop programs.
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You are told that you need to download a licence after you have downloaded a movie from a file-sharing website.

The symptom is that you see a dialog similar to the one shown below when you attempt to play the downloaded file. This threat is only applicable to Windows Media Player and you may also be told that you need to open the file using WMP. It is thought that the mplayerdownloader will install toolbars and possibly hijack your browser. The screen-shot above shows the detection of the AntiMalwareDoctor Virus as see by Bleeping Computer. Is it possible to put music from my computer, MP3’s, and put CD music from a CD to my computer and then to the ipod.First of all I have no ipod capabilities on my computer so is there anything I have download?
Not wanting to hi-jack your thread, but how can you copy songs from You tube video onto a CD? Out of the box, you might not think Windows Media Player (WMP) exists in the new OS, but it does.
Then on the right, click “Set this program as default” or, select the second option if you want to specify which media file types are opened by WMP by default.

Windows 8 isn’t anything to fear, you just need to tweak a few settings to make it easy to use. It is not known what you wil get infected with if you allow this process to continue (by clicking the OK button.
And just where do I get the stuff I need obviously?Thanks ahead of time.Steve ------------------ Technology is great when it works, and one big pain in the ass when it doesn't. Put your cd in your pc then go to windows media player and there will be a option to rip the cd to your hard drive.
If you prefer to use WMP as your default desktop music manager and video player, setting it up is easy.

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