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Windows 7 is very good but sadly Microsoft are forcing obsolescence on it by deliberately not backporting certain features, e.g.
The menu bar is docked to the top of the screen rather than the window and it changes based on what window is active. New Yorkers and Texans are similar in that they tell you where they are from 5 minutes after meeting them. Does it still have 2 versions of every application with duplicated and unsynchronized configuration?
If I recall correctly there were also two versions of Internet Explorer with completely separate configurations and clicking on a link in an application or document it was pot luck as to which one you ended up in. I might be wrong though, I only saw Win8 on my gf’s new laptop for about 2 days before she got me to put Win7 on instead. Cue people complaining about Windows 10 being the worst Windows yet because it’s not exactly Windows 7.
Sure, read the story or watch the video — you can remove all the live tiles if you want. I really dislike having to teach my friends and family about this new shite when it’s even thrown into my face too ergo is why I kicked W8 to the bloody curb along with warning everyone I knew not to mess with it which arguably proved to be a damn prudent move on my part. It's only a matter of days since Microsoft officially revealed the Windows 10 Technical Preview.
There's no getting away from the fact that the most immediate and noticeable change in Windows 10 is the Start menu. It is possible to remove the right hand section that is populated with Live Tiles to produce something that looks more like the Start menu of old. I've already talked about the Command Prompt where there are number of 'experimental' features to play with. Virtual desktops have been around for a long time as third party add-ons for Windows, and Microsoft has finally cottoned on to the idea that people find them useful. Managing the arrangement of windows has been made a little easier with simple changes to snapping.
It's fair to say that Microsoft is pitching Windows 10 at Windows 7 users who did not see the point in jumping to Windows 8. Rather than wheeling in a raft of new features, Microsoft has chosen to focus on making refinements to what was already there while ushering in a couple of headline-grabbers. Of course the comeback to any criticism levelled at Windows 10 is that it is the Technical Preview. It seems obvious to say that this feels like a work in progress, but Microsoft took the decision to make this release public.
In September this year Microsoft announced that the upcoming release of Windows 10 is to be expected around mid-2015. In a post from yesterday, Windows spokesman Gabe Aul talks about the changes to come and the bugs Microsoft were currently experiencing in developing the new upgrade.
Some of the problems Microsoft have noticed (with the help of the users of course) are connected with the last Windows 10 fix – 9860. Seeing black screen when trying to enter or unlock the computer, leading to turning it off and on again or connecting to the Distributed File System will not be issues anymore.
3 fingers move to the left or the right will be equal to the previous “Alt+Tab” button combination – it will show you all applications open, so you can choose which one to select. There will also be OneDrive and Internet Explorer improvements, support for MKV files, and more awesome user interface changes – some new icon pictures in File Explorer, as well as users being able to pin favourite files on the Home Pin menu. All the information and details on the latest Windows 10 Microsoft fix release can be found in Aul’s post as mentioned above. Hey Buddy!, I found this information for you: "Windows 10 with Start Menu and Other Features Promised by Microsoft". The Start menu is back where it used to be, but now includes traditional desktop elements alongside the live tiles designed for tablets. Another view of the Start menu, from the event where Microsoft demonstrated Windows 10 today. Metro-style Windows Store apps now appear in windows that can be resized and moved, just like regular desktop apps.
Up to four applications can be easily resized or "snapped" together in quadrants on the screen.
Like OS X and Linux distributions, Windows 10 lets users create multiple desktop for different applications and projects.
Even the Windows command prompt got an upgrade, finally gaining text selection and standard copy and paste shortcuts. The Start menu lets you search the computer and the Web, while the magnifying glass icon next to the Start button lets you search the Web.
Instead of the full-screen Start screen of Windows 8, there's a Start menu that will look familiar to Windows 7 users while adding the live tiles created for Windows 8. A Windows 10 preview for desktops will be available tomorrow for people who want to test the early build.
The material on this site may not be reproduced, distributed, transmitted, cached or otherwise used, except with the prior written permission of Conde Nast. Thank you UHLIK from THIS thread on the Microsoft Forum after reading THIS thread on the forum.
I have had each of these fixes correct the problem for me (and my clients) personally so I stand behind them. Tried everything none worked ended up going back to a restore point from a couple of weeks ago. I am just playing with MDT now and while I am sure there is a way, I don’t know what it is.
I installed Win10 two months ago but couldn’t figure out how to get the Start menu or modern apps to open. Last entry, tried from another site and got WDF_VIOLATIONS error and system restarted without completing action. My suspicion is that the start-menu failure to open (and closely related problems) are common symptoms with a variety of possible causes. MS’s philosophy is to speed up the computer by urging users to kill startup programs. I tried all the fixes except the one that re-installs the OS which will take too long to go through.
It was really hard, I tried every solution (I wrote a longer message which everything I did but I lost it), but finally, I found the problem was with the TileDatabase because I could not copy it from TempAdmin because it was used, I picked it from another Windows 10 PC, it did not work, I renamed it and immediately Windows recreated a new database, empty but no longer corrupted, and Start Menu could be open, empty. Yeap, I follow all the indications in this page and others too, even uninstalling the Norton Security suite with no success.
Wait for Powershell command to execute and your Start Menu might work right there, not reboot was required for me. Installing a third party START BUTTON is always an option but not one I personally would find acceptable.
Windows 10 home + WISE registry cleaner (admin) + Remove Empty Directory aka,RED (admin) = Start menu fly away forever, NOT WORKING never, only win reinstall!!!
The last two machines I worked on with the problem were both intractable and both resolved by item 3 above. Did I mention this site COSTS ME MONEY and I do the support for FREE, sooooo, your welcome! Tweakers maakt gebruik van cookies, onder andere om de website te analyseren, het gebruiksgemak te vergroten en advertenties te tonen. Door gebruik te maken van deze website, of door op 'Ga verder' te klikken, geef je toestemming voor het gebruik van cookies. Wil je meer informatie over cookies en hoe ze worden gebruikt, bekijk dan ons cookiebeleid.

Ik had dit gevonden, maar als je dan naar system gaat dan staat daar ook geen Windows Technical Preview meer.
Ik hoop wel dat ze nog even de tijd nemen al die oude rommel uit het OS te spoelen en even echt verse set iconen te fabriceren voor _alles_.
Ik vind persoonlijk de touch ervaring waardeloos op dit moment Ja, blijkbaar is "Metro" hier weer pleite?
Ik was (en ben) een tegenstander van Metro op een desktop en ben persoonlijk bijzonder blij met dit gereviseerde start menu (draai nu start8) maar voor een touch device wil je het juist weer wel.
Mijn moederbord: Asus P8Z77 V-LE werd prima herkend door Win 10, alle benodigde drivers waren na de installatie geinstalleerd, zelfs de USB3 drivers van Asus.
Mijn drie schermen setup werkt ook prima, videokaart drivers van Ati draaiden al na de installatie, petje af dus voor MS, dit was, by far, de meest soepele installatie ooit. Enkel, als ik met een lage snelheid met de muis van het ene beeldscherm naar de andere ga, snapped hij tegen het huidige scherm aan. Enige vreemde wat ik ben tegen gekomen is een blog op msdn waar wat technische details werden gegeven over W10, deze was vandaag weggehaald. Ik probeer Windows 10 TP te installeren op een tweede partitie maar ik loop tegen een probleem aan. Dit heeft blijkbaar te maken met het feit dat mijn BIOS een UEFI BIOS is en daardoor het GPT partitie type gebruikt wordt.
Echter, in mijn BIOS Setup krijg ik niet mijn USB stick te zien om vanaf te booten in de EFI boot manager. Ik wil juist als feedback indienen of Windows explorer nu eindelijk eens tabbladen kan gaan ondersteunen in versie 10Heb je je Microsoft account gekoppeld aan Windows 10? Ik wil juist als feedback indienen of Windows explorer nu eindelijk eens tabbladen kan gaan ondersteunen in versie 10Dat zou erg welkom zijn inderdaad.
Volgende week feedback indienen ja, zou zeer fantastisch zijn.Ik heb geen schoonmoeder, maar een trouwma. Nog even de VirtualBox Additions geinstalleerd door compatibility mode op Windows 7 te zetten. Nog 1 ding oplossen en dat is de Display drivers die niet goed waren geinstalleerd en dus alleen keuze heb op 4:3 resoluties op een generic display. Microsoft, right on schedule, has made the Windows 10 Technical Preview available to download. With the ISO fully downloaded, you then need to transfer it to either a USB thumb drive (preferred) or burn it to a DVD. Another option is installing Windows 10 Technical Preview in VirtualBox — our instructions for how to do it with Windows 8 should work for Windows 10, but we haven’t tested it yet. Again, do not proceed unless you know what you’re doing: This is a very early build of Windows.
Logit…Pioneer DJ DDJ-RR Official IntroductionWe’re expanding our range of rekordbox dj controllers with the DDJ-RR and DDJ-RB. A­fter been without work f­or 6 months, i star­ted freelancing over t­his w­ebsite and now i could­n’t be happier. IE11 on windows 7 does not support media source extensions and the new DRM extensions meaning no html5 netflix and now also no 60fps youtube. This was a revelation with a lot riding on it but it was really something of a tease -- Microsoft didn’t give too much away. The Start screen now takes more of a backseat by default and it has been replaced with a somewhat familiar Start menu.
Should you accidentally select the wrong folder, you then need to use the scrollbar (a scrollbar in the Start menu?) to access the right one.
It's interesting that such an old feature of Windows is not only still present, but that it has received such attention. Next to the Start button, there are two new buttons, the first of which features a magnifying glass. On the face of it this is little more than an Alt-tab style task switcher (which it is), but it also gives you access to one of the biggest features of Windows 10 -- virtual desktops.
This is no bad thing, and contributes partly to the operating system feeling just that little bit nicer than Windows 8 -- although it's hard to say just why it does.
The screen is now divided up in to four quadrants rather than the previous two panes and this is something that will prove particularly useful on larger monitors.
While touch devices are increasingly popular, non-touch computers are still very much the norm.
Windows 10 will not be released until the second half of 2015, which means we could still have a year to wait -- and an awful lot can happen in 12 months. In many ways it could, maybe should, be seen as what Windows 8 should have been -- or at least what one of the updates should have made it. It has been suggested that Windows 10 will be the OS for desktop, laptop, touch, mobile, and console.
Considering the number of complaints there have been about Windows 8, we really should have come further by now.
A preview in its Insider Program shows that one of the changes will be in the start menu itself – the company intends to put it on the right side of the desktop that is a revolutionary change! They have tried to remove them in the next one – 9879 and have managed to do so for some of them. However, doubling of disk space due to drive install duplication may still be an issue for users with low-recourse systems. Users will be able to sort and browse the application according to favourite themes and topics, latest and earliest posts.
All other translations were made for your convenience by automatic (machine) translation by Google. Skipping right over Windows 9, Microsoft is trying to blend the best bits of the desktop-centric Windows 7 with the best parts of the tablet-centric Windows 8. Windows 10 features new options for re-sizing windows, multiple desktops, and a convenient "task view" to switch between them. The Windows command prompt is also being dragged into the 21st century. A touch-screen device that docks with a keyboard, for example, will switch from desktop mode to tablet mode depending on whether it's attached to the keyboard or disconnected.
It deleted all my programs, but it’s a small price to pay if it means that my start menu works! I recently upgraded from Windows 7 to 10 and none of my Microsoft Store apps would run at all but gave me errors. I did not want to do a Windows Refresh or create a new user account, because I have a highly customized setup that takes a day or two to fully re-configure. Nortons, McAfee, WOT, & LinkExtend all said it was OK, so I gave it a go in a VM first, before installing on my physical machine.
Log out of your account and Log into your new User so it creates all files associated with the account.
Driver opnieuw downloaden, driver vanaf harde schijf zoeken ipv vanaf de usb, maar ik krijg de hele tijd meteen die melding. Maar omdat er eerst windows 7 opstond, ik deze met een 15euro upgrade key geupgraded heb naar 8 en deze weer naar 8.1 heb geupgrade, werkt de key niet. De enige hardware die windows niet had kunnen installeren was mijn G19s keyboard van Logitech, maar dat was zo opgelost met de Win8 drivers voor mijn keyboard. There are 64-bit and 32-bit versions available for US English, Real English, Chinese, and Brazilian Portuguese.
This is probably the 64-bit (x64) version — though if you have an older system, or you want to test out the 32-bit version, grab the 32-bit download instead.
I would advise you to do a clean installation of the Technical Preview, however, on a separate partition or hard drive, in case something messes up. It allows you to drag a window tot the top to maximize just like windows 7 and a bunch of other little tricks.

Why do we have to do the work and strip all that Metro shite off whilst being forced into W10 when W7 is optimal for a full out desktop gaming or even casual user computer?
I personally like 8’s way of doing things by greying out the window color of inactive windows.
We rushed to grab the download, and Wayne showed how to get it up and running in VirtualBox (interestingly, I had to opt for VMware Player, as VirtualBox refused to install the 64-bit version of Windows 10 on my Surface Pro. Gone (still) are the fly-out menus that made the Start menu so quick and easy to navigate, replaced instead by a version that re-uses space.
But overall, the Start menu disappoints, and this sets something of a trend for Windows 10. With the ability to copy and paste, new window resizing and transparency options, and more besides, it could almost be argued that the Command Prompt has been given more of a makeover than the Start menu. Little touches such as tweaks to window shadows, coupled with a slightly more muted palette, give a more professional look to things.
But if you do feel inclined to use them -- and the Store app is one that just about everyone will have to visit at some point -- there is a slightly less jarring experience. In bringing the desktop back into sharper focus, we see Microsoft admitting that it jumped the gun and tried to push users into a new way of working too quickly. It's better than Windows 8.x, that's for sure, and there is rather less of jarring jump for anyone who is making the move from Windows 7. There have been suggestions that the version number came about simply because of potential confusion if other software performs a search for Windows 9*, but this could almost certainly have been worked around.
We're already at build number 9841, and it's fairly safe to assume that we're working up to 10,000 to be the final build. As there are definite improvements over both Windows 7 and Windows 8, it's difficult to be too hard on what we find in Windows 10 at this stage, but feelings of disappointment and being underwhelmed abound.
For now it feels very much like a desktop operating system and it's difficult to see many changes that will be of interest to users of touch driven computers. Microsoft has had a long time to work on the successor to Windows 8, and this is what it has come up with; it's disappointing to say the least. Those who support the older version can relax though; there will be an option to move back where it was. Skype disconnection and music stop playing will still be issues when those applications are minimized though and screen sharing with Lync will still be under question. The search or task view buttons will be able to hide by a simple mouse-click, selecting the ones you want to hide. They will be redirected to the category they were in after leaving feedback and the filter in the search menu is fixed as well – everything will be searchable from now on.
If you can’t do this then right click your taskbar and go to Task Manager then click File then Run new task. You cannot copy this folder while signed into the new account so make sure you copy it while signed into your old one or make a 3rd account.
Windows defender cannot be turned on, no start menu, no Microsoft Edge, Cannot right click on many icons.
You cannot revert from Windows 10 Technical Preview to Windows 7 or Windows 8; if you have second thoughts, you will have to reinstall from scratch.
The Technical Preview license expires at the end of April 2015, but another Preview build will be released before then.
Find out how to set up synchronisation with a simple, o…Mirror's Edge Catalyst (Beta) PC vs. It's comfortable, familiar, and feels a bit snappier than Windows 8 -- even when running in a virtual machine. You're initially presented with a list of recently used apps, and when you click All Apps (yep -- it's Apps, regardless of modern or desktop status), this list is replaced by the folders of the Start menu.
I blame a slightly failing memeory and the fact that I tweaked my Windows 7 Start menu to display elements such as Control Panel, My Documents, etc as menus rather than links. Modern apps can be run in windowed mode, expanding on the ideas brought into Windows 8.1 Update, and allowing for windows to be resized just like any other.
But if Windows 8 was too much of a departure from the norm, Windows 10 sees Microsoft treading water.
Considering Windows 8.1 Update is build number 9600, we've already jumped 241 to get to where we are with the Technical Preview.
A switch in focus to the desktop is very welcome, but after spending a few days working with Windows 10, I can't help but feel it's nothing more than a bit of spit and polish, with an element of style over substance thrown in for good measure. We need to see a lot of progress over the coming year -- which will require a massive acceleration in development based on what we've seen so far -- or Windows 10 will fall just as flat as Windows 8, and that would be a huge shame.
Until the final operating system release, there will be a lot of changes, however, and it will offer a whole lot of new possibilities.
There will be updates in the animations of applications during minimization and restore, and Microsoft have made charm and full-screen buttons easier to find in Chrome.
The left side of the Windows 10 Start menu is, except for some new coloring and formatting, is mostly identical to Windows 7. I've had a few days to play about with this release -- I've stuck with a virtual machine for now rather than going all-in with dual-boot -- and I've already had a chance to write a little about the Start menu and the command prompt, but now it's time to delve a little deeper and see what else there is to discover. Rather than reinstating the Start menu from Windows 7, Microsoft has instead created a bizarre amalgam of the Start screen and Start menu. Excuses aside, I stand by my ascertion that the Start menu is awkward, clumsy, and will fail to please many of those who missed it so desperately in Windows 8.
Yes, this is an early build, but we can’t pretend that Microsoft hasn’t been working on this for quite some time.
The decision to just miss out a version number is obviously going to raise questions, and Microsoft has itself implied that this is just too big a release to have a single digital number increase. If 10,000 is the gold number for the Windows 10 gold master, there are only another 159 builds to go. Clicking your portrait lets you lock or sign out of the PC.You can also switch back to the Start screen via the taskbar properties window, if you so wish. Forget the fact that whether you are using the Start screen or the Start menu and you could just hit the Windows keys to 'Search everywhere', Microsoft felt the need to add another way to access search.
The company knows that people are expecting something great and, at the moment, Windows 10 is not great. Considering how little has been achieved so far, it's unlikely there will be any major surprises pulled out of the bag. One that is not only right next to the Start button but also cannot be removed or even moved. The right hand port of the Start menu looks just like a miniature version of the Start screen. But there's no overview icon visible at all times that lets you know how many desktops you've set up, or lets you quickly jump to a particular desktop that houses a particular window.
There's nothing particularly wrong with Windows 10, but it's not mind-blowing by any stretch of the imagination. You can remove any and all of these tiles (so that there are no live tiles at all) — or you can add just about anything you want, too. So, for example, you could just use the right side of the Start menu for large icons of your favorite apps and games (screenshot below).
You can change the background color (right click > Personalize), drag live tiles around, and pin your favorite apps on the left hand side.

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