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This chapter of Xen Virtualization Essentials will cover in detail the steps necessary to install and run Windows Server 2008 as a virtualized Xen guest. Since Windows Server 2008 falls into the Xen category of an unmodified operating system (in other words an operating system that has not been altered specifically to run on the Xen hypervisor) paravirtualization is not an option.
This chapter assumes that the Xen host system is running a Xen enabled kernel and that the standard Xen tools (specifically xm) are also installed. If neither of the above commands produce output then it is likely these features are unavailable and that your hardware is unable to run Xen HVM guests. In order to install Windows Server 2008 as a Xen HVM guest the second requirement is the operating system installation media.
Obviously, the Windows Server 2008 guest system will need disk space into which it can install itself and subsequently execute. The next step involves the creation of a domainU configuration file suitable for installing Windows Server 2008 as a Xen guest.
The above example assumes that Windows Server 2008 is going to be installed into a disk image and that the installation media is an ISO image file. A number of the configuration settings shown in the above example are to enable a graphical console for our Windows Server 2008 guest operating system. Both SDL and VNC work very well in terms of displaying Windows in a graphical console, although VNC has some distinct advantages over SDL.

By default Xen does not automatically start the VNC console when the domainU guest starts up. A number of other configuration options are available to modify the guest environment but the above settings are the minimal settings recommended to run a Windows guest with Xen.
After a few seconds the VNC or SDL console (depending on the configuration settings) will appear and the Windows installation process will begin.
The best way, therefore, to virtualize Windows Server 2008 using Xen is to configure it as a Hardware Virtual Machine (HVM) guest.
In addition, hardware virtualization requires that the host system hardware include either Intel-VT or AMD-V virtualization support. It is also possible that the host CPU supports one of these features, but that the functionality is disabled by default in the system BIOS. This space can take the form of either a physical disk drive connected to the host system or a disk image file.
Xen provides a choice of VNC or SDL for supporting a graphical console when the guest is running. Firstly, VNC provides greater flexibility than SDL in terms of remote access to the domainU graphical console. In order to have the graphical console spawned automatically, the vncconsole = 1 setting is included.

For information about the differences between paravirtualization, hardware virtualization and full virtualization read the chapter entitled An Overview of Virtualization Techniques. To verify this, access the host system’s BIOS configuration menu during the boot process and look for an option related to virtualization support. Installation may be performed directly from the DVD, or the contents of the DVD may be copied to an ISO image file on the host system. With VNC it is possible to connect to the graphical console from other systems, either on the local network or even over the internet.
If such an option exists and is disabled, enable it, boot the system and repeat the above commands. Secondly, when you close a VNC viewer window the guest domain continues to run allowing you to simply reconnect to carry on where you left off.
Closing an SDL window, however, immediately terminates the guest domainU system resulting in possible data loss.

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