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An active online community windows movie maker, An active online community for users of windows movie maker video editing software..
Getting started windows movie maker, Windows movie maker feature windows vista enables create home movies slide shows computer, complete professional- titles. Windows Movie Maker, video duzenleme ve film olusturma kelimeleri gectiginde uzun y?llar boyunca akl?m?za ilk gelen programlardan bir tanesi.
Eski zamanlarda pek rakibi olmayan Movie Maker, simdilerde daha cok yeni baslayanlar taraf?ndan kullan?l?yor fakat asl?nda video duzenleme islemleriniz icin gerekli tum araclar? sunuyor. Tum fotograf ve videolar?n?z? iceriye aktararak filmlerinizi olusturma imkan? sunan program, video duzenlerken gerekli olan kesme, k?rpma, h?zland?rma, yavaslatma vb. Filmlerinizi olustururken ayr?ca haz?rlad?g?n?z ses dosyalar?n? filmlerinize ekleyebilmek mumkun. Tum islemler tamamland?g?nda, yani filminizi Windows Movie Maker ile olusturdugunuzda program uzerinden online olarak filminizi paylasabiliyorsunuz.
Program?n son surumu olan Windows Movie Maker 12 indirmek icin tek yapman?z gereken indir tusuna basmak. Beyler Ben Kuramad?m Windows Temel Parcalar Dior Anlamad?m Inerkende wlsetup-web dior ( Yard?m PLSS !!
Windows Live Movie Maker is a video editing application that enables you to transform images, audio files, and short clips into full blown movies. Windows Live Movie Maker lets you choose between AutoMovie themes (which are very nicely designed), transitions (which can be slightly configured), visual effects (you can choose from categories such as Cinematic, Mirror, Motion and Fades), and text for title, captions and credits. Professional video editing can be achieved via fade effects, adjusting the speed, split and trim functions.

The whole project can be then saved to various formats (including the ones specific to Android or iPhone devices), even for high-definition display or burnt directly to DVD discs. All in all, Windows Live Movie Maker sports all the necessary elements for creating a standard yet professional-looking video file.
Internet connection: Internet functionality requires dial-up or broadband Internet access (provided separately). Graphics or video card: Windows Live Movie Maker requires a video card that supports DirectX 9 or higher and Shader Model 2 or higher.
Gectigimiz y?llar icerisinde kendini surekli gelistiren program?n, gunumuzde cok fazla alternatifi olmas?na ragmen halen Microsoft'un bir urunu olarak kullan?c?lar?n kendi filmlerini olusturmalar?n? sagl?yor. Eger cok profesyonel video duzenleme islemleri yapman?z gerekmiyorsa, hala Windows Movie Maker'? tercih etmenizi tavsiye ederim. Istediginiz ses dosyas?n? olusturduktan sonra Movie Maker ile duzenleyerke sonras?nda yine Movie Maker uzerinden filminize ekleyerek, olusturacag?n?z filme hayat verebilirsiniz.
Arkadaslar?n?z, aile bireyleriniz ve is cevrenize kolayca web uzerinden erismenizi saglayan Windows Movie Maker, boylelikle emek saretmeden olusturdugunuz videolar? herkesle kolayca paylasma imkan? sunuyor. It accepts all types of media, including photos from digital cameras, flash cards, mobile phones and DVDs. Your movies gain a plus of the unique factor if you add transitions and animations (for which you can customize the duration). You can also publish your new movie online, on social media websites such as Facebook, Youtube or SkyDrive. Movie Maker has taken advantage of new technology in Windows 8 to smooth out your wobbly videos.

But it can be hard to find not only the right piece of music but a version with the appropriate rights. Just select the shaky video and choose from a variety Video stabilization options and Movie Maker will smooth it out. And even if you choose a song from your own collection, it runs the risk of being stripped out once it’s published to YouTube for not having the appropriate rights.
Bir cok farkl? yontem sunan Windows Movie Maker'? kullanmay? bilmiyorsan?z Microsoft'un resmi sitesi uzerinden destek alabilirsiniz.
Bu nedenle olusturacag?n?z film ve videolar?n seslerine onem vermeniz yarar?n?za olacakt?r. Dilerseniz yukleme esnas?nda ozel yuklemeyi secerke istemediginiz programlar?n isaretlerini kald?r?p yuklenmemelerini saglayabilirsiniz. So we decided to work with AudioMicro, Free Music Archive and the Vimeo Music Store to make it easy to find music that is not only fitting for video, but also has the proper rights. Boylece zamanla Movie Maker ustas? olup filmlerinizi hem daha h?zl? hem de cok daha kolay duzenlemeye baslayabiliyorsunuz. Now when you go to add music to your movie in Movie Maker, you have the option of getting music from your PC or from three varied music services.

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