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Blogs have become an essential aspect of any successful business marketing plan or strategy. A business blog must know its target demographic and understand how to connect with readers.
Once topics have been nailed down, the writing needs to be error-free, creative and engaging. Thankfully, technology is providing an endless amount of tools to assist online writers in the proofreading and editing process. This tool shows blog writers how to create content for their target audience by guiding them through a step-by-step process. Business users can sign up for a free ProWritingAid account and receive a thorough grammar and spell check. With this tool writers can choose their level and style, making it easier to edit according to the needs of online writing, rather than essays or academic papers. This straightforward, web-based proofreading tool allows writers to copy and paste their content directly on the site. Since online writing needs to be short and sweet, business bloggers must have a thorough knowledge of the brand they are representing. Sometimes a writer’s content may be useful and creative, however, it may be presented in a way that is not optimized or edited for online viewing. From your experience it seems like it was easy enough to use, and that you really found value in maintaining your standard of writing for your target audience. The life of Windows Media Player spans several Windows and, for a good stretch of time, it was willfully used for playing media files.
Because of the antitrust ruling against Microsoft, the company is now forced to ship the operating system without Windows Media Player in some countries. In need of major updates for the past years, the application has remained stuck in time, while user needs have increased constantly. There is an initial configuration process, which can be swiftly skipped if you decide to run the application with the recommended settings.
On the other hand, customizing the settings involves a pretty time-consuming process, considering today’s standards, especially if you decide to pick the file types you want to be played by Media Player. By default, the application comes loaded with a few codecs to render media formats such as AVI, WMV, MP4, MOV for video, and WMA, MP3 or WAV for audio. If you think that playing DVDs or Blu-rays is not an outrageously modern operation, Windows Media Player will make you reconsider that, because it is set for ancient standards and, consequently, it is not capable of such tasks.
Windows Media Player 12 uses libraries to organize the media (music, video, pictures or recorded TV) on your computer.
All media can be further organized into playlists and, based on the metadata available, the player can group songs by album, artist name or genre.

One of the features you don’t encounter too often in such applications is the possibility to preview a song, even if there is audio playing.
The advantage of the Now Playing mode is that it offers access to tools that can enhance the audio experience. Some video settings are also available, but these are limited to adjusting the hue, saturation, brightness and contrast.
Despite the inherent lack of flexibility, Windows Media Player 12 offers the possibility to burn files on a disc, as well as to synchronize them with a portable device just by dragging the items from the library to the Burn or Sync menus. Windows Media Center is not included in Windows 8 by default, as most users would expect but, even so, Microsoft still put a price tag on it.
It can still render some of the most common video formats out of the box and, if you get the right codecs, you can expand the list. You get to adjust the audio quality through the equalizer and the SRS WOW effects, as well as rip Audio CDs and burn media files to disc. Lack of support for DVD video is quite a disadvantage these days, for any media player on the market. The shiny new Windows recently delivered by Microsoft brings to the table improvements across the board, but there are some areas in which the Redmond-based company has failed to move the needle.
And while blogs have opened the door to more affordable and new marketing ideas, they have also increased the workload involved. The service provides users with a personalized “score” that acts as a goal for maximum impact, helping users better cater to their reader’s interests. The distraction free word processer’s features and design are equally as minimal as its mantra. Their professional writers specialize in various areas of interest and are able to cater to any style or format during the editing and proofreading process.
You chance ruining your business reputation and career by forgetting to properly reference information, or by publishing content that already exists online.
It’s an all-in-one tool that offers users access to live corrections, real-time support, thorough dictionary resources and text readers (automated voice that reads your writing aloud) with translation features. It’s an excellent go-to proofreader for any online content writer and should be used before any content is published. Users can check their readability and eliminate any errors to increase flow and connection with their readers. Users will receive a quick and efficient scan for errors, as well as suggested corrections and explanations. Like Hemingway himself, the app helps users eliminate run-on sentences and overuse of adverbs. It’s natural to require a second set of eyes and multiple drafts before achieving high-quality work.

It’s easy for writing to turn from subjective to objective, however, when writing for a business, a writer should have clear goals and concise viewpoints.
Blogging itself is time-consuming and needs to be done consistently to obtain the largest audience.
It is also available in the freshly released Windows 8, although Microsoft has introduced nothing new in it since version 12, which is delivered in Windows 7 as well.
These include making WMP the default player, downloading usage rights and details about media automatically, as well as sending usage information to Microsoft. However, for plenty of other formats (OGG, FLAC, MKV, FLV), you’re going to need to install the necessary codecs.
In the case of audio files, it can play with the entire main window in full view or it can be switched to Now Playing mode, which can be configured to show the list of the songs or various visualizations. Among them there is automatic volume leveling, crossfading (you can adjust the overlap time), equalizer with various presets, play speed settings or access to SRS WOW settings, which let you adjust TruBass and WOW levels. Apart from this, you can use WMP 12 to rip Audio CDs to MP3, WMA or the lossless WAV format.
However, for a limited time (until January 31, 2013), you can add it free of charge to Windows 8 Pro.
And they have significantly increased the ability for businesses to reach a large target audience.
Business blog writers need to be proficient with their initial research and be able to find and write about topics geared towards the brand’s target audience.
It allows writers to save drafts and view them on the same screen to better analyze the structure and provides adequate proofreading as well. Use Plagtracker’s unique plagiarism checking algorithm to be sure your writing is 100% unique. The editing process can make or break the impact of a post, so it’s imperative for your writers focus on it appropriately and to include engaging visuals, infographics, photos and videos as well.
And every post must be high quality; once you start posting useless information you will lose readers, rather than be able to gain new ones. Begin using the tools listed above today and watch as your blog gains a solid online presence, ultimately boosting your connection with customers and fans.

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